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Last updated: Wednesday 16 Apr 2008
Should dancehall be censored?
Capleton, Sizzla & Beenie Man
Capleton, Sizzla & Beenie Man
A gay rights organisation's claiming some dancehall stars have signed a deal to stop homophobic lyrics but the artists won't confirm it.
Beenie Man, Sizzla and Capleton have all signed up to the Reggae Compassionate Act to stop "murder music" according to Outrage.

Over the years there have been several dancehall gigs cancelled due to fears over safety from protestors.

Sizzla's publicist reckons he shouldn't have to sign it: "When you sign you give up certain rights. If you don't like Sizzla, Beenie Man or Capleton's music - don't buy it."
Should dancehall artists have to sign anti-homophobic deals? Or should they not be lyrically free censored? Will the row of homophobic lyrics in dancehall ever end?
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Think about it any descrimination of any kind is not right ,imagine if they replaced the homophobic words with words that are offensive to your own race!would it still taste so sweet.

haha it amuses me greatly that everytime a story comes out about homosexuals everyone reverts back to the old 'adam and steve' and religion rubbish.

Hows about people go get their own opinions, stop using some line that they've heard on a chatshow and talking about a 'religion' they know nothing about and actually open their eyes to the diversity of the world around you.

Artists from over all genres of music discriminate against all types of people all the time. But as can be seen from this thread already thats real life, everybody doesn't like everybody else and people are discriminative simply because others are, not because thats truly their own beliefs, simply because they follow.

Aay let the dancehall artists talk about homophobia the only people that are gonna listen to it and take on board those opinions are people too dumb and too naive to form their own opinions on a subject matter and why should anybody care what those people have to say anyway.

what does sizzla think about neo nazi punk then? does he condone there gigs?

Although I don't agree with the anti-gay content, they should be free to say what they want. Dancehall artisits are not the only one to spout homophobic lyrics, many hip hop artisit have been expressing homophobic views for years, albeit not quite as intense as some dancehall artisits.

Well i dont think that they should have to sign anything. The news promotes the same thing but people wont look at it that way, they will think that "Oh the news is good to look at" . I dont discriminate against Homosexuals nor do i condone this act but i mean even if they stop all the murder music and so on people will still see it on the news, and its more graphic on the news than it is in the music.

I agree with freedom of message, however ,the message they give out is to kill gay people, which is wrong! I don't blame England cancelling there gigs.

I dont think Danchall Artists should have to sign 'anti- homphobic lyrics' deals. Music Is One of the few ways artists can express their beliefs.. n Now people want to take that from them! If it offends anyone simply dont buy or listen to it... I dont like guns but Im not kicking up a fuss about the amount of gun violoence i see on tv! Only recently peole have gone crazy on the "Gay Rights" stuff... why shuld gay couples be given 'special treatment' .. religiousy Im sure God made Adam and Eve! I think its wrong for any artist to be restricted on what lyrics they write! Newaii Hold It Yeh!

La Tivia - in Walthamstow London
I also think its very unlikly these artists would of signed the argreement. If they did it would be a complete u turn.... this is what they believe and nothing can change that. Because of their lyrics and the negativity caused towards gay people is why i refuse to listen to that type of music all together. And im glad their gigs are cancelled in Endgland.

No one should have to sign up due to freedom of speech. However, on the flip side of the coin would it be acceptable for anti black lyrics to be performed by artist.

if religion says its wrong then why not spread the truth, god made adam and eve not adam and steve. bless!

What ever happened to freedom of speech? As Sizzla's publicist said Don't buy it, if you don't like it.

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