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What do you want on TV?
EastEnders: Martin's birthday in the Vic
Is Martin what you want?
One of the biggest ever TV surveys is published today and it’s going to shape the future programmes you get to watch and listen to.
Ofcom is the broadcasting regulator and they’ve asked 6,000 viewers what they expect from the five main terrestrial  channels. They want to know since half the country now watches satellite, cable or Freeview.

TV fans who took part say soap operas help the public by showing social issues in a way we like and understand.

Viewers also think accurate, impartial news is extremely important.
What do you want from TV? What programmes don’t you like? Should there be more reality programmes? Or more news? What do you watch regularly?

I agree, commercials are so annoying because you get into what you are watching and on itv it stops the tension because i find it annoying when they leave it on a cliffhanger before a break, it is not so bad at the end though. I love soaps and reality programs. Ads just wreck them

Aine Grant
Agree should be less adverts as most people are not really interested in them most people think adverts shown on television are borning and unimportant! I think should be more fun and interesting documentaries shown! Think also the amount of news shown is essential!

Less adverts. Less commercial programming. How can TV programmes, especially current affairs, be impartial if they rely on advert revenue to support them? Imagine Top Gear on ITV?!?! Ford would never allow Clarkson to say "I'd rather crawl on my hands and knees than drive a Ford...." if they were paying for advertising next to it. Keep the BBC free of Ads!!!

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