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Last updated: Tuesday 6 Jun 2006
Would you vote BNP?
BNP leader Nick Griffin
Up to one in four people say they're thinking of giving their vote to the British National Party according to research. Is it about race or rage? 
The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust says it's because people are disappointed with the main political parties and the BNP's captialising on it.

Jobs, housing and immigration were the main reasons people said they'd consider supporting the far-right group.

Critics say the BNP are just racists but the party says that it's standing up for the British community. What do you think?
Is voting for the BNP about rage or race?Is someone who votes for the BNP racist? Or are they just protecting their own community?
Thanks for your comments. This debate is now closed. A selection of your emails is published below.

i am married to a british born jamaican and have a mixed race baby ,i am white.we live in overcrowded property which the council tell me my children can doss down on the living room or kitchen floor and i have a 10 yr wait for a transfer.meanwhile refugees/asylum seekers over the road waited 2 weeks and got a bedroom each for their children,things like this anger british people whatever their colour.queue jumping.due to bnp promising that this wont happen anymore if u vote for them i can really understand how and why they are getting support.i am in a mixed race relationship so i will not be voting for them and it will b terrible for us if they do get in power but i can understand the reasons people are voting for them,as enough is enough on immigration.tony blair cant even house this countrys people ie me,then he goes offering over 400000 more properties to other countries.its appalling lets hope he listens b4 its too late.

I would certainly vote BNP. I also pity them for having to put up with the media's unrelenting smear campaign.

james bolan
Why are so many people against talking to them. A few years ago our government was talking to Sinn fein. While they were killing our soldiers ! These people knew the identities of terroists. But our government still spoke to them !!! Is th bnp worse than that???

yes i would vote for them. I feel the other parties have lost touch with the working man. In my situation at present The place where i work we are being replaced from our jobs by eastern block cheap labour. But my council tax, household bills still rise. Britain i agree is a multi cutural society but we have gone too P C worried about offending other faiths at christmas and all manner of things we read about in the media !!! If they don t want to follow our culture and laws . Why do they still want to live in the uk?? When i have been in Saudi i have had to follow their customs and laws and had to respect them. As i was i their country ! ! Why is that different to the uk where we are so afraid of offending other faiths etc ??It will be a protest to the other parties to wake up and think of us first. The working man of the uk.

I've voted BNP for the first time because there seems to be no control over immigration. Despite Labour saying they have control there seems to be an influx of immigrants, who are then given preferential treatment when it comes to benefits and housing. I am not racist and although I know some people in the BNP are, I felt I would contribute towards a statement to the government this time around. I think BNP will take a suprising number of votes. Perhaps then people will listen and Labour will realise that this country should not be seen as a Utopia for people from other countries.

bnp 100
the immigrants may do the dirty jobs but if the blacks, indians etc. don't want to be british and fit in, then they should go away! britain is a white nation!!!

Stuart, Kent
Yes I will be llending my vote to the BNP at the next opportunity. They are the only part who understand British people in a time when Labour and Tory have deserted them

Brit Boy
I'm a Christian, white male, 24 and appaled by all these non-british people going around like they own the place. "They'll always be an England". Like litter there is too much rubbish being strewn around in our country so we are electing the BNP to clean our streets. We fought many a war for our country, this one will be easy. We also have the most modern Navy in the world, the 2nd largest Air force in the world and THE best army in the world. We'll be around forever. Long live our Queen and Country.

Daniel Thorlby
Yes, I agree with CrAzY J saying the Bnp want to stop Britain being multicultural and there are no coloured people in the BNP. The problem for the people who say this is that they want us to assume its a bad thing while never giving a reason for why we should make that assumption. Is there anything wrong with a racial group defending its interests? After all we have a black police association, and a Muslim party of Great Britain. Is there anything wrong with wanting just Enlgish cultures in Britain? No. English culture is diverse in itself, and we don't need to add tension to that mix by adding incompatible cultures. For example women died for equal rights yet Islam denounces equal rights for women. Some say multiculturalism helps in the workplace, but its propaganda because I see no benefit in how you do your job unless its a culturally related job... and why in a supposedly unbiased debate are we presented with a picture of Nick Griffin clearly intended to make him look stupid before the debate has even begun? Sham on the BBC.

The problem is the gap in thinking between the political (and media) elite in this country and the normal folks. Immigration is the sharpest example of this; at no time has the majority of the British public supported large-scale immigration but it has been imposed on us for decades by politicians.

Alan Trent
For the first time in my life I am going to vote BNP. I use to vote Labour but the middle class posers who make up the Labour leadership are totally alien to me. They regard white working class males like me as less than human and ensure that every other group's interests - ethnic minorities, gays, asylum seekers etc take precedence over mine. BNP is the only party that represents white working and lower middle class people’s interests. The BNP has moved on from what it use to be – they don’t wear swastikas, do the Nazi salute or advocate violence against ethnic minorities. But they do want a better deal for ordinary white people whose families have lived her for generations . After all those are the people who made this country what it is – the first choice for anyone who is unhappy with their own country.

Crazy J,here's a new one for you,how about you immigrants put yourselves in our shoes,the indigenous whites that is.I am now and always will be a BNP voter.Things are bad enough now,the future fills me with absolute dread!

i would vote bnp.This been for a number of reasons. The drugs trade is a major problem in Britain of late, and we only have to read the news to find where its coming from and the people who are bringing it in. There are no council houses for our single struggling white women, and low income familys. People are frightened to leave their homes on an evening in some areas in britain, because of all the dangerous imigrants in britain. Yes there are dangerous white people too, but they can be dealt properly by the legal system. Because they can not cry the rage act!!!!!!!!! They actually make britain look untidy and dirty, because they do not share the british morals and attitudes. All in all Britain is not the same, and never will be untill something is done. These are not rasist comments its facts.

I absolutely agree with Jack England, people of different cultures are making little india and pakistan in England. I am from an ethinic minority, I like living in England, but I follow the way of a british life. yes I have my culture too but only on a special occassion I would celebrate and show I am proud to be who I am. At the end of the day this is England, a country of christianity, and traditional british culture. No immigrant has the right to change that. It is a way of life, if you can't adapt to the british society then basically you should try living elsewhere. I can see where the BNP are coming from. But the BNP are not the answer, they are just another imitation of Hitler and I don't think the british public really want that. There has to be a tolerance level of all religeons and races, but not to the extent where it changes the traditional way of life of the country.

i will be voting for the bnp in the future

voting for bnp is about rage for these people... i say that because people of ethic backgrounds such as asian and caribean have risen in status level with the 'bnp voters'.. you are all jealous in what we are begining to achieve as we are exceeding for the BNP is rascism because you obv dont want us here or like us but we r ere to stay.. and to say that you wana protect ur culture...WOT CULTURE?

William Johannson
Absolutely yes! Multiculturalism has proven to be a complete disaster for this country and the BNP is the only party prepared to do something about it.

I think that the BNP are just racists and that the government in this country is hypocritical. How is it that the BNP leader has been cleared of all charges when it was obvious he was inciting racial hatred claiming non whites should be shot and abu hamza has been sentenced for the same crime just because hes a muslim and from the middle east. And then they go on about freedom of speech!

tony carroll
i am voting bnp british people of all race backgrounds have been pushed aside by the goverment

Mr Colonel
It would be funny for the BNP to come into parliment, because they don't realise that it is the immigrants that do the jobs most white British people refuse to do. Lets see if Britain maintain such a strong economy without immigrants and the old 'Empire'! To be honest I would be happy to go back to the caribbean at least I would feel comfortable and live in the sunshine.

I would vote BNP. How else will the British people keep their own culture. With the other political parties comes too much 'political correctness' with them more interested in helping foreign people in this country rather than the british public

After reading some of the above comments I can see why some people would vote BNP. We live in Britain and our language is English. What languge is 'wats 25% of da public' or 'the BNP chat pup'??? and as for Aman's comment about being 'cosy and British' being WRONG! you dont like being British then dont come to Britain! I think most people who are thinking of voting BNP are sick of areas of every town in the land turning into foreign countries where nobody speaks English and all their Council Tax goes on Support Groups, Welfare Centres and housing for these people. I am not a racist and am fully aware and glad of the cultural links between Britain and India or the Caribbean that goes back generations. The problem is the influx of people from Albainia, Cosovo, Romainia, Algeria, Somalia etc etc that seems to be pushing our immigrant population through the roof in some areas and bringing with them crime and lawlessness.

Sharon Ebanks
I'm voting BNP, and I'm proud to be an organiser and fundraiser. There is no other party in Britain supporting the British race of people.

I am sorry to say that I have come to the conclusion that multi-culturism does not work in this country. Although still in a minority, i feel that some serious crimes appear to be due to new and first generation immigrants.

I Would vote BNP. Its about time someone took control of the country, we have become a nation who are afraid of offending that much i am now starting to get offended. We have gone PC MAD!!!!!!. We let too many people into our country, we should help ourselves before helping everyone else.

I was appalled when i read about this, mind you its only an opinion poll and we know how reliable they are (not) I think that this news is a disgrace, not to all british people cos not everyone is BNP inclined but BNP themselves. I think that their policies are old school and i dont wanna go back to living in the 1800s! You can see why a 50+ person would be voting for them, its all cosy and british, this is wrong. There must be something we can do to get them out of the race for parliament.

str8 racism, wats 25% of da public playin at!! And i thought we lived in a country that was "proud" of its multi-cultral society?

CrAzY J **StAnDaRd**
Is there one BLACK or person of COLOUR in the BNP?? not to my knowledge!! Personally i think the BNP chat pup, i understand that they're sayin that there are too many immigrants coming over to the uk from poorer countries, but they need to put themselves in the shoes of an immigrant, cos im sure if they were one they would want a better way of life and us british peeps have that better way. If BNP ever came into power, see how quick they would send all the people of colour back home whether it be jamaica, africa, or the middle-east. I think they jus wanna keep britain White, instead of it being a multicultural country...but thats how i see it anywayz.

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