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Are you after one?
i-Pod minis
Mini objects of desire
The stush looking iPod has helped computer company Apple to more than triple its profits this year.
Sales of the personal music player have gone up 900% and the smaller version – the iPod Mini - has been selling out all over the US.

Huge demand Stateside means that its launch over here has been put back to July.  And while the digital iPod rises, singles sales have gone right down.

Have you got an iPod? We want to know how you use it - do you download tunes online or carry your existing CD collection round with you? 
Have you managed to get hold of an iPod or are you prepared to wait for the Mini? How did you get yours? Have you had any trouble with the sound? Do you think it’s a beautiful design – or a perfect example of marketing?

Quite simply, it has changed the way I listen to music. ALL my cds (300 albums) are now in one place, and I can listen to anything, anywhere, anytime - that simply is not possible with a rubbish 128MB MP3 player. Plus the software is seamless, the thing looks so cool, and the battery issues are overhyped. Sure, get an RCA Lyra if you want an alternative - but it's only $100 less, and is about twice the size, and very fugly.

Apple Ipods are really good, but you are able to get much more for your money, for starters even if u can download 10,000 songs, when the hell have u got the time to listen all dat? get something smaller and dont waste ur money get something cheaper and smaller that does the exact same thing

Ipod schmipod, technically lacking, only so small cos they bought up all the dinky hard drives, wait a while and see.

I'm from the US. People are buying up ipods because they are in rap videos and in the news. And about the ipod minis, what a joke. A regular ipod with 15 gig is $299 (£165). An ipod mini which only comes with 4 gig is $249 (£138). Why would anyone buy a mini? Oh yeah. Because it comes in cute colors. BAHAHAHA.

3 G
I got my wife an Ipod mini when they came out in the states earlier this year and she is lovin it. She pretty much has all of her digital music on it now and listening to it in the car. I am really jealous of her now.

I got the ipod. Its jus so wicked. You can store about 2000 songs on mine. Who would ever want to carry that many cd's? I download all my music for free. To hell with the big artists coz they got big cheques anyway and they dont desever to get too much money. So get the ipod and get all your music for free on to it.

Shaun Collins
I think the ipod is one of the sexy'ist digital audioplayers on the market. But it is seriously lacking compatability with wma files and windows media player and it also cannot play many other compressed formats wich the competion is eating up the market because the others can. oh and the noholding charge battery has to go!!!

Brad - Sweden
A story in a swedish paper said that the batteries in Ipod die after about 2 years and need to be 'sent away' to be replaced. The process takes a long time and cost the price of a new player.

Mr Mongo Dee
you kno whut da battery ware out in a year n you wanna repare it for like £80 jus wait n see bruv

My Dog Is Stuck In My Dryer
The iPod is absolutely fantastic. You can use it anywhere, and with the in-ear earphones you can even listen during class. Get a silicon case and you take it anywhere; it's better than a cell phone. Most of my songs are downloaded singles that I pay for, but artists are just upset because they can't sell their rubbish songs anymore.

it's just an mp3 player. so what? there are loads out there twice as good and at half the price. i'm happy with my minidisc that i've had for years.

Richman Rich - no dig at you mate but the ipod is a must have for all serious music listeners. For all of us who can't live without music (past and present) wot better way of storing it?! For those of you who regularly ask the question "what was that song called? i know i have it" the answer would be - check your ipod! simple! I'd like to thank apple n the inventor for coming out with such an ingenuitive product!

just got an ipod this week and its never left my pocket. a mad invention

i realllllllly wanted to get a mini one b4 i go away at the end of june but isnt looking got i expect i'll try n get a mate to buy me one wen their over there i think the fact they look swisssh and are really well made aswell is a rare thing in the technology world congrats to apple mac!

Alice Cottam
I think that they're a waste of money and they are very easy to spot as they are different colours from normal walkmans, so they are more likely to be stolen because they are so expensive

Gerry McCoy
In response to richman rich - Foxda player??? Ok style and sexiness is in the eye of the beholder. iPod is recognised as an industry best due to design and ease of use. Never heard of the Foxda player - that says it all. As far as capacity is concerned - 128MB flash RAM with the Foxda as opposed to 4GB with the iPod Mini and 15GB with the low end iPod.
Also the iPod is built around the top "legal" music store in the world, iTunes, so you get a completely seamless and user friendly experience. What choices with the Foxda? And more importantly can the man or woman in the street make any sense out of the solution?

lewi procda
ime sticking to minidisc with net md for my portable mp3 needs, until hd mp3 players get better battery life i dont see the point, the ipod is mainly sucsessful as a fashion accessory and sells because of its image. it is still a good player but i wud get sumthing like the creative muvo2 with 1.5g capacity

Jocelynn Clapp
I really really really really want an ipod but they cost so much money and that's money i don't have!!!!! plus where do you get one from if you live in Shetland where they are not quite up to scratch with all of the latest technology like i do?!!!!!!!!!! please could you help me to find somewhere cheap that i could get one from!!!!

Robert Blair
I think the look and feel of the iPod is second to none especially with the wheel and touch sensitive buttons. Though when it come to functions the iPod falls behind. You need to buy these seperately and those cost a lot. Players like the iRiver iHP100 range have an inbuilt FM tuner and microphone and it costs less. Also i have heard that the iPod has a weak battery and can only last 9 hours which is doubled by other players.
I have been deciding for weeks what to get and i thought i would be getting an iPod but once i really started looking around the market and at technical data i found many players that were better. I advise you just look around and go to shops to actually feel the player before you buy it and make sure you get one that suits you.

I have my ipod mini on order from the states but just waiting for more stock!! The ipod is a bargain, compare it to a decent mini disc player and the fact you need to buy loads of discs !!

i really want one but a mini one coz they do them in pink!! they seem really good but im not sure if they can be used on a pc which isnt apple, if you are able to use them then i may get one

ipod mini finitely a must-have for all teens out there...well, i think this gadget really had my attention when i first saw it...totally an eye catcher...but the fact is i don't have one of these cool gadgets...its really expensive!! but its worth it, I must say...the fact is I am really prepared to have this hot item on my hands!!!

I fink the new iPod minis are amazing! The original iPods were outragiously over-priced but these are great. And there is still enough space for all the songs you cud ever want!

My ipod is the best purchase I have ever made. The music I listen to is generally from my own cd collection although some is downloaded. The only bad thing about the ipod is that they battery life is too short. For people who think the ipod is too expensive compared to other MP3s the handling, size and asthetics of the ipod is so much better. You pay for the quality.

They're fashion icons to lots of people, I'm waiting before i buy, but it has to be said the iPod is too fly. I think the people who download music, are the people wouldn't buy it either, they only download it because it's free. That was the conclusion of an American study too, which was one of the few independant studies not commisioned buy the RIAA.

I got an iPod last xmas and they are the best! You can carry it round in your bag, pocket or even clip it to your trousers. It is MUCH cheaper than buyin cd's if you use iTunes which downloads songs from the internet for 99cents and it is legal. This means you dont have to spend £3 for a single, just 99 cents! But iTunes isnt available in the UK yet, but it will be soon, so I use a different place to download songs from, there are loads to chose from. If you still want to use your cd's you can put them on your iPod to! iPods aent just for music, it is also a personal planner, a clock and a calender. So you dont need a watch and a diary with you!! I know they cost quite alot but they will last you a long time, plus they look really wiked so you will look well kl with one! If you get one, trust me its worth the money and you will be pleased you got one!!

i think they're great and a good idea for teens like us!!!

They are well cool the best mp3 around! I think they'll fade though when something newer comes out, but they're still cool, pricey but cool!

my mate has one and they're wicked! id luv one , but i think they're ridiculously expensive

I'm desperate for an I-pod mini (in Pink, of course!) but I'm sure if I can wait 'till July, EBay's prices are absurd!! But they're just so adorable!!!

Having had the first audio jukebox from Creative and a Sony MZn1 Net Md player, the iPod just wipes the floor with both. Its not only its perfectly designed menu system, but the sound quality which with decent earphones sounds better than many £1000+ hifi's i've listened too, and that's from mp3 files. I don't know how they've done it, but the proof of the pudding is in the listening. Don't attempt to comment on how some players are better than iPods until you've spent a few weeks with them. Trust me, the iPod wins hands down.

Clockwork Cow
Got an iPod and am being continually impressed. Usage? Albums are all mine, singles and remixes are, I admit, 'net leeched. There are a phenomenal number of add-ons for this toy, I myself invested in a radio jammer (search iTrip), so it can play, cordless almost anywhere I want, including anyone's car. Lastly a wee correction for Richman Rich foxdas have a storage capacity 1/100th of an iPod, you're getting your gigabytes (1024MB) and megabytes (1024Kb) mixed up dude.

Mo Mc from Amsterdam
I think it is a nice gadget and nice design, but real people who go for the technical specifications choose other mp3players as I-river. This is better, because it has a optical in en out.This means if you are a dj you can record your set directly as a mp3, no fuzz afterwoods.

richman rich
This is absurd, there are much better and stylishly sexier players out in the market at present. eg the Foxda player is as small as the size of your little finger & has a greater data storage capacity than the ipod..... so don't see what all the fuss is about.

garage lover
the ipod i think is probably the best mp3, it's well worth the money

Max ProAudio
Apple are very pleased with themselves for selling 2 million of these worldwide. However, bear in mind Sony sell in excess of 200 million personal audio devices. Apple are attempting to corner a market, similar to their Digidesign venture, but sooner or later other (big) companies will follow suit and almost certainly beat the ipod!

Mathew Duggan
I love the idea and design of the IPod however I am going to wait until the technical issues have been corrected.

Tom Pepper
Massively want one, fair play to apple for bringing out a good product... shame they are so much more expensive over here - practically the same in £ and $ despite the exchange rate. I'm getting one when a friend goes over to America, save some money and get the iPod mini before its out over here in july

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