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ODB: Your tributes
Working on a comeback album
Founding member of Wu-Tang, ODB, collapsed and died at a Manhattan recording studio on Saturday. 
The 35-year-old artist had complained of chest pains and was dead by the time paramedics arrived, said Roc-A-Fella's spokesperson.

Recording under the name Dirt McGirt he collaborated with Pharrell on the Clones album and on Got Your Money with Kelis. He's best known for his slurred delivery demonstrated on club banger Shimmy Shimmy Ya.

Did you like his style? To pay your respects to ODB - send in your tributes here.
Send us your comments on the life and death of ODB.

brovaman,you kept it 'real' you know what am saying,you gonna be missed.R.I.P

tHA mEThtiCAL kiD
Damn, playa... still can't believe the Old Dirty Bastard's dead and gone, man... Much love, RIP, dog... holla at the angels fo me.. "Baby, I gotcha money!" Word up! Peace, we gon pour out a little liquor for ya this weekend, man.. RIP.

Shimmy shimmy ya when you step through to old dirty bastard.R.I.P.

R.I.P. Ol' Dirty. No one will ever match ur level of craziness. A true legend in hip hop. There is truly no father to ur style. Wu Tang 4Eva.

the provider of my interest in rap as a youngster, inspiration. tokes on this blunt for odb

He was such a joker, and all of his tunes were GRIMEY, that man is gna be missed fo' sho'. R.I.P O.D.B

DoNiE LoNdOn
Good bye odb, i just got the 10-4 on what happend. RIP Hip hop wont be the same.

tonny Stark
peace...ODB...may your soul live on 4eva,your wu-tang soliders will keep the fire light...peace out hommie...

diabolique from windhoek
rest in peace to the hip-hop rebel - guess even wu-tang stops breathin after a while. you immortal, brah

rest in peace dirty, too real for the industry. peace to your family and the clan

RaJ --- Leicester
Another true hip hop star gone...we gonna miss you ODB. 2pac, Biggie, Aaliyah, Left Eye, JMJ, ODB, Hope it aint another of our Best Hip Hop stars! RaJ

r.i.p odb. the good die young. r.i.p SHIMMY SHIMMY YA

Been listening to dirt mcgirt since the days of Wu Forever. Relax yourself, full respect, you were pure ghetto. Total Legend!

Gutted, cannot believe the news bout ODB, he was the hottest. Shimmy Shimmy Ya. keep it dirty up in heaven, RIP x

Slick 'n' Ghetto Princess
What a waste of true talent. A sick to da bone mc who made some of the hook tunes and the first time i heard protect ya neck i was givin him ratins but he wit God now. R.I.P ODB. Condolences to Wu.Tang and we hope they can get thru this tough time.

This Nigga was grimey, nothing fake about him always kept it real, R.I.P. ODB


keith kelly
he was ghetto!!! someone told me that after he got famous he was still stealing sneakers!!! whassup wit that???

Gonzo Soul
R.I.P Shaolin Drunken Master!! We loved your verses on Enter The Wu Tang... like on 'Shame on a N***a' you burnt the shizz up!! and when you dropped your first album we're blown away by your rawness on amazing tracks like 'Shimmy Shimmy' and 'Brooklyn Zoo' I loved your 'N***a Please' album and admired how you got The Neptunes to produce a large portion of it, a couple of years before everyone was working with them. Peace Dirt McGirt! We'll always love you and never forget

The dirty delivery of raw sound and unimaginable stage presence was just the beginning of what ODB had to offer. He took rap, which was becoming a music of fur coats and diamond braclets, and rubbed it in the mud. His ruthless vocabulary to random outbursts of song was nothing short of art. We have lost one of the greatest rappers of all time today. He will be missed, I am throwing a BBQ in Santa Cruz in tribute to ODB. Peace

Mc Jdubbs
ODB was the last of an era. His style was unique to itself. Now all these r and b wanna be thugs roam the earth. It seems like they cant make a single without a chicks saying my boo and babyboy. Real rythmn and poerty is about style not bling so recognize lyrical purity. R I P (O-D-B) Wu-Tang Forever {ColdWaterStreetKrew}""""":

Marcus X
Hip-hop is gonna be lacking some charisma now he's gone. They need to make a film of his life, (his crazy life). Whats the wu-tang gonna be like next year when they come back? We all know what Iron Flag was like without him. He's inspired me to be true to the art and connect with the audience when i perform, but most of all, live it to the full. Rest in peace Dirty.

One of the funniest and best MC's has passed away. Ol' Dirty, you'll be missed!

RIP ODB. My English teacher even started talking about you today man. You touched so many people. Legend. Heaven better watch out

what a loss.. the man who first got me into hip hop about 10 years ago when i was a wee niper! remember listening to shimmy shimmy ya and proteck ya neck. some classic choones from a classic superstar!! much love! RIP RUSTY!

People will not remember him for the crimes he committed but for songs he sang, the fun he gave and more importantly being the forefather behind the Wu Tang Clan. It's sad to see you leave us Ol' Dirty, Hopefully your album will give us something to remember you by.

adrian smith
odb rest in peace the hip hop world will miss u and so will your family u was the missin linx in the wu no 1 could touch your style no father 2 your style return 2 the chambers is a classic

when i first heard the tunes protect ya neck and brooklyn zoo i knew this man was a grimey mc he always sticks out in his songswith the wufor me probably one of the rwest mcs of all time R.I.P. ODB peace out.

Ezekiel Phayze
For me ODB represented the energy of the Wu-Tang Clan and they will miss him. He just seemed to come out with the most strange lyrics and yet they just fitted into a track. I cannot imagine a Wu-Tang album without him because he just had a lot of energy to bring. May his soul rest in peace.

pav, Feltham
dont believe it. been waiting for his album. he was too grimey for rocafella. R.I.P to my favourite rapper.

My favourite memories of Hip Hop was when you and the Clan brought it back to the East Coast. You were inspirational and unique. Rest in peace finally.

drink some gin and juice with 2pac hommie

First things first, I remember hearing proteck your neck for the first time, an being unable to belive how raw, grimey and witty this guy was, out of everyone on that track, his part stuck out the most, and thats how I will like to remember him, I dont know any other rapper that has given me as much joke or made me rewind and play a song as many times as this guy did.
My cousin Kza who's locked up at the moment will be devastated, he used be our version of ODB, he had the plaits an everything, we used to sing Stomp line for line back in the days. ODB RIP, One love you will be missed!!!!!!

Mullet Puppy
Good Morning Heartache indeed. BBJ, Chemogabe and me went through a lot in 2000. I'll never forget that. Nor will I forget the line: "you can't use the word 'napkin'". Genius. See ya dirt x

Shawny !!CrunkMan!!
my best memories of ODB was his unpredictable style! In a world of pre-packed glossy bling atrists!! he was just real and grimey!! refreshing and a fun guy!! SHIMMY SHIMMY YA!! We miss U ODB!!!!!

Sam 'the supreme savage'
ODB was by far one of the best, most original rap artists of all time. His unique and unorthadox singing styles is what I'll truely remember him for - with his harsh gritty voice growling out some lines then switching to a softer more fluid technique, you really knew he was gettin into it. He didn't care what anyone else thought of his stuff - he just went with it...His tunes will live forever in the minds of hip-hop lovers around the world!! 'Shimmy Shimmy Ya!!' 'Brooklyn Zoo!!' Rest in Peace bro

amy othieno
r.i.p brother, i think you lived your life to the fullest!

Pete Jackson
In a world of entertainers who do Pepsi adverts, own their own line in clothing and are so synthetic they make ur mind ache, there was always gonna be a place for someone who continually messed up and did things that defied logic. And that was Big Baby Jesus.
Erratic, manic, at times disappointing but mostly genius. I've never been so sad 2 see someone I never met die.I always thought that if someone like him could survive,there would be hope 4 someone like me. He trancsended hip hop. He was rock and roll. And I will miss him.

Nemma of The Southern Suspects
Rah, I'm devastated, but thanks must be given to the ODB and the Wu, they are the main reason behind my love for hip hop. His character is a reminder to all those people in hip hop who constantly get it twisted. Hip hop world wide is about being real and original and that is what i'll always remember Old Dirty 4. Strong!

What a loss of The Wu! ODB will be missed by many and never forgotten. A true Shaolin Warrior, may you RIP. You the ODB cos there is no father to your style. A style that has ended with you and will go with you.

Paul Dinneen
A true legend. There'll never be anyone like ODB in hip-hop ever again! "Here I go with the deep type flow, Jacques Cousteau could never get this low"

I was saddened by his death and was so looking forward to hearing his new material - I always liked his different style.....

Absolutely shocked, didn't think i'd heard right on the radio so had to come check. Will be greatly missed, an true inspiration to hip hop artists everywhere. RIP

Conrad Randall
Peace to you and yours man. Maybe this will help others to realise that life shold be lived to the full. MAn gave a me and lot of good times. Protec yo kneck!

Adam & Stu
a hectic mad lyricist. will b one of the most remembered from the wu-tang! "hut 1 hut 2 hut 3 hut - odb live and uncut"

Dr Dark
An engaging and highly creative rapper. His style of delivery as slick and intuitive as Busta...if not more will be missed...yet another hip hop soldier ranked in the hall of fame.

J zee
Another Quality Rapper dead and Buried whats the World coming too man? R.I.P Dirt always remeber hearing that 'I got Ya Money' Ft Kelis me and my gfs Dossing down the Park with the Lads...good Times! Never Forget what you remeber cuz when its gone its gone! peace out!

Gutted. Ol Dirty had a unique talent that no one could even pretend to emulate. He will be sorely missed & lets hope the media give him a fitting tribute. RIP

Aroma 89ers
ODB R.I.P This MC kept it real, forget the bling bling ting, anyone who knows wa gwan in the HIP HOP world, from the days of cussing mothers in the 80's to getting lock down for doing a whole car, knows ODB was part of the original movement.

Totally original and 110% unique. Will be missed.

Rest In Peace, the guy was a natural and inspired talent in black music. Heaven gonna have their hands full. :)

A very very sad day. His style Unbreakable, Shatterproof......RIP.

RIP Cyrus you will be missed. Wu-Tang will never be the same again. Brooklyn Zoo and Shimmy Shimmy Ya will forever live on as classics.

bless. man had 36 chambers rollin in my car wen i heard. im feelin for ghost rza gza inspekta rakewon all the man dem lost a bredrin and a 'band' member. RIP ODB.

Ill Kapitan
Dunno any other way to get that raspy slurrin sound - except live it like the ODB did - and how many do that?! You left your mark man, at least...

Times were good while we had him, but it looks like his creator needed him somewhere else. To the MC that kept it real... more than any other I've ever known... R.I.P

They that were once nine, have been sadly reduced to eight. ODB lyricly touched the hiphop world, and his creativity and crazy style won't be forgotten. May he peacefully rest in a gangstas paradise. Wu Forever

Carl Broadbent
with john peel and now ODB will the world of alt. music cease to exist? ODB was an example of how to rap and produce and still be popular. The death of an icon

Gus, Sunbury
A true rap legend! An artist who was doing something with the genre, not the same bland R+B/Gangsta rubbish that many of his peers churn out time after time. He was a rap pioneer imo, i agree we hadnt seen his full potential, what with his off stage antics. I hope his last record will show some of this, and that it will be a fitting legacy. RIP ODB!!

Man what a loss. T'would have been his 36th birthday tomorrow too. Take heed y'all and stay clean. Shimmy shimmy.

Well!!! What can i say? He never quite made it to "The 36th Chamber" (that the Clan frequently made reference to on their first album) as he died 2 days to his 36th birthday, pity. Looking at the game, there really wasn't anyone else like him in RAP as his style was so darn unique, comical, grimy & yet hardcore. Peace to his Moms, kids, his cousins (fellow WU-Tang creators), the RZA & GZA and also the rest of the CLAN.

A unique & natural talent... Im gutted

Peace to The God, my Brother Ason Unique! Universal Love to Your Physicals, your seeds, and the Almighty Wu-Tang Dynasty. There will never (Killa) Bee another. No Father to the style, but a galaxy of children! All due Praise and thanks for some of the best Hip-Hop ever. Peace!

Man, I was gobsmacked on hearing this. Dirt Dog will always be remembered as a hip-hop great. His charisma, flow, rugged tone and eccentric character made him the most notorious of the Wu-Tang Clan. This is a sad day for hip-hop. 2004 has seen too many deaths.

The unique, eccentric, essential member of the Wu-Tang Clan. HipHop was already missing you ODB - it always will. Rest - in... peace.

Sad sad news. But as mentioned before at least it wasn't down to hate crime. Hope he achieved everything he set out to do in his short time on this planet. R.I.P

r.i.p to one of the illest mcs ever to touch the mic. shimmy shimmy ya

Jozef Mackie
crazy wot has happend, only realised when i opened this link! bit shocked, dunno wot to say. u put a smile on a lot of peoples faces when you were alive but now all those faces are sad coz ur gone man. a fan and admirer of your work ODB rip i spose!!! peace out

really sad. listen to him on Conditioner and Black Widow - when he tried he was an exceptional mc. pour out some liquor for him. wu tang forever.

ODB - May u rip as u encountered a difficult journey. I pray that u got things right to enter his gates - ur sis V

ODB you will forever remain in my heart and my winamp playlist. peace

A huge loss. ODB was original and a massive character there was and never will be anyone like him.

Joe, Chester
thats too bad, he had some great tunes. another rapper up there with the best of them.

Sad death made even sadder by the fact that he was comparatively young and was turning a corner and getting himself back on track. A great loss to hip-hop.

it's a sad day 4 hip-hop fans, he was truely a gr8 rapper, making gr8 music specially his part in 36th chambers, R.I.P dirt

rip ol dirty you may be gone but never forgotten R.I.P

May his soul R.I.P - Very sad news!!! Memories: "Brooklyn Zoo" :(

Neil, Blackpool
Been into the WU since the 1st album was released and this is a massive tragedy...I am genuily gutted for all WU fans & family..Hope you shockin them in heaven Rusty. RIP

Other than the death of Poetic (Gravediggaz) no other death has really bothered me much at all. ODB will constantly remind me of the latter part of school, dossin around doing stupid things having a laugh.
If you own "Return to the 36 Chambers" you'll understand why and just how much of a legend ODB is, even if not in the mainstreams understanding of Hip Hop legends. The Wu-Tang shaped an entire generation of listeners, it's insane thinking that this was all about 10 years ago.
Did you know in October 2000, the rapper was almost finished a stint in rehab when he made a run for it, spending a month as a fugitive, during which time he performed at the Hammerstein Ballroom in front of hundreds of stunned fans? Another classic Dirt Dog moment is him conducting an MTV interview in a stretch limo en route to pick up his welfare check. RIP BIG BABY JESUS!!

originality at its best, voice in a million we slipping. rip big, pac, pun.L., aaliyah, left eye, ODB. One

Drunken Monkey
Another sad day for hiphopheads all over the world. RIP

The good die young.

It's a tragic day for the Hip Hop community. ODB never reached his full potential. RIP Dirt

Day W
Peace to ODB - wu tang 4 eva and a day. i just hope this bad news can be a platform for positive, and wu tang can use this as the instigator for a new album. RIP RUSSELL. WU TANG 4 EVA

another rap legend is gone :-( WU TANG 4 EVER!!!

Andy The Photographer
Worked with ODB & rest of the "Clan" he will be sadly missed. The man was pure genius with a style all of his own. Rest in peace

You played a fundamental piece in my life. We may have lost you but you will never be forgotten. We will never stop loving you ODB.

guido lombardo
ODB R.I.P. U Da BOMB! shimmy ya in heaven.

Darren, Limehouse
another great rapper gone, but one i feel never reached his full potential (due to being locked up in my opinion). But hey life goes on and at least it we didn't lose him to a gun!

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