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Mixed race

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Best of both, pick and mix, wasian, half-breed and coloured.

They are just some of the names mixed race people tell us they've been called.

The mixed race group is the fastest growing ethnic minority group in the UK and is expected to become the largest within 25 years.

But is Britain ready?

In Mixed Race we hear the experiences of people of mixed heritage some of whom are torn between their different cultural backgrounds.

We also speak to the National Association of Headteachers which tells us it's worried schools aren't doing enough to educate pupils about different cultures.
Are you mixed race? How do you feel about this?

Do you identify with some parts of your culture more than others?

Maybe you have friends who are mixed race and have had difficulties fitting in?

Do you feel that you were taught enough at school about different cultures?

Mixed race people ARE on our own in today's society. Why should we need a culture or mix of cultures behind us? Can we not just be us? Whites don't consider me white, asians don't consider me asian. I don't want to be either, I'm myself and am glad to be detached from any fixed roots. It's an opportunity to be unbiased. Why should we want to make ourselves fit closed minded attitudes of the past when we are the future?

I don't see enough of mixed race issues on tv though. I really enjoyed this radio programme though. If a programme was to be made about mixed race, what would it be about?

I have read all your comments guys that are very interesting but as a mixed race person I have to say that sometimes you don't even know you are mixed race because of the names calling in the west indies. To explain my mum is carribbean from Martinique with jewish and german heritage, my dad come from Guadeloupe and St Vincent with indian heritage nevertheless I am fair skin with mostly green/grey eyes that are changing colour and my hair is brown and quite mixed aswell, If I don't say where Iam coming from people wouldnt know but they know I am black though, because of how I look when living in france I was called Chabine. Chabine, Mulatresse, figue mi were some words to identify the kids that were born from forced relationships between black women and white fellow during slavery as we couldnt be really identified but nevertheless it has been kept into the meours in the french west indies Mix raced is any man or woman from differents background having a kid together but I was taught that there was only two race on earth, the human race and the animal race so why people still try to divide the human race into subdivide race just because of the colour??? why people believe that being mixed race is only black and white... If your dad is english and your mom is scottish, you are mixed race, if your dad is african and your mom is south african, you are mixed race... we now have a black president so maybe it's time to stop to be under that slavery mind and start our league to take back what i've been taken from us starting by our pride...

mixed: black and whitedad is from ghana english bornmum is english. i consider myself as MIXED RACE. i dont like the term halfcast and to be honest i feel the other terms are too politically correct eg. dual heritage.i am very proud of both sides of my heritage, and i think being mixed race you get the "best of both".what really angers me, myself being mixed race, is the fact that BARRACK OBAMA is called black. he is not black he is mixed like me and i find it insulting to be called black or white because i am niether. it would be great if people stopped refering to him as black and simply as mixed race - what he truly is.

My dad is from Ghana and my mum is from England. My mother has 3 mixed children and my sister had 1 mixed child. There is nothing wrong with us, but other people think that only our white side is good. People sometimes call us half-cast i dont care what people say about my skin. I just think my skin colour is great and i love it. The colour of your skin shouldn't matter. Some people have to put fake tan, but i don't. I know someone who tried to scrub there skin cause someone told them they were dirty. I couldn't care less about what people think. My sister has a very light skin, and everyone think she is white. she gets really annoyed cause she wants people so see her as mixed. I get on in my African and English commuties and i feel comfortable with both. People call me black, white,brown, half-cast,brownie and many other things that heart my feeling. I watched a show about is it better to me mixed, cause there is advantges.

I'm 16 my parents are from Eritrea and i 'm blessed with mixed race features (light skin , curly hair)over the past years i've started to see the way the uk media idolises the white (Blonde) woman a black woman is rarely seen as sexy or attractive and now more than ever. Since when did black women become ''ugly'' && in reference to Joseph's suggestion that mixed race is the 'future' lets say I believe this mixed race populartiy is a con to kill off black people after all usually once a mixed race person has a child with a white person the child comes out white n supposing this has something to do with white women beening glamourised 24-7 i duno its been ponding on mind 4 months now bt nice topic n VERY interesting views ppl X

My parents are both black , orgininating from Jamiaca. my mum's mother has a chinese grandmother and is very light-skinned like me and several aunties. I see my self as black, just light-skinned. My (half) brothers aged 12 and 15 are mixed race , white father blacck mother , they look fully white with ringlet curls which the girls love! when asked, my 12 year old brother described himself as "peach". I dont think they see them selves as half black-half white and they've never had any racists commments from either side! I think mixed race is beautiful =D

I'm mixed race, Irish (Dad) and Antiguan (Mum) but im very light skined and people always just asume im white and think that im lying anout being mixed race. Being mixed race isnt about the colour of your skin, its different hertiages mixing. I feel its really sad that people feel the need to define themselves by the coour of their skin. To behonest when i have kids they will sooooooo many ethnic backgrounds it would be crazy to list them all as my boyfriend is half Italian and English. Through out school iv always been friends with other people from different ethnic backgrounds and feel pulled towards people with some sort of heritage. This wasnt because iv got black in me (coz it look like it lol) its coz im personally interested in different cultures. Iv grown up going to Ireland and going to Antigua all my life. Im very lucky that iv got family in such beautiful countries to visit. I'v always grown up with my irish background being my main heritage because its closer than Antigua however my Antigan family are the ones who i spend most of my time with as we all live down the road from each other. In my area when my parents got together black people and Irish people were really close and im very lucky to have two very strong communities intertwined. My brothers and sister are darker skined than i and iv never felt that i needed to be darker to prove im mixed race, im very lucky to have my family and two lively family-oriantated backgrounds. I think if anything schools need to be educateing kids to be proud of each of their hertages no matter how many they have. Mixed race or not who cares i've got an amazing family it's that what counts?

Johnny Blaze
Im black and think mixed race babies are the most beautiful im gonna get married soon and have at least two. ;)

Well i was born in zimbabwe in 87 my father was white english my mum was pure black african and i have been living in england ever since 1993 i would say i am british with zimbabwean blood and roots.

Victoria Kumari
I am half indian and half irish and 100% proud to be who I am. I have been subjected to racism as a young one from both sides - It made me STRONGER!!!I cook a mean Salan (curry) and a mean Sunday Roast!! Mixed Race - I hate the term "race" - my mum and dad both say "there is only one race, and that is the HUMAN race!" I feel blessed to have 'best of both". I accept and acknowledge both cultural heritages. In fact we are all mixed in one way or another. I don't believe that there is anyone on this earth who can claim to be of "one" heritage! We have been migrating from the beginning of the time! Lets not even talk about it - lets just acknowledge the wonderful absorbed cultural world that we live in!

In 5000 years from now, everyone will be the same race.

Wow, this has always been a subject close to my heart from before i even knew how to write! It's interesting to read some of the comments here because i can understand and appreciate every comment made. So like many here i am of a mixed race background, born in Zambia, my Dad White British, my Mum Black Zambian. I am legally British by birth but Zambian at heart. I look white, have white features. However i experienced the stigma many have and will feel, in Africa I was a Masungo (European), here in the U.K. I was labelled as Paki, Mongorel etc. I don't hate or blame people for their lack of understanding or exposure to other cultures, as much as this world has become more accessable and knowledge easily available people still live in close knit and small inward looking communities! Honestly I believe this is natural progression in human development, but can as a 'group' and as a 'group' a 'culture' a 'race' can we become the future of this world where everyone is mixed in cultural background. Where everyone shares a multi culural, multi heritage upbringing? As people who have the benfit of experiencing two or more cultures we more than any other, the ability to be more empathetic, understanding and can more than any other generation change the way as a nation, as a culture (British) as an ethnic group etc. view those around us and engage the different groups that make up the multi cultural tapestry that is the U.K.

I am a mixture of indonesian, dutch, english and chinese...when i was really young sometimes i found it difficult but now that i have grown up i love being mixed race. It all depends how you look at it - i used to feel like i did not fit in anywhere but now i feel more that i fit in everywhere...

I happen to be of mixed white race - English (never 'pure', considering how history has brought in so many races over the centuries), Welsh, French and probably Scandinavian way back. And I truly rejoice in treating other people as people, not labels - so if they are of mixed race, that probably just adds to their interest. ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL, and let's just accept that fact and ENJOY IT!

Michael Morrow
I'm White British, my wife's Black African. My daughter's perfect. Simple. Or at least it should be...

my mums english-white and my dads half jamaican and half white but i was braught up by a white man which is my sisters dad and i had alot of racism i've had to move house through the racism the police was involved and my mum and me have been assulted by the racist neighbors and i used to always get questioned why i lived with a white mum and a white man and a white sister but i was too young to answer but things have calmed down alot now and now i have a mixed race boyfriend too :)

We are human...let's stop placing ourselves into categories.

Ok my question is this. I get a lot of people that ask me if Im mixed. Im fair skinned. My dads mother was indian and french and his father was indian and black. I usually answer the question with " Do I look mixed" and they usually say yes. The only thing I see is when my hair is longer and my orginal color(black) I think yea you may be able to see my indian features a little! I am so tired of people asking me if im mixed. I even had a hispanic guy ask me if I was mexican. The police even mistook me for hispanic once.

Kesha Heaven
I cant stand when people say ' half cast' in the dictionary the meaning for half is 'half of a whole' and cast is an 'empty vessel', i aint havin it!!!

i'm mixed raced. my mum's white, and my dad is half jamaican and half asian.i do honestly think people in schools need to be edjucated about other cultures, otherwise children will carry on being ignorant and less accepting to diffrent coloured or cultured people.

I’m half Thai and half st Vincent , my mums Thai and my dad’s from st Vincent ,and I noticed when growing up my mum’s side of the family never accepted me , with my mum being from Thailand her mum would always complain about my mum dating outside her race , and always complaining that we should only date inside our race reh teh teh and I just think that kids now need to learn more about different cultures and dating outside our own races and if they want to in our own races , and not to describe certain people as " half caste" " coloured" but just as their own person . Also it annoys me also when people think mix race, is only half black half white, being mix race is when you have more than one race in you! , we do need to teach kids when growing up these different cultures and races so when they grow older they won’t stereotype people, and also labelling people. But lucky for me when I was growing up I learned to respect both sides of my family cultures, like my mums Asian side and her culture and my dads caribien side, but at my school now I learn just to respect both sides of my family, and I’m comfortable with both sides of my heritage, and not being put into one race or another and accepting all my heritage.

I think two things:1- Its more or less inevitable.2- It can only be a good thing in terms of encouraging cultural empathy and education.

im not mixed race but a gd m8 of mine is. he's half white brit n half indian. it has caused problems with him wen he's in relationships coz wen he is with an indian lass he gets beef from they parents 4 bein half brit n wen he's with an english lass he gets ish from they family 4 bein half indian. tho he's really in touch wit his sikh heritage he doesnt feel compfortable enuff 2 wear a turban coz of how people treat him. there needs 2 b much much more 2 teach people bout mixed race coz i feel alot of people (esspecially in rural britain were im from) find mixed race coupling 'shocking' an 'out of the ordinary' wen in acctual fact there r more mixed race people than ever. the onli way we can stamp out the ignorance is 2 teach dem! much luv 2 all mixed race big up xoxo

Sorry but i just have to say being mixed is beautiful and no one should convince you otherwise. As to JL's comment that mixed people look more Black what are u talking about? I mean seriously i've seen mixed people who look more White and who have blond hair/ blue eyes so you really are talking a load of rubbish

I was born in England but my mum and dad, grans an so forth are from Zimbabwe. I don't class myself as British at all. I hold onto the fact that I'm Zimbabwean and don't call myself anything else. Officially I would be classed as mixed race because my grandad is white english. BUT I'M PROUD TO BE AFRICAN MY FRIENDS!

I am light skinned but, both my parents are born in and from Jamaica. My Great Grandma on my Mum's side was Chinese. My Great Grandad on my dads side was white. Am I still Black? I think we are all mixed at somepoint and it's not if you are black or white. I'm of Jamaican heritage - neither black, white or chinese....

My father is a Chilean, so is a mix of native indian and spanish and my mother is European, half English and Basque to be exact. Am I mixed race?

I'm mixed African American and White British. Felt strange growing up in the Uk, I fit in and have some great friends, but I was always unsure how to act, feel and be. I thought moving to America would fix that. I'm just as confused here. I'm 23 now and I have no idea why people in this day and age can still look at you based on the color of your skin. America is no different. I believed that America (being home to the land of the free) was going to offer me the ability to feel at home. Instead i'm plagued with missing being mixed race in England. I believe we have a long road ahead of us (especially with the likes of the BNP) but we will we get there. Love who you are and what you are. I love being mixed race, and British and the best thing is no one can take that away from me. It drives me through school, and most of all, through every day. I hate it when people say, certain races have it easier. It may be true, but you have been blessed with the best gift of all. Being mixed race isn't a choice, it's the best opportunity you have. :-)

Yepp i am mixed race and i feel fine cuz im proud to be mixed race. Yeah i identify with some parts of my culture more than others.Nopee all my mixed race friends fit in perfectly fine cuz like schools now are actually really mixed with like people from all over.Yeah cuz like you do like slavery and we learn about a lot of different cultures.

im mixed, arab an white, get called a mongrel, paki, rag head an really dont care. love bein a half breed! lol at th people callin it 'dual-heritage', politically correct terms are jus sound stupid

The truth is that if you are part Black than you are Black.The Black gene is the dominant gene. You have some kind of curl in your hair. Your skin is usually darker than tan.You are Black.The whole talk of establishing a new race is ridiculous because the Black characteristics will constantly keep popping up. It is the dominant gene.I live in the US and from my experience if the Police think you are not white and you look kinda Black, than you are Black. Period.I just feel bad for people who are part Black but were never around Black People.I went to University with these people and made friends with them because I approached them with the hand of friendship.Black People may tease you but use the teasing to make you strong.In the end, Black People are the most accepting of people.And the Black Culture is envied and copied by everyone all over the world.So if you have Black Blood, stand up and be proud.You come from the people, Ancient Egyptians that founded the world!Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Latino cultures all owe a part of their Development to African Culture. Do your research and learn the truth they constantly try to hide!The reason they try to hold us back because whenever we are given a chance to shine.(mostly sports because the rules make it fair for everyone)We dominate.Lewis Hamilton, youngest ever Formula 1 World ChampionSerena Williams, #1 Women's tennis playerTiger Woods, #1 Golfer in the WorldMichael Jordan, #1 Basket Ball PlayerPélé, #1 Football Player EverUsain Bolt, Fastest Man in the WorldFlorence Griffith Joyner, aka FloJo , Fastest Woman in the WorldAfrican Culture!The first Culture in the world!Unstoppable!

I'm 25 and mixedraced and im proud of my mixed heritage . Although i haven't experienced beng called names but being at school and having majority of my friends being black i feel its hard to fit in with them as they see me as only half of them. They even make remarks like " go 2 ur white side " which at times can be dampening but then ithink to myself its jealously and for everyone who is mixed raced be proud of ur different cultures because whoever tries to bring u down they simply want to be what you are being half grenadian and english has let me seen to sides of my parents background .. as they say we are the best of BOTH worlds :)

What a topic. I'm mixed race. My mum is White English and my Dad is Black Seychellois but I don't really look like either of my parents. It's a case of too white to be black and too black to be white. I wish there was more support for mixed race kids growing up because I really felt out of place. I'm thankful that mixed race is the fastest growing ethnic group though.

I'm French -Serbian.....borned in Paris....I used to live in Paris for 23 years...I 've just spent holydays in Ex-Yugoslavia cause my parents come from there......I'm leaving in Mallorca since 1995....My wife is Spanish (Olé)......We have 02 daughters, 03 and 05 years old: what are they?? Mallorcan? Spanish, French, Serbian, European, Extra-terrestrial??? They are what they feel....what they will learn during their youth..... all they will experience meeting new people all along their life, ......their identity will be build by all this things ...and it will change, gain ground during their life...I know, it is not easy to make all your belongings cohabit together within your each identity, but you have to face all the persons who want to categorize you....Best regards from Spain

Steph Morris
My mother is Scottish, my father Mauritian. They split up before i was born, and my family didn't discuss my mixed background. I had to search for my racial/cultural identity as an adult. As a kid i was teased for being 'half caste, paki, chinki" Now people are surprised when i mention my mixed race background- as if i'm not ' black enough'. I am proud of my heritage, and still finding out about it.

Im mixed Portuguese,Chinese, Guyanese, Cuban an Scottish. I call myself mixed race or multi racial. Mixed race/ multi racial is when you come from a mixed back ground. That's not necessarily just half white and half white and half black. My husband is quarter indian, part Antigen and part jamaican so i class my children as multi racial, and they are very stunning and unique looking. I think there will be a time when every1 will be mixed race. I do think its very important that with mixed races we don't lose our culture. My step daughter is also half Irish and she knows her black culture and her Irish culture. We must teach our mixed race/multi racial children about their history so we dont end up diluting culture. I love being multi racial. I know all my different cultures and different foods, languages ect and I love the way i look.

my boyfriend is jamaican and i am english we have a beautiful daughter together and she will learn both sides of where she is from she is very lucky to be part of 2 fantastic coltures. haveing a mix in our family makes it so much fun its never boring and we r always learning new things .

I'm mixed race, Black Afican and White English.I was born in London in the 1950's, so the world was very different when I grew up.The first time I saw someone who looked like me was when I was twelve, it was a shock I think for both of us as we just stared at each other.Now I see people like me every day, long may it continue.It's interesting for me to read the various comments.I sometimes think that I was born a couple of generations early.Advice?I have none, except the only person that can make you feel negative about yourself is.......yourself.Peace out, as the Grandkids say. (whatever that means)

Im mixed race, Black and Peurto Rican. Grew up in East London, Never had any problems fitting in anywhere. Of course back in the day you would get N-Word slurs from old white people. I think alot of the problem is when your mixed race and around majority white people, the confusion is more prominent! Simply because theres many different shades of blackness, and only one shade of white.So you stand out, and question!

marnix van/schelven
i think all mixedrace peopleshould learnto live side by side with other mixedrace people

"Best of both, pick and mix, wasian, half-breed and coloured.They are just some of the names mixed race people tell us they've been called. "Well the first name sounds like a compliment to me, the second I guess is quite offensive, but as for Wasian and half-breed I guess this is just fact rather than racism. I'm not racist, people need to loosen up. If someone called me a Taff (I am Welsh) I would not be offended, in the same way that if someone called me a Brit -since this is exactly what I am - it is factual. It is the way in which it is said is relevant - PEOPLE NEED LIGHTEN UP.

I am jamaican and my boyfriend of 6yrs is white. I also have a lot of mix race in my family of different nationalities. I think its good that people are mixing. It shows that racism is fading in most places. Plus where do you thin these unique looks are coming from. Hopefully one day i will be able to have mix race children with my lovely

jake 14
I have never understood what I was I never cared but now i know I'm real mixed race 1/16 spainish 1/16 maltiese 4/16 Jamaican 4/16 African and rest English and I fitted in with both black and White I am proud to say I'm mixed race and you should too much love peace


my mum was pakistani and my dad is english and french,i have only ever really been accepted by my freinds who i love..i think being mixed race is brilliant, i have embraced my pakistani culture but english too as this is my home!!england is becoming more multicultral and people have become alot more tolerant to different races and cultures in the last ten years....being younger i was bitter and angry that i didnt fit in with my peers but growing up made me realise that i had alot more doors open for me for being mixed race...i wouldnt change who i am!!

My father is Indian and my mother is German. I was born and lived in India for the first 8 years then we moved to Scotland. After that we moved to Germany. My brother and I grew up speaking a mix of Indian languages, English and German. After moving to Germany, we stayed in boarding school in Scotland. We both, now live in the Caribbean. I have only recently moved here while my brother came over about 15 years ago and now has a family with a St. Lucian woman. Her parents were black St. Lucian (mum) and Indian St. Lucian (father). That makes my nieces part Indian, part black and part German. We have both, my brother and I, encountered a lot of racism in our lives. In the UK we were either pakis or nazis (German mum). When I lived in Germany I was mistaken for being Turkish, Italian, Spanish, generally Mediterranean, or generally Asian. Only after I started speaking in German, with a slight English accent, did people become interested as to my actual background. As to how we were raised by our parents, with a lot of love and respect. We were taught to look beyond skin colour and look at the person inside. My wife is a mix of north Indian and Chinese and Russian with black hair and blue/green eyes and a tanned skin colour. People can never guess what race she is either. I have to say that the only places I have not been discriminated against, because of my tan skin colour, has been in countries where that colour is, if not the norm, then at-least common enough that it just blends in. I have been discriminated against in northern Europe, and North America. Strangely enough also in the Caribbean, where it went in the other direction - I am/was a white man here, despite being, now fairly brown (lots of sun). Between my brother and myself and our families, we could almost start our own UN. I think with the ease of travel now-a-days, we will see more and more mixed race people popping up. People moving from one country to another, whether it's migration or just a holiday, makes no difference. As one of the contributors, above, mentioned, we are a new race or an amalgamation or races and for better or worse, we are here to stay, and increase in size. We are the ones who are able to make our homes and feel at home all over the world. Our mixed heritage gives us an advantage, we are open-minded and open to new possibilities and situations. The white, black, yellow and brown races will not be "wiped" out, they will be joined by a new race, a mixed race, that I believe, can only have a positive influence on communities, societies, countries, continents and the world.

Abdulkadir Harisu-Daba
When I see mixed-raced individuals, I marvel at the beauty they exhude,; they are unique individuals whose parents are so big-hearted to come together.

Hey im 22, n female. My origins stem from England, Ireland and Afganistan. Being of these nationalities is al who i am. I grew up on the outside, never part of the in group always discriminated, never accepted. I grew to understand that this is my life and this is the way its going to be. Im glad to know that society has become more kinder to people who are different. Y should we b judge for the colour of skin, eyes, hair? Is it because we are prejudice towards anything thats different or unusual, is it because we fear the unknown. Is it because we are cognitive misers and have the need to place people in rigid groups. I am who i am, and i am proud, i love my life even though it has been hard. I am who you have made me. I love every creed colour n culture.

G star
should not be seen as mixed race....instead should be seen as a new race! a better an improved race bringing different cultures together!

im mixed race and i live in nelson too, my dads asian, muslim and my mum is english, its true at tyms it is like im torn between 2 sides. I am muslim bt my brothers aren't so it is really hard, its a choice i made when i was really young. At times i do feel like im not accepted bt as ive grown older ive learnt how to deal with it, ppl who dont accept me for who i am dont get the oppurtunity to be my friend its as simple as that. Im proud of who i am and i wouldn't change anything. But i would like ppl to be more open minded and stop judging ppl based what they are but for who they are. I would love to work with you guys! This amazing! love it! shabana my bby! wicked hun xxxxx love ya xxxxx

not sure if this will go through or not since I am from the us. people here have become much more tolerent of mix raced people. most younger people seem to have no problem with it it is the older ones who make a big deal of it. each generation seem to be getting better and better and excepting other people. I am glad my mother taught me people are people no mater the coler of their skin, eyes hair, fat thin short tall, normal, handie capted, special ed ect.. every person should be treated with the same respect and caurstory you expect to be treated with. my brother is half white half american indian. in his younger days dated all kinds of girls ever size shape and color. once he was dated a girl who was half white half black once when he was on the phone talking to her her dad got on the phone. what ever he said real mad my brother mad. he said I know she is mixed. I would not care if she was purple with orange eyes and green hair. she is a very sweet girl with a great personailty. if you have an issue with your daughter being half white and half black you should not of a white woman and had a baby. my youngest child is half white half mexicon. I have never had anyone ever say anything negitave about her being mixed. she just started kindergaren this year and two parents who come in my store was mad cause their sons were not in my daughters class. one is white the other spanish. both know my daughter is mixed race. though around here at least 1/3 of the children are mixed race hardly anyone even thinks about it. I personly think 90% of the time mixed race people are some of the most beautiful people in the world. yes sometimes you do get some that are not the good looking but over all most of the time they are much better looking the a pure white, black, indean, spanish, aisin ect.. person.

I am british,african and asian I dont like being mixed race and wouldnt encourage it except for aesethic reasons [mixed race people are usually better looking than either parent].I'm really into history and heritage those are my passions, but because I dont resemble the ethnic groups I stem from and am passionate about I am barred from that pride in my heritage and culture.E,g if I go down to an irish pub to celebrate my irish roots on st pats day everyone think I was half mad because i look like a turk.Many times Ive spoken to people of african or japanese or english ancestry abt cultural/historical things to do with our shared heritage and they simply look mystified as to why I would consider myself part of it because I look like a foreigner.I would definately not have a mixed race child - cultural belonging is very important to a persons sense of indentity and value.

Fazel Ali
I think dual heritaged people are generally gorgeous looking! There is research to show that dual heritaged people are also genetically endowed with the advantages of both parents.

Im 19 black (mum is black british & dad is jamaican born) but live in a predominately white middle class area & have a white girlfriend (which gets me stick from my black peers).I get called bounty all the time from my black friends for the way i speak as like white people in black communites get called wiggers for being accustom to the "black" ways in speech. as all my cousins on my mums side are mixed race so its very interesting to see this report come out. i feel that its mixed race is the future (im not saying im going to marry a white woman lol!) as it will hopefully breakdown the barrier of segregation of commuiuties & racism which is having a negative effect on the multicultral scheme of the country.

Im a 15 year old mixed raced girl ma mum is english & polish and ma dad is Nigerian I think its hard 2 see where u belong as i go to a basic south london school where dere is da black kids and da white kids da two dont even mix !!!. People are racist nearly evryday because i am african and polish two groups hugely plagued by racism. I dnt see where i fit in i get called Yellow,Half breed, Mongruel , Mix up & hovis so many but i think dat what is a colour where all human at da end ov da day dis hatred and racism is what strts wars weve lost sight of what is really important xbless

I really love reading all of these comments. First off i'm African American and i'm Puerto Rican. My mom is African american and my dad is Puerto Rican. What do i call myself....well Black! I say Black and i say i'm a very proud Black man. Now do i deny my way! I'm very fair/light skin with straight to curly hair. But still Black because my mom is Black and it is what it is. Why do i choose Black well because that is he culture i grew up with the most. From the food to the history...and so much more. I also grew up speaking spanish...and loving my dads side of the family as well. But i identify mostly with my Black side. I love the culture the people the food...the way we the way we have our swagger. And mostly because so many people who are of mixed ethnicity seems to feel that being Black is a negative....and it's not. It's is the most rewarding culture of strength...determination....pride and so much more. But it's who i am and no matter what others may say...i am who i am...and very proud of who i am. Being Black to me is something most people who are not Black will never understand. Some will tell me you're not Black you're mixed....well....that is fine...but i just say Black. Also living in America you are viewed that way.... My mom told me from a kid i was Black and Latino....But the world will see me as Black....and i embrace that...100%.

big veed da chef
more power to all people of mixed race heritage

MC cheezee
It was about time someone made a documentary on this - it's brilliant, i loved it. So much confusion out there

brown sugar
im mixed race white and black (carribean) and i class my self lucky because i always get compliments about my skin tone and curly afro hairr i often get asked am i meditterean or morocan or mexican or latino sometimes because i have black hair long and i have dark eyes and a euporean skin tone i dont look your usual light brown hair mixed race girl butt i am happy to be mixed race you should to

brown sugar xxx
i am mixed race my mum is white british and my dad was born in the west indies (carribean) i love been mixed race but it is sometimes hard you know nobody is racsist to me but sometimes you feel you cant fit in like with the black people or with the white people but i tend to not watch that and get on with it i often get told i look meditterean or morrocan or black and spanish or mexican or latino ive had everything its because ive got black curly hair quite long past ma shoulders and its bigg with abit of afro and ive got dark eyes and like a european skin colour i dont look like a tipical mixed race girl coz they often have light brown hair with like brown or hazel eyes or something i like how i look i always get compliments like your skin tone is nice and your hairs nice your really lucky so i embrace that i am mixed race everyday and if ur mixed race you should too w.e you look like

i am mixed raced but light skin and still i have black features and i think its good havin a 2 culturs behind me. soo i am proud of how i am..

My son is mixed raced. i am white and his mother is also mixed raced. His skin is very very light but still has black features, i dont see anything wrong with people of mixed heritidge. in some cases its an advantage because my son will have the knowledge of different backgrounds and i feel with be less predjudice towards other colours. i have not yet met a person of mixed heritidge finding it hard to fit in with any crowd, in fact they all use it to their advantage

i am full ethiopian but everyone that meets me thinks that i am mixed race ever since i was young when i was lil i was called turkish because i looked so white and now i am considered of black and white mix which i am not cause i stand out from my family i feel like when i am with my friends or family i don't really fit in anywhere

im just glad in recent years the ethnicity section on forms have been changed. Used to have to tick black other or other.. now theres actually a slot for mixed raced.And.. i have always been proud to be mixed raced and my b/f of 5 yrs is black. so we will have a mixed race child. no issue

if you are mixed race then that is what you are not BLACK NOT WHITE!! you should be proud to say your mixed race

i am a mixed race woman, my mother is white british and my father is from barbados. in my personal opinion i believe that it is almost irresponsible for people to have children when they are in a mixed race couple. my mother and father are such polar opposites not only in their colour but in their culture and just the way they view the world, that i have spent my whole life with a fractured sense of identity. i find as a mixed race person you can often feel no sense of belonging to anything. i found as i grew up that white people will view you as black and treat you with that same offhand ingrained racism that they appear not to notice they are doing and i have found that i have never been accepted fully by black people. this upsets me a lot because i found, through the close relationship i had with my father i was more at home with my black friends and family but you never feel like you belong entirely and i have had some nasty things said to me before. it also disturbs me that i have mix race friends that look black and they dont find they have any of these problems, which makes me think is it that you are mixed, or is it that you look the part? i have wasted a large part of my life trying my hardest to fit in in some way and have never really succeeded. now i am just myself i felt sick growing up with white friends at school saying how they 'want kids to a black man' because 'mix race babies are so cute'. People need to look at the bigger picture and take a long hard look at their attitudes and innermost beliefs, black and white people both.

Black beauty ;-)
This is such a deep topic, as a black girl in a mixed race relationship with an eastern european it has made me think more deeply of the impact of bringing mixed race children into the world.When i was younger i would definitely have agreed with the mixed race fitting in more with a group of black then white people idea,but i've since seen this isn't always the case. Mixed race/dual heritage people should know their worth, feel proud of all their heritage and not feel the need to fit into any tick box on a form, i hope as ignorance is replaced with education this will bve the case...

aristos part 2
To the ignorant people who have commented rubbish. black people are BLACK. white people are WHITE. people (not talkin bout mixed race people) who are caramel coloured that think they are BLACK or claim to be BLACK ie light skinned black jamaicans and or africans need to realise that they are that colour because they have white in them. yeah WHITE. face the facts. during slavery alot of slaves were raped by their white owners the same with the white explorers in africa. skin colour whether black or white can be passed down 8 generations. it dont make you black if your light skinned there was white in your family somewhere down the line. when you see black People in africa from the tribes that have never seen western people or influences, they are BLACK DARK skinned people NEVER caramel. Caramel coloured people need to do research into their background. just cos you look black and have black lookin parents dont make you BLACK. Im mixed DEAL WITH IT.

my daughter is mixed race
She is beautiful!! We should not label each other. y does it matter!! I will not fill in the ethnic background part of any form, if they really meant that equal rights stuff we should not be asked, as if we were all equal it would not matter.If this is true about mixed race people will be the biggest race in the future then I say I can’t wait!! Hopefully this will stop society labelling us white black Asian mixed wot ever we are all human

Dus it reli matter what colour yu are?

mix race ppl ARE NOT BLAK AND SILLI PPL NEED 2 STOP CALLIN DEM DAT. the term mix race is there 4 a reason ca 2 races of ppl got 2gther which is why the kid is mixed if a full blak man got wi a full blak woman den the kid is blak dey are who u call blak not mix race ppl.

mz blak and ova proud
amy francis fall back bout u got the best hair best skin etc ohh perleaseeeeeeee i think the best race is black an i mean full black not no mix up seen.i am proud to be black and will always go out with a full black man and u get full blak ppl wi caramel complexion.

Im a 15 years old mix race girl.I love being mixed race! ;)French, Jamaican, Brazilian, Japanese, Mexican, British. my family is mixed. I am travelling all the time with my mum. we try to get to know entire family in the whole world..

Jane Doe
Tiffany, girl shut up im black and would not want to be half white even if you paid me, and not all full black people are dark, so just shut up because you sound ignorant.

Jessica Lambert
I'm mixed race with blond hair and blue eyes: half Jamaican, half English and I’m so proud. I confuse people a lot because I have tanned skin but my other colourings are not the norm. Some times people try to tell me that 'I must dye my hair' or 'wear contacts' or on the flip side 'go on the sun bed' because I’m not typical mixed race! What they mean is that I don't fit there stereotypes. I find it so small minded, so most of the time I just laugh. I’m not normal, I’m unique but people love to try an label me as a colour or race? Although understanding your heritage is really important for self acceptance, I think the colour of your skin or your race alone, should never define who you are or how you should act. I have a really mixed group of friends of different races and we all get on irrespective.Humans tend to put labels on everything, people say ‘Blonds have more fun’ , but we Know that's not really true! So why are we so quick to believe the stereotypes of race? To me mixed race people represent a beautiful thing positive change...Some of the most beautiful and celebrated famous people in the world are mixed (Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Alicia keys, Mariah Carey, Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton...Obama) I feel lucky that because I have experienced two cultures, I'm a lot less Ignorant to the world.

I, as a (Black) guy see things quite differently. My great grandmother is white but I consider myself FULL black. Unless you are able to trace your bloodline through generations and generations, it’s quite probable that you have mixed heritage of some sort that does not mean we can all call ourselves mixed. Black is a state of mind, Obama is technically (mixed) but describes himself as Black. Bottom line is nobody cares that you are light and have slightly different hair, society sees you as black, there are no advantages to be gained for being slightly lighter meaning you will have suffered the same prejudges, stereotypes and racial abuse as a so called (Black) person.

I am mixed race - my mother is half white half black and my father is black,white, and carib indian. My question is now with 99% of mixed race people- WHY IS THE FATHER ALWAYS BLACK AND THE MOTHER ALWAYS WHITE?I have my opinion on that what does everyone else think..?discuss....

dionne hamilton
i am mixed race my mum is white irish and my dad is black carrabean. as a mixed race child i didnt see my black side of the family and was raised with my mums white family and older half brothers family which were black but had no influence on my life as they were not my immediate family. growing up in london colour was never an issue it was when i moved to manchester it all then came as a big shock. i got ridiculled off black girls for speaking too white not knowing who NWA was, i also got my hair burnt and was called a bounty. i grew up beleiving black people were gods and didnt expect such behaivour of these girls. i am now a mother of 3 mixed race children and it still continues today as i get dirty looks in my buggy off black girls because my children look very light, my childrens father is white british which is no supprise when i was raised with no black people. i also get white people asking me if i am my childrens nanny, which is really upsetting. i have had black people spitting in my buggy thinking i have sown my soal to the white devel. i always expected racism off white people but never off black and was shocked it cut like a knife. it is important for people to realize that mixed race women are alloud to get with a white man or who ever they choose to love. mixed race people should not have to feel that they have to belong into a black or white group when choosing a potential partner.

nicola mclean
I am of mixed race, my mum is white austrian and my dad is black carrabian. iv heard white people saying that mixed race people are just black, and black poeople see mixed race as being black. this is not so true in my upbringing. i regullary see both sides of my family they have always been in my life and both sides of my family and my mum and dad refer to me as mixed raced which is what i am. it has never been an issue in my family as my family is very mixed, it is always been an issue from other people who sometimes say i look indian, people dont know what i am because my hair is straight with a slight curl. being mixed race can be hard growing up and you can only understand fully if you are mixed race yourself. i went to a school where every pupul was white british and there was no one to confide in, as you often see groups of black children and white children hanging together if there is racist matters they unify, as a mixed race child i stood alone without that unity which made things a little harder to deal with but luckly having both sides of my family that gave me my understanding. racism off white people and unexeptance off black people has always been in my life. the older you get the better understanding of being who you are and not feeling alien. learning that mixed race is a positive thing that has always existed and always will and its important to have your identity, to embrace both sides of your culture and to be proud of it.

I love being mixed race we get the best of both. people have called me a mongrol, mixed breed and lots of other pathetic names. Being mixed race we can identify with more than one race.

Im 21 of mixed heritage/origin. My mother is nigerian and my father is greek cypriot. 1. I dislike and try not to use the term mixed race as most people includin some of the above, haven't noticed that there is only one human race so how can it possibly be mixed? I was raised by my mother in a mainly black environment by that alone i am affilated to my black side. To know anything about my greek side i had to research that myself. Mixed people have a choice to make either embrace both cultures or one. Because we look different we may not be accepted by either. That leaves some to embrace the culture that shows them the most love and acceptance. We mixed people are not black and we are not white. Barack obama is not black he's mixed. No matter what colour you are your a product of your environment and what you choose to embrace. But what keeps me grounded and not big headed is the racism and abuse from all the other colours. Black white asian. Being mixed is a double edged sword a balance. Complements come but so does the abuse. People need to look at the bigger picture. Everyone came out of africa. Everyone was black at one point. We change colour the further away we are from the sun's exposure. Get right and do your research.Im mixed and i love it i wouldn't change it for the world. The ignorant and the small minded couldn't get me down even if they tried. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! The future is bright for mixed raced/origin people. As technology grows and people keep emigrating and reproducing our numbers will grow. Peace and love especially to the haters your why i do it.

I am mixed race, mums frm ethiopia and dads english, its always been hard 2 settle in either side of my heritage, went 2 a mostly white school in england n kids wud call me half caste n seperate me becos i was different, same thing happens wen i visit ethipoia, light skinned, diff hair diff face, bothered me as a kid but now i knw dat havin the mixture of 2 cultures n skin colours is a blessing! proud 2 b mixed race!!

I love being mixed race. The only thing is I am really light so people mistake me for white which really gets on my nerves.

I love being mixed race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a black woman. My mother was Italian and my father was of West Indian origin. I have always known that there would be discussions about mixed race status. I have read many of the comments and I am facinated that not one person has mentioned the obvious. We still live in a country where racism is endemic. I too was raised in a All White area and all I remembered was being racially abused on a daily basis. The racist didn't stop to debate my mixed race status, they saw black and that was that. I appreciate that people will have different experiences but I fail to see the best of both world option. I am a Social Worker and I see the knock on effect that the offspring of mixed relation unions have to contend with. The racism they face from the services that fail to recognise there is a difference and those who turn their backs on such people because they see them as black. More troubling than this is the reception from Black people themselves. Those who redicule and barate mixed race people as if it is their fault. We had no choice in who we were born too. I think this is a subject that requires further exploration. I also feel strongly that people should consider what they are doing before entering into relationships where cultures differ. We are not all the same and being black or of colour in this country or even foreign in this current climate is something that we are made very conscious of all the time. Again my experience of hearing my white friends saying they want a little brown babie with curly hair still rings in my ears. These woman had no experience of being around another culture let alone black people and held the same racist views as their parents, but felt they needed to sample something different and a black man became the seasons must have accessory. When are we going to learn. There is absolutely nothing wrong with our own culture. Black is beautiful. I do not buy into this "you can't help who you fall in love with". Load of twoddle. I have been approached by men of varying nationalities and colours. I have things in common with a black man, my colour and my experiences as a black woman. A black man will appreciate how we are treated when we walk into a country pub. How everyone stops and stairs.

I am mixed race (african american, west indian and white) and I've found that it very hard to fit in with both sides of my heritage. I went to school that was mostly white and didn't feel like I fit in and then went to uni and found that I didnt fit in with black people there, I find it very hard to just be sometimes. I hope its gets better as I get older.

I am half jamaican and half english, having grew up on my mothers side of the family which is completey white ive often felt like i have been missing out on my jamaican heritage. When i was younger all i wanted to do was fit in with my white family, now that i am older i am now proud of being mixed race and love being unique, people would kill for my skin colour, after all thats why people go on on sunbeds which is a multi million pound business in the UK.

I love being mixed race! My dad's family comes from Jamaica and my mum's family comes from the U.K. I have been called the 'N' word by someone in my year. The school didn't do anything. But I do think that my school and other schools should celabrate black history month. I LOVE BEING MIXED RACED !!!!

I am part Indian and part Portuguese. And I am fine. Indians being brown and Portugese almost brown, I look neither white nor black. Doesn't bother me or my friends. Mixed and proud.

I've noticed how many people here have mentioned that they've experienced racism from white people. I myself am white and can honestly say I feel strongly about racism! I have cousins who are mixed race and friends who are black, Indian, Arabic, Chinese and I have never thought once that they are any different from me because they are all as British as I am. I know racism still occurs and the sad thing is I think it always will, but the fact that people say it is mostly white people is not necessarily true. Because the majority of my friends are black I am constantly made aware that im a 'white girl' and have experienced racism from black people in the past on more than one occassion. I really dont feel the colour of your skin should determine the way you act or the places you should be accepted. It's just pure ignorance and I feel sorry for all the people that have feelings like that whether they're black, white or brown.

MY mum's white and my dad is chinese but i think it makes no difference what colour you are because in london most people are accepted as they are. BUT i still feel chinese in uk and white which is interesting. i wouldn't be different to this even if i could

Im Pakistani from both parents but I feel that mixed race people should be accepted. I personally think its cool to be mixed raced. A few friends are mixed & it s great for them to have a diverse culture & background. Think if they are getting racist remarks then thats no good. COme on guys we live in 2009 im sure we can all move on & see individuals for what they are & not for what colour they.

Im mixed, white british and black carribean and very proud of it. Even though i lived in south london, when i was younger i def. gravitated torwards my white side more and i wouldnt date black boys, this was more to do with the fact i think, that my dad was abusive to my mum and when she finally left him when i was around 10 he virtually cut all ties with us so from a young age i guess i had a negative view of black men. Im now happily married to and african man and have 3 children who i class as mixed race also(my husband classes them as black!!) They have a white grandmother so 2 me they are still mixed. What annoys me is when the media class mixed race people as black, if i have to fill out any forms that reqire my ethnicity i cant tick the black box, i have to tick the mixed- white/carribean box?? I love my colour and my heritage and im proud to be mixed race, its so very sad that in this day n age that racisim still exits i dont understandhow anybody could be hated because of the colour of their skin.

Wasjid Pundar
I'm mixed race and proud, I get called names but I dont care what other people think because i'm special, praise allah!

I used to describe my self as a 'dolly mixture' when I was younger. Hated being called half caste and having to tick 'other' for where I am from. I like to describe myself as mixed race. White/Afro Carribean. My Mum is white British with aRussian/Polish/Jewish background and my Dad is Black Trinidad. I am always told I look quite pale for a mixed race person and because of my eyes people assume I'm from South America, China or Thai andI've got afro hair that is now traightened. My sister has got natural cork screw curls and people assume she is from South America - funny. I'm proud of being mixed race and love the fact I can get a great tan.

I'm mixed, my father is Dominican, my mother is English. I grew up 13 years of my life in Dominica and the last 10 years I have spent in the UK. I am extremely proud of who I am and where I come from. Unfortunately, over the years I have faced discrimination and felt like I don't fit in at times. When I was younger I attended primary school in Dominica after being homeschooled for several years and I was bullied for being 'too white'. After a few years we moved to the UK and ironically I was then bullied for being 'too black'. Living in a village in Sussex there were not many children from different ethnic backgrounds at my school so I think people didn't necessarily know how to relate to me. They were ignorant about different countries and I was asked on several occasions if I had 'lived in a mud hut' or if I was an 'illegal immigrant'. I think because I was in mostly white community there was probably more racism than if I had been somewhere with more ethnicity. That said I made some great friends there. I never wanted to speak to my parents about the problems I faced because I didn't want to hurt them. Even though I have experienced difficulties and I'm sure I will continue to face discrimination in the future I am still happy for my experiences. They have made me stronger, I am so proud of who I am. We're all the same, people put hurdles up for themselves sometimes. I wish people would stop judging people by the colour of their skin and start judging people on the person inside.

Hi,I'm black (jamaican parents) and my husband is white (irish/welsh parents) our kids are mixed-raced of course (and I didn't marry a white man because I'm a coconut or to lighten my skin!), they embrace both cultures and most importantly they believe as Muslims that God created us in many tribes and nations to know one another and not to dispise each other, and the best person is the one who is most pious in God's/Allaah's sight. He created Adam from different shades of mud and thats why we come out all colours, so really we are all mixed up anyway way!Bringing up mixed-race kids is exciting , i teach them to love themselves no matter what. one of my daughters has indian hair and is quite dark golden brown and my other has thick long afro hair and is fair, they are treated the same. on sundays i alternate caribbean and english dinners and in the week I cook food from all cultures. Life would be so boring if we were all the same. Whats the big deal? don't deny who you are. :)lov sam

I am first generation Caribbean. Scratch the surface and most west indians / Caribbeans / Afo Caribbean / African Caribbeans have a mixed heritage background. Nobody cares. I am still a Black woman.

Alexandra C
I am romanian but I moved to the UK a couple of years ago. As it comes to speak about skin colour I would say I am yellow and because of that if I expose myself to the sun I become really brown very quick. I have been called Portuguese, Iranian, Spanish, French, Arabic, Asian, Oriental, Italian, Turkish and I could go on and on. All I know about my heritage is that I’m Romanian from lack of other materials for a research. I have encountered racism myself mostly from children educated by their ignorant parents. I don’t think anyone has the right to tell the other what they are, we all have the right to choose as long as we are happy about it, not ashamed. Most romanian consider themselves whites and I would be labelled as white by most people but I really rather avoid such labelling. Theoretically and practically pure race does not exist anymore and that is to do with human origin and history. Human race is indeed what we all are ( more or less lol) . Anyway people always tried to classify race which was wrong in the case that it was more than an anthropological study. I must admit I have not been thought other history than universal and national 1 in school but I think if we are really interested we can research. Knowledge!!!!!!!!

Ethnicity/Heritage/Colour is a fascinating subject! My husband is so called mixed race/dual heritage but his parents have been 'mixed race' for generations.. so are you then still mixed race?? all these labels are so confusing! I am of 'white' african origin but a child recently described me as peach colour which i think is much more accurate!!

I generally find Mixed race people are very well accepted. All races have their issues, though i feel black people more than any. I know many white people who have been brought up around black people or in very urban areas who get lots of stick because they are influenced by black culture. The fact is everyone has their issues black, white, mixed race whatever - I also feel that most mixed race people of black and white appear to lean to their "black" side more as mixed race relationships tend to occur more in areas with a higher density of black people and where black culture is more prominent. My daughter is mixed race and calls herself brown, calls me dark brown and her mum who is spanish she call light brown. She is 8 and is around both sides of the family quite often. She just thinks everyone is a shade of brown which for now is fine for me. There are a few comments that are saying that black people dont like being Dark. To make such a blank statement is quite ignorant. I for one love my colour and always have. I truly believe that carribean culture is one of the most vibrant and influencing in the world - so why people would hate being darker skinned is beyond me. I know i'm going on - but you also need to understand that how you feel depends on where you live, age and most importantly upbringing. I think mixed race people are badly represented in general by the media. This article itself could have easily focused more on the enjoyment of the two cultures rather than the negatives. to elaborate: if i was new to earth and listened to this i would leave thinking - i don't wanna be mixed race. If for example it was more focused on getting the best of both cultures i'd be like i wanna be mixed race so i to can enjoy both. 90% is talking about negative stuff. everyone has to embrace negativity especially in school, as does the short person, the tall person, the ginger person, the new person.

Hi my backround is simple; my dad is half indian and half thai and my mum is indian so that makes me 3/4 indian and 1/4 thai. As a kid i looked completley like my gran who is thai. I love being mixed race because it allows me to learn about both cultures. I've had no problem fitting in anywhere but it still is funny when i meet new people because when they guess what my backround is they're usually way off the mark!

i am mixed race, i am not halfcast , pix a mix, coloured, but i am the future, i am the bridge between two or more cultures I AM THE HYBRID

mixed race n proud 2 b the future of the UK. Truth is doesnt matter what colour u are prob got mixed race blood of some description in you anyway. P.

My mum is Jamaican and my dad is English. I grew up in a predominantly white area, i have always grown up with both black and white friends and tend to find because i am light skinned, white people see me as white and black people see me has black. I am neither, im mixed race. If we are now being recognised as the fastest growing and biggest minority, then the name mixed race will be incorrect as it implies more than a single minority!

My Mum is white English and my Dad is Pakistani. I used to hate being mixed race and found it difficult dealing with racist remarks, especially as my Dad wasn't around and I only really identified with my Mum's white side of the family. I really resented my skin colour, and I didn't have the support of the Pakistani side of my family to make me feel any better about it. Now I'm older all that has changed and I love my mixed ethnic background, I love being that bit different. I think all kids should be given the confidence to feel that way. Education is definately the way forward in terms of being more accepting of other ethnic backgrounds, but it is also important for the individual to embrace their own ethnicity and to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Im half chinese, half white. I been called many things in my time, never negative towards the white side lol, so i think u can guess whats said lol. Of course its always said by white people, so i have built up a negative view of white people. But ye ironically i am white lol! So id chill with asian man, pakistanis.But now ive grown to luv the white man lol. Really tho there are alot of narrow minded silly racists out there ye, but also alot who are open minded white. But ye stand up the orient nation lol! and the mixed orients! and mixed ppl in general... we guna be the next generation!

My children have a dual heritage English and Ghanaian background and they always say very factually that their dad is dark brown and they're brown (and that I'm always trying to go brown in the summer). I kind of like that different shades of brown way of looking at the world too because it sounds less like opposites than the words black and white do. Words have so much power.

i think this documentary is great because it raises awareness of what some mixed race people might be going through. I am mixed race, i haven't really had any big problems but some name calling has occured before. My Mum is white from England and my Dad is from Mauritius. I really like being mixed race because i get a chance to experience both cultures. i think teachers could do more to raise awareness because others need to know it isnt just a joke.

What a deep subject..Well im a black with 1 black sister and 4 mix raced sisters so as you can imagine growing up in birmingham people tried to call my family all types of things but i was always told to protect my family and are roots no matter what.It just hurt sometimes when my mix races sisters were called half cast.Which use to get me really mad, as if you look the word cast up it was something that was never wanted so it was casted thats why in the salvery days they called mixed raced childern half cast as the blackside was never wanted! No matter what races your from learn both sides and become your own person.And as long as your family loves you nothing else matters.PEACE

being mixed raced stems from and is a legacy of slavery. the white slave plantation owners, the overseers, took advantage of young black women, some who were just barely into their teens, similarly, their wives also took advantage of young black males. this made a black man feel that he must go with a white woman to feel better and have more prominence in life. hence thats why so many black males from the caribbean, particularly jamaican, decided to go with a white women when they came over here in the 50s 60s 70s. i am a black man but looking at me you would never tell i have white and indian in me through my jamaican parents, why is that? because it stems from and is the legacy of slavery!

WHAT'S TIFFANY on? HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT BLACK PEOPLE DON'T LIKE BEING DARK?! have you done a survey?! Some maybe unhappy with being DARK skin but not all. I'm DARK and proud! Where I am from I see a lot of mix race (black n white) girls with the darkest of black guys! Welcome to mix race Britain.

Amy Francis
People juss hate cuz we got tha best of both worldss, nicee hair, curvy figuree, caramel skiin : ) holdd tyt mixed race peoplee x

im mixed race and sometimes i dont feel accepted in either race, some black people dont like me because im half white and then white people do because im half black! its a no win situation

My mums british white and my dad background is black carribbean. I used to hate being mixed raced, I never knew what culture I belonged to. I mainly had white friends when I was younger and I hated having my hair different to everyone else's. I feel closer to my white family more than my black family, which I think is mainly because of where I grew up and which school I attended. Now that I'm older I like being mixed raced, and having family living in such an exotic country where you can visit quite often. I've never had any racism aimed at me, probably because people don't know what to say because I'm from two different cultures.

Mrs B
Man it is so much more complicated than I thought - what box shall my child tick on the ethinic equality question?Kids accept it and just get on with it - its adults that are the hardest to change

im not half cast, half breed or confused, im mixed race aka best of both and proud :D

I am from Brazil!!!!The most miscigenated country in the world, black, white, yellow, indigenous, arabic, oriental etc we all get togheter and mix up and we are so used to it. You are all beatiful and loved, every flower is special, love yourself the way you are, Be free of the stereothypes!!!Have a good day.

I think too much emphasis is put on the struggles that mixed race people go through because all ethnic minorities experience racism. I am mixed race but see myself as more black than white. how do other people see me? well i've been called black, a paki, the n word, half-caste, told i look latino, spanish, indian & mixed race. I don't care how people want to see me anymore. as for general racism i've experienced more problems from white people being racist towards me than black people. i realise that there are many white people that are not racist but it is because of my experiences that i feel more of an affliliation with black than white people.

Caitlin Phillips
My 2 1/2 year old daughter is mixed race. She doesn't look white and she doesn't look black she looks like what she is I.e Mixed Race. I am white and her dad is black. She will know about both of her heretidge cultures when she grows up, but she will also know about all the cultures in the world not just the 2 she came from, same as all children should. She isn't more black than white, shes not more white than black she is mixed race, it is a culture and class of its own. Its like people forget, mixed race isn't just black and white, its all races, mixing. Ie a chinese woman and an indian man would produce a mixed race child!!! Same way as a mixed race woman (EG black and white) and a mixed race man (eg asian and chinese) would have a mixed race child, what is that child supposed to do? are they obligated to learn about all 4 cultures they come from? It gets ridiculous and as time goes on, more mixed race people are going to have children with other mixed race people, if we cling onto heretidge culture it is going to become ridiculous. We are all one, the sooner we realise and respect all cultures, the sooner mixed race people will stop feeling the need to choose one culture that they belong to more than another.

im mixed raced and my mums white and my dads black and i say that that i have got the best of both worlds. :D

im mixed race [half white british and half black african] and im PROUD!i dont take sides i dont feel i want to be white or i want to be black im happy as i am.I'v found there's so many 'white' girls out there that are quick to say something about your colour, but dont stop slapping on fake tan and what not. most of my friends are white and are always saying they want to be mixed race but i find it annoying and offensive when they say they dont like black people because yes i might not be full black but its still in me.

The problem is ignorance. People will always make judgements based on what colour they can see, because without engaging in conversation you wouldn't know a persons history. I am white but have dated both mixed race and black guys. The mixed race guys are always regarded as black by most communities because thats how they look to the outside world. Whether or not they embrace white and black cultures, I find it slightly upsetting as a white girl when people don't represent their white side as much. I read an Alesha Dixon interview recently in a womans magazine about being mixed race. She put it brilliantly when she spoke about the reactions to Barak Obama. People are so pleased that the most powerful nation in the world has a black president, this truly is a good thing! However...referring to him as 'black' and focussing on this neglects his white heritage, which shouldn't be ignored. What is important is knowing where you come from and acknowledging all aspects of your heritage.

I think if everybody could trace down many generations of their ancesters, most of them would probably find they are already so called mixed race regardless what they look like. They could look completely white but have black ancesters in generations back. I think this is what we need to educate people about....instead of judging whether someone should be considered mixed race based on their look or just their immidiate family.

I am black of West Indian parentage but I have a lot of mixed race cousins, neices and nephews.In all honesty from my experience I have always found that whichever parent is white although their family are accepting to an extent, they are not as welcoming as the black side of the family. Not neccesarily towards the child/children in question but to the rest of the family!!The way that I see it is that the child will feel torn because of society and it really is a nature-nuture scenario. I do not feel that those in my family who are mixed race are any less part of me or my culture, neither are their parent who is white.Although I do think it's important that parents ensure that their children are educated about all of their heritage so that they are PROUD of where they come from. Mixed race people in some situations, not all are being put through the same struggle that Blacks,Asians and Irish were put through but like them you have to stay strong and educate those narrow minded ignorant people who still exist!!

Why not be honest? You don't mean 'mixed race': you mean 'mixed colour' which i think feels racist.There are plenty of mixed race 'white' people around.

What does it mean to be called BLACK AND WHITE?Are these terms REALLY just and correct?Does how much melanin your skin have determine you being labelled BLACK or WHITE?Aren't the majority of the world 'MIXED'?What is the true meaning of the word RACE?Do we use words such as RACE, HERITAGE, COLOURED, BREED, AFRICAN, CARRIBEAN, WEST INDIAN etc to describe our ethnicity correctly or has the media and society distorted its true meanings?Is there such thing as RACE?Check the etymology of words, power is from knowledge.bless

Charlie Ebanks
Im 20 years old and mixed race. My mom is White & my dad is Mixed Race (White & Black). beacuse of this i look white the only feature i have that would suggest i come from a mixed bakground would be my hair. so i find it insulting when some people are racist about cultures infront of me not realising my background. this is one of the more negetive points. However, i do see myself as gaining a better understanding of different people and cultures. The world would be a better place if people learned to see past colour, sex, sexual orientation etc. The most important point is to love who you are and that you are much more important than the colour of your skin!

Imran AHmed
That is me in the video on the left!Just wanna give a big shout to all ma mix race peoples out there! nuff love man

Loving this piece,Do you believe people make these statements / call mix race people these names from a subconscious racial inner fear that the gap between race and culture in getting smaller between us all? And as a people history suggests that we have never reacted well to change.

I am mixed race (mum: white dad: south american) although i have to say i feel that people with white and black origin are the only people classed as mixed race, i look latino but i suppose in england i look white so if i ever turned round to someone and said i'm mixed race they would say no you aint, its happened before and it shows the ignorance of some people. I would class myself as white mainly because i was brought up by my mum but i think there needs to be a wider knowledge of what mixed race is...two races mixed not just black and white!

Lamiece Sawadi
my mum is white and my dad is from north africa (lybia) i have been called many names growing up and even had people tell me i look white which upsets me because i have two different races in me which i value a lot. i was brought up in a posh area in Liverpool where there was not many othere minoritys there which intimadated me but i learned to love my background because at the end of the day people are only jealous because you have been blessed with two or more dikfferent races.

Jade Ashley Junior
I'm a 21 year old man of mixed origin. My Mum is white Caribbean (Vincentian) and my Dad black Caribbean (Jamaican). I grew up in a City with very small ethnic community, but a very large Gay community (One guess where!)I've always been known as Black. I play a lot of football and the line always spilled out by opposition players/managers is 'watch out for the black kid' similarly, I would get called the n word . I think this general ignorance, with failure to properly educate people into different ethnicities (I pretty much remember at school it being, White, Black, Asian) is why there is this issue in the first place.Regardless of whether you are mixed, white, black - whatever. You are going to have different cultures to embrace. whether in the home, or with others around you.Personally I love being mixed race. We do, put simply get the best of both worlds. We get the big bold, black features that everyone wants (Go on facebook, notice how many people pout in photos) and we get that golden caramel skin all year round that white people strive so hard for in the summer.I have black cousins, I have white cousins. I don't love the black more than the white or vice versa. If all you see when you look at a person is their colour then you've got issues. Put simply!

I'm Mixed race and i love it !!!I think having two cultures is wikid :) I'm not into the terms half breed and half caste , we arent no breed or in any caste system but if you no your heritage then you SHOULD know where your going and things like shouldn't bother you ! I think we need more black history in schools ! I feel i personally am more black than white in my personality + tbh i wouldnt want my life any other way ! this is the colour , and this is definately the way the worlds heading !

Black For Life
I say it's no such thing... Most blacks in the Americas and in Briton already have a White Father in background and te world still sees as black... I'm black for life and I don't believe whites wilol ever be truely accepting... That's just my opinion...

Black For Life
Most black people in the Americas and in Briton already have a White Father somewhere in their background and the world still sees as black... I'm black for life and I don't believe white people will ever be truely accepting... That's just my opinion...

Im mixed race, Jamaican; Scottish & Bengali. AND WHAT? To be honest there is no need for anyone to feel like the don't fit in because they are mixed. At the end of the day everyone is an equal, and should be treated like one. Calling someone HalfBreed is rude ad unneeded. People like that should stop going on stoosh like their better then everyone, cos its not about your appearance. Its about personal characteristics, they are what makes a person

I am half west-indian and half (British)white. I LOVE being mixed race although sometimes i feel as though the white side of my family do not fully understand or acknowledge the black culture of which i am part of, Whereas the black side of my family acknowledge the white..I have experienced racism in the past and to the racists i was classed purely as being black & the white side of me was ignored due to my appearance..I would say that i feel more black than i do white & although i live with my mother who is white, i am closer to the black side of my family & prefer the black culture (e.g. food, music, dress etc) the most.

im 17 and mixed race, (white & black afro carribean). iv always preferred not to choose a side but as i get older especially now being a teenager i feel pressurised to choose who to be, i constantly here "you aint Black" or "you aint White" and truthfully im just sitting on the fence. im not going to choose a side although it is difficult and im going to be loyal to myself rather than the "black side" or the "white side".

Scott Randall
My mother is white and my dad is black...I get vexed when mixed race people (myself included) are referred to as half cast? What is half cast?!?! Another favourite is quarter cast?!?! I'm puzzled further when I'm filling in application forms and I have to sometimes tick the ''other'' box. In a more positive vein of thought, I am proud to be who I am, love my colour and that others envy my skin tone. I have the best of both worlds - rice and peas, guinness punch and festival on the black side of my heritage and roast beef and yorkshires on the white side of my heritage :D Stand tall, stand proud :D Take advantage of bein blessed by god with multiple cultures and the advantages

Its good to be different, im half scottish half indian and i am proud, when i tell people they're so surprised that im not full white! and im no too bothered what people call me either, its all good to be half cast:)

jessie stacey
well im mixed race, and it bothers me when people have some thing to say or cause an argument and they have nothing better to say than something about my colour :| ha funny! well at the end of the day im the one laughing when your walking around tryna get a sun tan and i've got an all year round one! but all of my friends are mostly white and we just all click!!! big up mixed race girls!!! :)

I'm brown. My father is black, my mother is white. If i were to catergorise myself, i would consider myself black. If i enter a white area i feel i will never "fit in". However, if i enter a black area i feel i'm more likely to "fit in". However, as an individual i believe i am brown, not mixed race as there is only one race! Brown British.I'm proud of who i am. I'm proud of my heritage, my ethnicity and my culture.

I myself am mixed - black, indian, chinese, syrain. My partner is english and we are expecting our first child together. We intend to raise our child with both cultures.

im mixed race and proud!!my dads black (barbados) and my mums white (half spanish and english though)i think that im more in touch with my black side of the family, not because i dont love my mums side but just because the black culture is more know where i live and becoming more common in england, and although i look typically half cast i have infact green eyes which is really rare and unusual and i love them because there different but i sometimes get called fake and various other names because people who dont know me think i wear contacts which annoys me at times but i wouldnt change it because i love my eyes and am happy with who i am and although it brings alot of attention not always good im happy with itxx

Im mixed, Jamaican,Portugese and British, I've grown up in white community going to a high school where i was one of the only people of colour, i think there was like 4 black people in my entire school. I face racism alot of the time at school but it's gotten to the point now where i just ignore it, because the truth is no one cares round here, they say without proof they can't do anything, i say its just excuses. Alot of people at my school argue with me saying im not black im tan im not white im not black im jus tan or half cast, i hate when they say that. I do get on better with people from my culture, not that colour is a problem for me, just with a lot of the white friends i have they always get awkward with me when it comes to the simplest things like music, 'because im black of course i like rap and of course i can do this and that' which bothers me, they see me for the colour of my skin not for the person i am.

big up all da pick and mixes its all bout da half breeds mix race 4 life

Natasha Jones
I am mixed race and it all depends on your growing up and your mindset. I consider myself black as my dad (who is black) brought me up (not my white mum). At the end of the day its where your heart lies and what you can relate to. My household was very Jamaican but when I leave my house I am just Natasha and can fit in anywhere. I will never deny my white side but and more proud of my black side. As my dad struggled when he first came to this country. I am used to black food, music and culture. We will still be called the 'n word' on the street. and when you walk into a room people will see a person of colour. I really don't understand mixed race people who can't relate to their black side and choose not to associate themselves with it. Its the black side of themselves that struggled and helped us to get to where we are today. I am very proud of my ethinc status!

craig hogan
i'm mixed race, I feel that being mixed race i have a responsibility to myself to be aware and understand both sides of my culture no matter how different they are. Mixed race people will often find they sway to one side of there heritage than the other but its still up to parents from both backgrounds to educate and make there child feel comfortable with both sides. I don't think schools do enough to educate peolpe about there culture at all, let alone giving a child a mixed race child an understanding of both backgrounds. I'm 20 and i consider myself a part of the first big generation of mixed race people, im proud to be mixed and proud to say i understand and respesct both sides of my culture!

I am D:black, M:Puerto Rican. I was raised by my dad. Growing up was a tad confusing, knowing that I was mixed, but living in a black household. Once I left home and joined the Army, I was able to explore all parts of my heritage. I have to say that I have friends of all races. Life is GOOD!!

Im mixs race but been raised only by a black mom dnt no my dad so i only no 1 half of my family been realy hard growin up cause i fell and act black but people always remind me tht im not. it is hard growin up bein mixs races cause ur never accepted my each side.

I'm aged 15 mixed raced and live in Cornwall and here there is mainly white people and not any other cultures so i stand out. Although today i had some one say Tiri is black and someone else was like 'no she is just tanned' i replyed i'm mixed race my mum is white and my dad is black. They caried on to agree on the fact that i was taned cos one of them said 'your dad is not really really black so your just taned'...i was like no i'm mixed raced and that it.I am proud of being mixed raced because all my friend that are white stay in the sun for hours and hours and go red and i go i lush darker colour. They all way say your so lucky.I'm only 15 so i'm still at school and so there for i am still being taught about different cultures although we only have one lesson a week in R.E but we do abot other things. So i dont think we do get taught enough.

Tyra Nadine Robinson-Taitt
I Love being mixed's great haveing the best of two ethnic groups.i get the best of both sides and love each side of my family the same.althought with the black side of my family i havent met them all because mst of them are located in barbados. unfortunately i lost my grandad and my great grandma and i didnt get to meet neither of them throughout the 16 years of my life.I would say im mor intouch with my black side.most of my friends are black but i still have white friends and socialise with me i dont think colour matters. you could be black white purple yellow or orange it wouldnt matter to me. im not here to judge colour or stick with a certain colour to fit in i choose my friends by the way they act towards me and others. i would say i fit into most groups but i dont group myself i like to keep my options open because you never know what may happen.I do have mixed race friends but i havent seen or heard f any signs of not fitting in. for some mixed race people they find it hard to fit into a group or ethnicity.Both of my schools primary and secondary have taught me alot about culture and also secondary school we have exchange students come over from africa which i think is really good and our black history month is okay its not the best. i took history as one of my gcse's and most of the stuff i learned was about black slavery and i got to terms and understood that primary school i learned more white history but i learned the most from all of my friends and asking the usual questions.i dont find it difficult at friend calls me P.L.M-R.G. Pretty Little Mixed Race Girl and i love it...i love being me...and feeling comfortable with my colour and background... im not ashamed!

Hazel Cairney
My mixed raced daughters are now 24 and 21. Even though I was married people used to tut and point at me in the street. (This was in Birmingham in those days) When I was in Scotland, old dears thought my baby had a sun tan!My parents were so angry with me for marrying a Jamacian, they didn't come to my wedding... today, people just can't believe some of the stories I tell them about what it was like to bring up mixed raced daughters - and the prejudices we faced from the white and black communities.when people... teachers... parents... strangers in the street were rude to the girls I always told them that they must rise above it and not to retalliate. They were absolutely not allowed to grow up with a chip on their shoulders, just because they are mixed race. After all... you could be fat, ginger, 'speccy four-eyed', female, bald, old, ugly etc - prejudice happens to us all...Delighted to say... they are beautiful, happy, confident young women today (with no 'chips') Laura has just been awarded a 2:1 from Bournemouth University... some might even know who Gemma is...

Im mixed race and grew up in a predominantly white area and a white school. My dad always told me to embrace my black side and be different but at school all my friends were white and from white families so it wasn't hard but it was confusing as a young child! As I got older I started to realise things more and naturally moved away from people in my school and became friends with more black and mixed race people. I know where I've come from and Im proud of my roots. In my school race and black history was never touched on and I was told that I could not do black history for my history coursework even thought it was on the syllabus because there wasn't enough interest. So I learned about black history in my own time. Im mixed race and im proud of both sides of me!! My side from England and my side from Saint Kitts!!

dominic goodwin
Hi, my background is quite easy, my mum is white English, and my dad I think was Scottish. So, I'm a pale white boy! However, my wifes background is a little more complicated. Her mum is a bit of a mixture, with Italian, English and I think Irish. Due to her dad being Italian, that was the dominent culture so she was raised the Italian way. My wifes dad is also a mixture, his parents were both from Jamaica, but have Indian and Chinese in there blood too. After all of these different colours and cultures my wife looks ''half cast'' but with chinese eyes, however when we lived in Italy she looked like a local, as they were quite dark skinned and had the same hair....big and curly. She's said herself she doesn't really care what people call her as long as it's not the ''n'' word or something similar. If anyone asks she normally says she's ''half cast''. There's comments that I get really upset with but she can rise above them. This is down to her parents preparing her for ignorant comments and to not take them to heart. Even though we live in a place were there can be racial tension luckily the people around us are cool. My wife is currently 7 months pregnant, so our little boy will be here in Oct. What will he look like???? This is something that really intrigues us, as he could come out looking Italian, ''half-cast'' or I think more likely, pale with freckles and big ginger curly hair! We'll just have to wait and see! Now, what would he be classed as, mixed race or ''quarter cast'' Because thats technically what he will be. Either way, we're going to show him all the different cultures that will make up his blood so he can understand why he will looks the way he will.

lauren jones
I am mixed raced and I feel as if i belong more with my black family. Probably mainly beacuse i liv with them and dont really see my white family any more but also you find in a comunity if you an allwhite gruop and one mixed person in it you would think it is strange yet if you saw the mixed person with an all black group you would not find it as strange.

Im a 17 yr old mix-race girl...and ive got to say ..I LOVE BEING THIS COLOUR!! My mums white british and my dads black jamacian.....and i DO HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS AND CULTURE!!!.....Living up in southeast london you become accustom to the "black" speech and that!! But the white side allows you to communicate to different ethnicities ...i was either black history or white history...and never and stories if people mixed...and if there was a famous mix-race person!! Now 21st century has seen Obama....everyone is talking about mixrace!!! i havnt really experienced racisim but i would say is that white people go on holiday to get a tan and be as golden as mix-race pple......and black peope hate being soo dark...and wish they were our colour!!!! MIXRACE IS THE 21ST CENTURY!!!!

were all da same. im white n a majority of my mates r mixed race or whotever ya wana call it n were all the same init. im wantin a black baby soon innit. n i tink dey shud b teachin far more on this subject

Im mixed race and I feel in this day and age alot more has been done to educate adults/children about being mixed race, having two different cultual sides in the family you get to understand and know that you are a part of two different cultrual backgrounds, Although im am not black, or white im both lol i think its a good thing!

my daughers mixed race
will she feel differeent

I have two Dual Heritaged children (St Kitts and English background). I personally use the term dual heritage as its more positive than terms like half breed. Unlike some other Black people with Dual Heritaged children I have not defined what they should call themselves although i have explained why i use the term dual heritage. They though consider themselves as being Brown which is good enough for me as its them defining themselves rather than being labelled. Also I consider myself a Black man but my children consider me to be Dark Brown which is actually more factual. I think as a race (humans) we can get too caught up on our external differences, when we can see past color, sex and any other physical differences we will begin to move to higher places as a society.

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