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Got a pair of Nikes?
Nike logo
Do you think about where your trainers came from?
Because the sportswear giant has owned up to rough conditions for some of its factory workers in poor countries.

They've come out publicly with details of the 700 factories which make Nike products, saying they want be responsible about it.

Nike have long had a bad reputation for working standards and say they want to improve the poor pay, dangerous conditions and harassment going down in a quarter of their plants. What's your reaction?
Do you think Nike are being honest? Does it bother you where your trainers came from? Would it put you off buying if you knew they were made in a dangerous factory?

Thankyou for your comments - a selection is published below. This debate is now closed.

Dale From Seattle
I have not worn Nike's for about 9 years because of how they treat their overseas workers. Just because Nike has recently developed a some sense of integrity, does not mean I will start supporting them now! I live in the USA, and I try to only buy things made here in the US (except for music of course!)

It seems to be they want to seen as a reputable company so why don't some of the multi-million if not soon to be billion dollar (Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan) employees stand up and speak up against the wrongdoing. The world is becoming a smaller place and soon it will begin affecting us all. Its seems to be we only stand up for something that affects us directly.

Big businesses these days are considered to be failing if the profit margins do not increase on a yearly basis. Cutting costs is easiest to achieve through "slave" labour. Do you honestly think that Nike would allow their margins to decrease? Do you think that the man on top cares about the ones at the bottom? This is a publicity scam to improve the public perception of Nike's criticized labour practices. What if your child worked in those conditions? I do not support Nike!

I think its wrong, it seems like modernized slave labor. i like nikes a great deal, i have about 60 pairs of nike dunks alone, and now i feel that even though i paid a pretty penny for them others were just getting penniies to make them. Well im out thanks 1Xtra

Employment laws apply to every company in the country. Irrespective of how multi national the company is. The country is to blame for workers having no rights, not Nike

WHAT A RIP-OFF! So... Nike have finally had to come out about some of their bad practices. All the others need to do this too. What actions are they going to take now to ensure their sub contractors change? Will factory workers still be fined for talking at work, fined if they refuse to work overtime, forced to work a 7 day week, subject to corporal punishment, sacked for asking for a day off and sacked if they fall pregnant?
Come on Nike, and the rest. Start ensuring you pay workers a living wage and force your factories to treat their workers as humans! Lets see some FAIR TRADE FOR A CHANGE!

Dave, [far below] you got it so wrong. Sweatshop earners in places like China earn about £8-10 a week. That isn't right by even Chinese standards. Sweatshop labour is economic slavery, the workers are not being respected and some are even restricted in going to the toilet. If you condone this, you might as well call for South Africa to reinstate the Apartheid.
We shouldn't boycott Nike but demand that exploitation of people in all sweatshops should be stopped, all working people deserve a liveable wage. Especially when the CEOs rake in profit in hundreds of millions of pounds. Greed is never good nor justified.

I think its fantastic that nike are AT LAST admitting to the conditions in many of their factories- it's a step forward. Huge corporations need to be more responsible and more people need to be aware of what goes on behind closed doors in developing countries in order for massive companies to make massive profits. Who cares about a stupid label? I'd rather go label-less and stop people suffering. and theres no doubt they're suffering

to dave... you don't know what ur chattin about.. how about being raped by your boss and then sacked if you say anything.. they don't just get paid low, they get paid so low they can hardly feed their families.. they work in dirty conditions and stupidly long hours and have no rights at all.. the tescos workers in this country get it way better, even if they are on min wage i'm happy that nike are finally owning up to it but it doesn't change what they've been up to in the past

so what just make the trainers, i don't care where they come from, just as long as they keep making them!!!

Richard Fern
I have read the responses and fear that Nike will remain unconcerned by public opinion while its customers remain this brainless, self-centred and amoral

This unashamedly tells us what kind of world we live in doesn’t it? Material possessions being more important than humans.

Boo hoo so Nike make a lot of money and pay people hardly anything. Tesco just announced £2 billion profits and their checkout staff are probably on minimum wage. Banks announce huge profits and the staff are probably on a bit more than minimum wage.
It's all well and good saying how these people in 'sweatshops' earn £50 a week. £50 a week by our standards is lame, but in other countries earning £200-£300 a week would allow you to live like a king among men in comparative terms. All big companies squeeze their workers and producers, its how they become successful. If you don't like it don't buy their products, simple really.

The Truth
Why were their workers treated like this in the first place? Don't be fooled by the hype - these companies get to a point where they reach profit targets etc then they come out with something like this after so long just to make sure we keep buying their stuff - its a big publicity stunt.

i think theese people aint being paid their fair wage considering how much money nike must be makin on their sports wear

Nike comin out n bein 'honest' now aint gona 2do nothin 2 thier profits, so they aint bein the big hero's they wana seem. How about neva havin rubbish workin conditions in the 1st place?! We've all got nikes but who can seriously say they'd put the nikes back on the shelf & pick up a pair of tesco's own crepes just coz they were made in fair conditions?

i think nike are being honest, cos u neva know some companys mite have the same working standards. u neva know wot happens behind closed doors.

I feel like I should have a conscience about where my shoes come from but I like them and if Nike weren't in these countries then they wouldn't have any jobs...does that sound harsh? Coz i don't mean it to...

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