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Last updated: Tuesday 6 Jun 2006
Lynden: your tributes
Lynden David Hall
British soul star Lynden David Hall has died after a two year battle with rare cancer Hodgkins Lymphoma.
Discovered by the manager of UK group Loose Ends, the South London singer-songwriter released his debut album Medicine 4 My Pain in 1998.

The LP delivered singles Do I Qualify, Forgive Me and breakthrough hit Sexy Cinderella. Lynden went out to win Best Newcomer at the MOBOs and a nomination for Best Male at the Brits.

Hear TXU's tribute

His death is a huge loss for British music. How will you remember Lynden David Hall?
How did you feel when you heard the news? Send us your tributes.
Thank you for your tributes. A selection of your emails are published below.

I was so shocked when I read this, this morning!! Knew he was ill due to the reports about the performaces at the Jazz Cafe in his name. Saw him perform at Notting Hill a few years back and at Jam in the Park. What an amazing man and so talented, he struck me as humble and not at all egotistical. LDH rest in peace, love and prayers to your family. Your music will always have a place in my heart, soul that sends shivers down my spine.

My friend and I had the pleasure of meeting Lynden in Wolverhampton, where we interviewed him for our college newspaper. What a complete gentleman, with a beautiful voice and the face and temperament to match. Really sad news.

I'm distraught. I'm a massive fan - Lynden was a true and pure soul legend. But let's face it, we didn't deserve him. Apart from us true fans, he wasn't recognised anywhere near as much as he should have been. He was simply too good for this earth. Maybe that's why the Lord took him. It's our loss - I bet he's rockin' the place up there now, in his own humble way. Rest In Peace Lynden, Thanks for the music.....

Dylan Harding
Lynden A true English genius and soul provider. His music was never truly appreciated by the masses but would never have looked out of place with some of his US contemporaries such as Maxwell and D'angelo. May you be serenading the angels now as you did us all on earth. RIP

Marlon A
A great talent has been lost, one of the few UK acts to provide talent, class and style in one individual. His music is true soul and real quality. A shame that mainstream media hasn't reported his passing as widely as he deserved.

Ms. Al
My my my my my! Do i qualify!!!! Without a shadow of doubt David u really did....... Wat a guy!!!!!! May your sould rest in perfect peace........ Save a spot for me LDH!!!!!!

I remember listening to his music everytime me and my best mate went out when we were younger, her song was Sexy Cinderella and mine was Cresent Moon, we adored him and his music. My heart sank when I read the news, what a huge loss.

Leigh Wynne-Jones
I loved that man and followed him everywhere. I am shocked and very very sad by this news, just when we had a little hope that he was going to pull through. He will be so sadly missed from my life and many others I'm sure. RIP Lynden and condolensces to your beautiful wife, family and friends. One Love

I worked with David, as he was then known, as kids in our first Saturday jobs. In the year or so we were together, I found David to be quiet and unuassuming, and a nice guy basically. And when he first broke through around '97, I felt no envy, as people often do when someone they know makes it big, and that was quite simply because I was taken aback by just how good he was. He never got the acclaim his music deserved. And in a time when black music in the UK is in such a poor state, I couldn't understand why this guy remained largely undiscovered by the public at large. Beyond that year we worked together in the late eighties, I cannot pretend that I knew him. What I do know is that I do feel sad at news of his death.

Joel Mckay (Manchester)
LDH is a true soul star. I went to a concert of his in the Shepards Bush Empire in (what I think must have been) mid 1998, and it remains the best concert Ive ever been to. Thank you for your music.

Guy Sanderson
I had the chance to interview him on camera in 2002 at 10 rooms and he was every bit the gentleman. Saw him live at leeds rocket bar and again at the lick party in leeds. A heavy heavy performer and a great guitarist

michelle munroe
I would like to send out my deepest condolences to the family and close friends of Lynden, he will be truly missed. A truly blessed man with so much talent. I know you will be singing and playing your guitar in heaven. God Bless.

sexy cinderella will always be a special song to me,Davids voice was THE BEST i was shocked and saddened too here of his death.The angels have gained thier voice,sing on Mr Hall R.I.P

This guy was good. He had everything. The voice, the style, the music.

What a shock! I actually didn't even know he was sick. So sad! We are better people for having heard his music. Sexy Cinderella, Forgive Me, Do I Qualify, There Goes My Sanity; some of my favorite songs. Certainly some of the best soul music ever made on this side of the Atlantic. Rest in peace, Lynden.

LDH truly a genius who shall be sorely missed and yet always a proffesional

I was so sad when heard about David's death.. I once saw him perform live.. n was totally bowled over.. a great loss of an awesome talent.. David may.. u rest in peace.. Music wont forget you..

Fenix Jobe
Only when such tragedy happens that we awake unaware of the precious-ness that is the air we breath and life we hold. My heart sings, the mind of Lynden is beautiful forever, in my memories of him, I carry. Nothing can stop the tide of Love we have and respect we should. Thank you Lynden for giving and showing so much. Until we meet again and again

sean law
Just seen the here in Atlanta now but saw Lynden play in Portsmouth years ago..loved his work..will be very in peace

saw this guy live in wolverhampton .A great entertainer with some great tunes his death came as a shock. Was just checking out his new album now it will have a special meaning rest in peace

KC. The King Original (Leeds)
R.I.P to the humble brother. I had the chance to take in a great performance by LDH at Southport a few years ago. what a talent! he will be sorely missed but his music lives on. "Medicine for my pain", Thanks for the good vibes you provided. Jah Bless to his Family.

Devastating news to anyone that knew Lynden or his music. An amazing talented man. Never will be forgotten... His music lives on.

Sad and very unexpected news - Saw him at Notting Hill Carnival in 98. Like most of you, I was impressed with his style, soul and humility... we will remember you Lynden.

He was one of Britain's very talented soul artists. I have always enjoyed listening to his music. My condolences goes out to his family and friends. He is now free from pain... may he rest in peace. God Bless you Lynden David Hall.

I Cant believe such a person with so much talent & so much more left in life to achieve has died. I am completly shocked, tears came to my eyes. May God bless & protect him as he rest in peace. I cant say much more, its sad, God bless the ones he left behind. Peace.

john balfour
what a sad loss to british soul music of a great talent, condolences to all his family and friends, from all soul lovers in north devon

Noks Ngubane (RSA)
It was shocking and I was deeply saddened by the news. From a distance i could tell he was a cool, humble and down to earth person. Condolensces to his family & friends. This is surely a huge loss in the music industry all over the world. However am grateful that while he lived he was able to bless us with his angelic voice. Lynden you will be missed and may your soul rest in peace.

Callsuma Ali
Lynden David Hall was an excellent artist with great talent! I am still in shock that he has passed on. He is one of the most underrated artists in the UK. May his music live on in our hearts. I will never forget the medicine for my pain - his music literally was! RIP lynden David Hall.

Been playing in my head that i never got a chance to see Lynden at the Jazz cafe, I always put it off for once reason or another. Kills me that now i wont get the chance... Lynden was never given the rocognition he deserved. True musician, true talent, true soul...Whenever I Listen to "Do Angels Cry" will always think of you my man, may you rest in peace my brother ...

Steven Lynn
R.I.P Lynden.Medicine for the Pain was a class album and should have had more recognition than it did.There Goes My Sanity..

tony ov derby
lyndon will be missed alot...god bless

My friend Emma and I have followed Lynden since the days of Sexy Cinderella, Medicine 4 My Pain was one of the soundtracks of my teenage years. I continue to enjoy his music and was thouroughly impressed by his second album the Other Side. I waited with eager anticipation and was not dissapointed by inbetween jobs, they were all trully brilliant albums. His talent was mostly overlooked but I know he has a great deal of fans, who appricate good british soul, fantastic lyrics - 'I may be ugly as sin and he may look like a king, but does he know how to treat you good?', sung with feeling how could you pass that kind of talent up? My thoughts go out to his wife and family. A real loss. He and his music will not be forgotten. May he rest in piece.

Lynden David Hall was one of our biggest soul talent, he wrote and sang with his heart, i didn't know him personally but he seemed like a really cool dude, and he show so much showmanship when he performed, Rest in peace brother.

very very sad to here the news that this wonderful talented young man has gone my thoughts and deepest sympathy goes to his family and friends may god rest your soul david.

Amy x
How very sad, am deeply shocked. One of my favourite songs of all time is forgive me,which i listen to almost daily still. R.I.P. and i hope his music lives on x x x

Lily B
I was privileged to see and hear Lynden sing live at Carnival many years ago. His voice was beautiful. When started to sing Sexy Cinderella, you could feel the love and sweet vibe in the crowd. He just blew you away. I remember swaying side to side in my own world of bliss. That's how he made you feel. I will always cherish that moment. My your soul rest in perfect and blessed peace. You will not be forgotten. Peace

Choy Cheam
There goes my sanity - this song says it all for me. My condolences to the family, RIP Mr Hall.

wow, im so sad. ive been a big lynden fan for the start. In a strange way it feels like ive lost someone i know, even though ive never met him. I think that was a big part of what lynden put across. He came across as a good regular guy with a heart of gold. He will always be missed by us fans of pure soul music. RIP lynden.

Abdullah Affi
Lynden David Hal was rare talent who's true potential was never fulfilled. A souful artist who will be sorely missed.My condonlances goes out to your family and friends rest in peace.

This is such sad news. My thoughts go especially to his family for their irreplaceable loss. Lynden lives on in his music.

You were underrated and never hit the mainstream but that just made you more special and appealing. It’s a sad loss. Rest In Peace My friend. Your music will live on through us.

god takes the good and puts them in a peaceful place where they can rest in peace. David you were a true soul star you will be missed may all those who loved be consoled by the man above

Not only did LDH make soul music, but he HAD soul. Sleep on LDH, and take thy rest. God bless his family and those he has left behind ...

Lynden is/was one of the greatest modern RnB vocalists of our time. It's too bad that his songs never really reached the North American Artists. I'll continue to play the few records of his that I have out every night as my own little tribute to a great vocalist who was taken from us too soon. On Earth, his voice sounded like an angels'. Now he gets to sing with the real angels in heaven and continue to inspire music lovers on earth for years to come. RIP

Nichola T
I have just heard about the senseless death of this beautiful, talented, vivacious young man. I am finding it very difficult to express my sadness and anger through the tears. My 8 year old son has been gripped by this discusting disease for 2 years also, it's not fair or right. I want to give up all together, but I know that I can't for my son. I wish Lyndon's family all the love and respect in the world, my heart is breaking for them, Rest in peace Lyndon and continue to make beautiful music above us all.XXXXX

His music was brilliant and relaxing to listen to. Such a shock and sadness, he was a great british artist!! Me and my little sister would sing along to Sexy Cinderella when growing up. Plus friends at uni on nights out!! Cannot believe it !!

Lloyd Williams
He was a true brit writing and preforming some unbelieveable tracks. The man had soul. RIP Missing the class

brian lashley
lyndon was a huge loss to the neo soul scene; i can emphasis with the cause of his passing as i recently lost my sister to the same illness ; so young and talented

Do angels cry? they will be today, I loved davids music from the start, I hope the other side is good to you David, what a voice, pure soul, what a loss, so unjust. May you rest in peace.

The one true soul star this country has produced, shame he never got to realise his full potential - still he left us with some great albums, which i'm gonna chill to now. Only British artist i can put on next to Marvin and Ottis and it doesn't seem out of place. R.I.P.

Dj Jai
This is trully a sad a day, my thoughts go out to the people that were closest to Lynden. I read the news and walked over to my decks to see Sexy Cinderella sitting there it was tear jerking. My prays are with Lynden tonight and his family and friends.

Joana Mateus
Lynden was a bright shining star, a true outpourer of emotions. His value was all the greater due to his simple and down to earth ways, his sincere and humble demeanour. His pure raw talent, compelling vocals and heartfelt soul drenched renditions will always stay with me. What a week, first J.Dilla now Lynden... Rest in peace, both. Earth lost two geniuses, Heaven gained a couple of angels.

wayne kilpatrick
Trevor Nelson turned me onto Lynden David Hall and I have been hooked ever since, Lynden was at his best when stripped down to the man's voice and guitar and one of my highlihgts was seeing him perform Where is God at Glastonbury. He will be sadly missed

I don't know how I missed this news, but I feel dumb-struck. Having played Medicine 4 My Pain again at the weekend, after a few years of neglect in my CD rack I can't believe that someone so influential in my musical soundscape could have passed by pretty un-noticed by the rest of the world. I met Lynden only once after a gig in Dingwalls and as was reflected in his music, he came across as genuine, thoughtful and appreciative of his audience. My thoughts go out to his family and friends, and my eternal thanks go to Lynden for some of the most honest and beautiful music I have had the pleasure in absorbing.

Can't believe that such an amazing talent was taken away from us so soon. A voice of an angel and lyrics that used to send shivers down my spine. I had the good fortune to meet the man and hear his beautiful voice sing on more than one occassion, a truly unforgettable man.... God bless you xxx

Sogs & the Crown Woods School Crew
When I heard the news this morning it was a huge shock, knowing that he had been fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma for the last couple of years I thought why this man. A genuine man who was humble with his success, he always had time for a chat. He will be sorely missed by everybody who knew him & those who appreciated his undoubted talent. One lov Lynden

Steve Swaye
May God bless him with wings of an Angel. For a man with so much talent, he was one of the coolest dudes you could meet. A rare and great loss. RIP.

i cnt believe what i've just heard! I remember we all used to sing Sexy Cinderella back when I was in primary school, and that was a good few years ago seeing as I'm in my last year of College! He was such an inspiration to everyone. I used to call him the Baby Maker of Soul... respec to him and his fam. May his soul rest in peace...*

Elisabeth Igbokwe
Am extremely shocked and deeply saddened by the news! Back in 1997 my older sister would play his records in our Bedroom and I grew to love Lyndens soulful tunes. He is a beautiful talent that will be deeply missed! A big loss to UK talent.


Prince Ajay
Saw Lyden @ southport about two/three years ago and l would never foget him; l know he has gone to a better place. May Allah bless his arrival. Keep up the good work team

Im greatfull that i got to see him perform live, he was an excellent artist and a very sad sad loss... My fav tune was " med for my pane" deep tune... God rest his soul ! You were one of the great's xx

Always will be remembered & never forgotten. A superb talent & a very humble man. Rest In Peace my friend. Sogs & The Crown Woods Crew.

Lynden David Hall had outstanding musical talent. He will be remembered forever from his peers at Brit school class of 93 and Carshalton college. We send our deepest condolence to his family. May his music continue to inspire our souls. Peace and blessings.

David was an amazing British talent and a wonderful man - my deepest condolensces go to his family and friends. This is a huge loss for British soul music, but more importantly, it is a devestating loss for his loved ones. RIP.

I was so shocked when i heard that Lynden had died this morning on the radio - it was surreal waking up to that news. lynden was (rather, is) one of the most underrated artists not only in the UK, but on the worldwide soul music scene, yet he made some of the most sincere soul music and wrote beautifully poetic lyrics.

It is quite angering that whilst so much meaningless music is in the mainstream at the moment, musicians like Lynden get forgotten by most. However, I have always been a Lynden fan, and will never forget the lovely music he blessed us with. It's just a shame that it is only now people are remembering his music (reminiscient of Aaliyah only winning a MOBO after her death).

We have so few British breakthrough artists that losing a rare talent like Lynden is a huge blow to the homegrown soul scene. Rest in peace, Mr Hall. You will be missed.

Abby Osei-Asibey
Sexy Cinderella? Do I qualify? David had SOUL. He will be sorely missed. But I'm praying that he is at peace now.

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