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Vicky Pollard: Little Britain
'Asbo' and 'chav' are two of the 1,500 new words added to the latest Collins English Dictionary. 
The definition of chav is "A young working class person who dresses in casual sports clothing" - do you agree with that? Can you come up with a better definition?

Sport terms are in - such as 'tapping up' ("the illicit practice of attempting to recruit a player while he is still bound by contract to another team") and Alex Ferguson's phrase 'squeaky-bum time' - "the tense final stages of a league competition, especially from the point of view of the leaders".

Which words do you love using that should be added?
What are your favourite phrases? Do you think it's OK for 'chav' to go in the dictionary? Is it a snobby word?
Thank you for your comments. This debate is now closed. A selection of your emails is published below.

i's nt bovad bout livin it rough init me luvs goin postoffi n getin me books cashed so i can get me new traki init!.me's nt bovad its phat! no wot i meen yeh !

lidz newbz !
wot dya call a chav in a box?...innit!...haha i fink chavs ar phat m8 believe! dnt care wot all u parens say trust! chavs r the future..yehhh m8

what about blud, mush, holla, reppin', bwoy, hater, dong.. the list goes on. if these aint in, why not? theres 'nuff peeps chattin these words. ha

i dont fink chav should be in da dictionary its a street name nd should onli be used by people dat no wot it means nd dont have to look it up in a dictionary to find out.

Chavs are not wot u all fink they wear nike air max trainers trackies caps or hooded tops and me n a lot ov ma mates are chavz so dnt be raggin uz orite and its not sweet mate its phat mate

i think that it is great that chav is in the dictionary, it is a laugh and people dont have to be sooooo serious all the time, it makes me wanna look in the dictionary.

jiverr = minger!

i think there should be a chav dictionary because i don't understand half of what they are saying sometimes.ha ha ha

they shouldnt ov put it in the dictionary, coz its street talk, us teens dont want adults an stuff speakin our stuff no way!!!

i think dred should be added to the dictionary because it's a commonly used word that means dreadful

i think that it's all a bit stupid really who cares if its in the dictionary? its not as if people read it they only use it for school work really, i think every ones becoming a bit obsessed with it all why cant we just accept it's in the dictionary and move onto more important things like the starving children in africa not fretting whether the deffinition of chav is right

the only good thing about putting "chav" into the dictionary is that it'll score you some nifty points on the scrabble board!!! other than that i'm gonna stick to the sterotype! chav girls are normally ugly with scabby tracksuites. their greasy hair dragged back in a bobble and normally are pushing a pram with a toddler walking along side AND a bumb on their belly!!!!!!! If you live where I do, this is no longer a stereotype! it's a fact!!!

ya boo sucks
i think its great that chav is in the dictionary except they left out the part that chavs hav violent tendancies. it shouldve said 'a person who wears leisurewear i.e adidas, carries many asbo's (see A for definition) and has violent tendancies, they often hang around in large groups called a 'crew' or 'posse' and wear burberry and aquascootum hats'. et voila - a better definition hahaha

Chav is an white essex's person who dresses in trcksuits and loads of gold chains. If ur gonna put chav in the dictionary we shud put words like; Buff, swag, chung, realion(the whole slang), noog, and all da other slang words

I dont like how they've put down people in the working class. My definition of 'Chav' would be someone who wears a lot of unnecessary 'Bling' and O.T.T. sports gear. Most Chavs I know also binge drink on cheap cider and beer.

Theres no need for these words in our dictionaries. i agree with Gabi! if these words are in dictionaries, young peopel will be tempted to use them more even though they have a offensive meaning.

Its fine for the word 'Chav' to go in the dictionary... We are all stereotyped if you think about it, some people dont even mind being called chavs. Anyways its not like there werent other names before chavs. Also replying to Anon [far below] - Roll deep crew has nothing to do with chavs. Goldie lookin' chain does.

wel a chav aint jsut a working class person - its anyone who dresses in the more expensive type of sports clothing eg lacoste or even burberry (even tho it isnt a sports make) people who wear adidas/nike etc are just scallies!

chav should b in da dictionary innit. We isnt all bad nd stupid yaz no. me nd ma crew like wearin da burberry nd trackies we look propa mint innit. but wen they say workin i asnt worked 4 a long time tho cnt b bovad lmao

Chavs shud be in the dictionery as the people who are tarted up in loads of makeup and think there cool with there dance track songs on there phones i hate chavs there all bullys

i think chav is unsuitable its dissing da wrkin class. all i ave 2 say if any1 hu is wealthier than me call me a chav i'll jus say snob get over it!

Bouncebackability-the ability to bounce back


i always say "god its mafting in ere" translate its hot in here!

me obviously
well, i dont think there is anything wrong wif chav's cos like its just who they r n wot they r init!? so there aint much point in dissin them cos they dont look like u or speek like you! god sum people jus need to get a grip lyk!!!

who says that chavs are always bad... us chavs rn't alwayz bad at all.... jsu cos we enjoy doin r thing ddunt mean we're bad.... jus cos we enjoy goin sik at ppl and drinkin vodka and smoke dunt mean we're all dirty and horrible and totally cheapo chavs rn't stupid.... it's a cultyure and u respect culture ye man! am a rite cos i am a chav but i also do uva stuff other than chav stuff i don't alwayz hav me hair tied in a side pony.... every1 uses slang, and i know chavs that like 2 learn in skool.... so ppl that ain't a chav can't say nowt cos they ant had no experience.... gangstas and chavs have a right to stand up it is like anuva religion so if u call chavs it's like ur bein racist

I dont think chav is 2 do with ur class really its 2 do with ur attitude and clothes you wear. People stereotype anyone who wears a traksuit but sorry, if u dont wanna b labelled dont dress like that!

I have to say that Scotland had NEDS before Little Britain where a Chavette is. Our neds are much more brutal and they drink Irn-Bru, wear tracksuits and we have more of them. We had them first and were taking them back!

Media worked on most of you then, getting caught up in this chav hype. Anyone who dresses down is being called a chav. Madness. It's day time TV and radio that be rinsing that word 24/7. They made everything "URBAN" and now they've created "Chav". Put that chat to sleep now people.

Possibly the dictionary people should have asked someone who knows what chav means before putting it in the dictionary, they've got it so wrong. But on the other hand it's a new word for use in scrabble.

Gemma Murray
i don't give a damm about them...they should not be added...if you add them you mightenwell add "emo's" there much nicer i got attacked by "chavs" for no reason what so ever...add "emo" they deserve it more.

if "chavs" are called chavs.. what do they call us? I dont think its fair, humans are humans and nothing else

Laura Nicola Child
I iz gona weigh you in bruv? What sort of talk is this it is pathetic, absolutely ridiculous. Do they even know how to talk English. If chav are reading this now. GET A HOLD OF YOURSELVES!

chav shouldnt go in the dictionary "those" people dont deserve it! i got harrassed the other day cos i dont were tracksuits!!!!!!!!! its giving all working class people a bad name!

Laura Nicola Child
I iz gona weigh you in bruv? What sort of talk is this it is pathetic, absolutely ridiculous. Do they even know how to talk English. If chav are reading this now. GET A HOLD OF YOURSELVES!

I agree with Richard Whitely. Slang is part of street culture and should remain so. Its unique to us nd was originally invented so only we cud undastand it! I dont like the term chav. Its jus anotha way of wealthier ppl putting down the working class. Upper classes are concerned by the growing pride in being working class so this is their way of trying to stomp it out!

So I'm listening to Roll Deep's new stuff, & when they're on Radio yeah, & it's 'jawside' this & 'showerface' that… & when they're on stage all you hear is bbbrrrruhhhh & Scratchy's indian war cry ?!? Can anyone translate Roll Deep ? Can anyone name another crew in the country that makes up a whole new language like these lot?


Chavs an rudeboys are different dont get it twisted. Chavs where adidas, rudeboys where akademiks

Chav = Scum

I dont agree with the defination of chav. 1st off its not class bound, enuff middle class guys and girls dress tht way, maybe to act hard or to rebel, i dunno. I just think chavs r seen as a negative subculture of yobs, its not fair to place all this on the workin class and it isnt fair to assume tht cus ur wearin sports clothes ur sum sort of trouble causer

Its good Chavs in the dictionary so now everyone knows wat it means before they use it for the wrong people like David Beckham.

i think a chav is a brer who wears an adidas tracksuit which are tight round the thighs and legs, reebok classics and a hacket top with a clima fit cap on his head. The vocab used by a chav is limited and when spoken is at a high pitch. Question "you aight geez" reply "sweet mate"

I've been using chuddies, but not with that meaning...! Plus - people also call it chud - chewing gum AND and ex of mine used to refer to his glasses as giggs! Not heard that one since!

Richard Whitely
I don't like these additions to the dictionary - we should accept that some slang is only meant to be passed around through word of mouth... do we need to put it in the dictionary? It's the dictionary corner trying to be cool...

shazia bi
i think the definition of "chav" is ok, but i think they are just being too kind really!!

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