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Trevor's diary

Thur 16 Oct

Here's one I made earlier......

Bow Tie

Today is the 50th Birthday of Blue Peter and I spoke to the first ever Blue peter presenter, Leila Williams, who just happens to be Ronnie Herel's Mother In-Law!  I also spoke to the lovely Ms Konnie Huq who is the longest serving female presenter of Blue Peter, she worked on the show for 10 years!

I made my very own Blue Peter creation today, its the Bow Tie you can see in the pic, amazing what fashion you can make with sticky back plastic!
Happy Birthday Blue Peter!

Fri 10 Oct

Wanna know what Trevor would look like in his 1950s Yearbook pic?

Well here it is...

Trevor in 1952
The 1Xtra Breakfast ladies loved it so much we did our own ones too

Producer Julie in 1958

Producer Julie in 1958

Producer Janine in 1966

Producer Janine in 1966

Producer Charlotte in 1982

Producer Charlotte in 1982


Posted by the 1Xtra Breakfast Team

Thu 9 Oct

Its National Poetry Day and Roll Deep's DJ Target co-hosted the 1Xtra Breakfast Show with Trevor Nelson this morning. So....

Trevor asked him to write a poem

And here is it


Its Target and Trevor, no ifs buts or maybes
And I think its time we did something for the ladies
Whether down south in Portsmouth
Or as far north as Carlisle
Turn on your radio and listen for a while
From 8am we'll take your blues away
With smooth tones and sesual music to brighten up your day
No need to feel lonely or shed tears over that ex
He was a wasteman anyway and always made you vex
They say diamonds are a girls best friend
Or maybe a brand new Lexxus
But all the ladies need is the 1Xtra Breakfast


Posted by Julie 1Xtra Breakfast Producer

Fri 3 Oct

As Seen On Screen...

Guests from the world of TV & Film all this week on the 1Xtra Breakfast Show

Monday - The irrepressible Alan Carr proposed to one of the listeners

What did Alan Carr do to make Trevor do this????

Tuesday - Dev tried to Lose Friends & Alienate Simon Pegg by calling him names

Simon Pegg

Wednesday - we got the Naked Truth from Idris Elba

Thursday - Double trouble from stars of Making The Band  Day 26 (down boys!)

Making The Band's Day 26

Then Trevor got a surprise in the shape of the gorgeous Nadine Velasquez - star of My Name Is Earl and his favourite lady on TV

Nadine Velasquez (My Name Is Earl)

Friday - Funny girl Anna Faris (Scary Movie, Friends) showed Trevor her scary voice

Anna Faris (Scary Movie, Friends)
Listen again to all the shows via the BBC iPlayer here

Love from the 1Xtra Breakfast Show Ladies -x-

Wed 24 Sept

Trevor’s Top 5 Car Calamities 
(from the 1Xtra Breakfast Show this morning)

5) Bought a flash new motor with licence plate T2 RNB – then broke down in Central London in rush hour and got towed!

4) After a gig left his box of records on the roadside and drove off

3) Left his wallet on the roof of his car at a garage and (yes you guessed it) drove off

2) Petrolcap got stuck on the way to a gig. Had 5 miles of petrol left on the clock with 100 miles still to drive

1) Lost his dad’s car on a date while his dad was on holiday. Waited 2 wks till dad came home then phoned the police and found out it had been in the pound for 2 weeks

Ahhh bless!

From The Long Suffering 1Xtra Breakfast Show team! :-)

Fri 19 Sept

Olympians, Tweed and Russell Simmons...

It was great to get back in the hot seat on Tuesday presenting the show again after my week off sunning myself and quite a manic 4 days its been.

I loved seeeing the 6th fastest woman in the world, Jeanette Kwakye fresh from her Olympic final back in town like an excited schoolgirl after Bejing - man she lived my dream!

6th fastest woman in the world Jeanette Kwakye

Its been a massive week for music and I am cramming my CD changer with new albums from The Game, Robin Thicke, Jazmine Sullivan, Lloyd, Neyo and Nelly.

I have been filming a new series of The Lick which has a new time on MTV Base on Sundays at 5pm. I also did a special Trevor Meets with the godfather of hip hop Russell Simmons coming to your screens soon.

And Andre 3000 launched his 'unique' clothing line Benjamin Bixby in the UK this week. Can you see yourself in tweed???

Benjamin BixbyBenjamin Bixby

After that crazy week i will spend a stress free afternoon on Sunday at Stamford Bridge watching Chelsea v Man U (come on you blues)


PS Loving the new John Legend / Andre 3000 video for 'Green Light' - I so want to be at that party. Check it here

Friday 5th September

Wayne's Week on the 1Xtra Breakfast Show, plus Idris Elba and Mark Frith pass through the show.

Oh my god I can't believe I'm actually doing a diary entry! I am on my own now on the 1Xtra Breakfast Show for a while and I think I should compensate for Zena, she always kept her diary up together.

Day 1, on my lonesome (Billy no-mates!) I decided to give you the chance to be my co-host for a couple of minutes and there were 5 of you who called in. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and standard of your banter although none of you quite made the grade unfortunately.

The week got bigger and bigger as it was Wayne’s week. Lil Wayne, the number 1 selling rapper in the world this year and me, in conversation. And it was quite surreal because we recorded it in Amsterdam (say no more!). I was a bit wary of Lil Wayne until I met him, but I actually found him very engaging, worldly wise and surprisingly funny. I laughed a lot this week listening to him, and his take on life. We found out that he’s in awe of artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Robin Thicke, and he thought Lil Mama killed it with her version of A Milli.

Also this week we had a world exclusive from Hollywood actor Idris Elba who popped in. Hackney’s finest told us that on the set of American Gangster he had a fall out with Denzel Washington so Denzel’s been slightly knocked off his pedestal.

And finally Mark Frith, ex editor of Heat magazine and Smash Hits came in to promote his book Celeb Diaries and he gave us an A-Z on how to become a non- professional celeb.

So that was my week, thoroughly enjoyable and now I’m off on holiday, so I’ll see you in a week’s time.


Wed 13 August


Marilyn Okoro and Jeanette Kwakye on 1Xtra Breakfast

Hi 1Xtra Family,

Just to let you know, me and Marilyn arrived in Beijing today after 10 days at our training camp in Macau, China. Training was great and we feel really fit!!

It is so UNREAL!! The Olympic Village has everything in it... 24 hour food, games rooms, beautiful surroundings and a really good atmosphere!

Jeanette Kwakye and Marilyn Okoro in the Olympic Village in Beijing
Jeanette Kwakye and Marilyn Okoro in the Olympic Village in Beijing

Now we are here, all the hard training has been done and Maz and I are ready to roll and get this show on the road!

I've uploaded the 'Chariots of Fire theme' to my iPod, I think Trevor will be pleased to know!!

My competition starts on Saturday and Maz is on Friday, so we are really focused and excited. The nerves are definitely starting to kick in now!!

Team GB are doing well, so there is a champion buzz floating around the camp!! So hopefully we can add to that!!!!

I'll let Maz update you on it next time!!

Bye for now... Keep your fingers crossed for us!!!

Jeanette -x-

Jeanette Kwakye running

More on Jeanette at Wikipedia

Fri 8 August

Police in New Zealand are using a mugshot of Robbie Coltrane to try and track down a burglar who apparently is the spitting image of the actor!

So i thought I'd find out who the 1Xtra Breakfast Listeners think they look like...

Lynette from Brum says her partner Dino looks like Vas Blackwood - and he's such a celeb he hangs out with local Brummie It Girls like our Zena!

Dino from Birmingham with 1Xtra Breakfast's Zena

Check out all the best lookalikes and judge for yourself in the photo gallery here

Love Trevor x

Mon 23 June

I went down to a famous London department store last week and met up with man of the moment Pharrell and the rest of the NERD guys.

Check the video now (and see some of the Billionaire Boys Club garms too)

Thu 17 April

Trevor Nelson Does The Apprentice

My new and improved blog on the best reality show on TV has moved here. Enjoy!

Thurs 10 April

The Apprentice Episode 3 : The Gastro-Pub

Week 3 saw the Contestants set the task to transform two pubs into restaurants, getting the food in and (scarily) cooking it themselves.

Now normally someone from each team would volunteer as team leader, but Sir Alan flipped the script and appointed Ian and Sara as team leaders. For a task like this the leader should be head chef and although Sara wasn’t very competent she took on that role. However for the boys Kevin took over as the head chef, leaving team leader Ian a bit redundant.

The teams had to choose what cuisine to sell and theme their nights. The Girls chose Indian and a Bollywood theme while The Boys went Italian. Hilarious moments were the worst dancer in television history (Asian waiter doing Michael Jackson), and all of Kevin’s cameos (he really does look like Daavid ‘the only gay in the village’).

The boys lost the task mainly because they spent too much on buying food from a supermarket instead of a cheaper wholesaler. Sir Alan branded it a “total disaster” and Team leader Ian was rightly fired but Sara was lucky not to lose.

Raef was a little quiet this week. Jenny is plain confusing me, catty one day then hilarious the next, but overall this episode belonged to Kevin.

Who Was Fired : Ian
Who Should Have Been Fired : Ian

Friday 4 April

The Apprentice Episode 2 :
The Laundry

As 1Xtra's biggest fan of The Apprentice I will be doing a weekly diary on the best reality show on TV.

Episode 2 was a stormer, full of 2faced backstabbing behaviour from the girls team. Sir Alan set a task for the teams to set up a laundry service from scratch.

Project leader for the boys was upper crust entrepeneur Raef, and leader for the girls was Jenny, who totally cracked under the pressure of the task. Her team lost because she had no idea what to charge for the service and her bossy nature divided them. Sir Alan fired Shazia who was just a scapegoat for Jennys bad leadership, big mistake mate (LETS KEEP AN EYE ON JENNY). Raef on the other hand got the boys back on his side after his outrageous 'I like prince or pauper' comment last week.

Next weeks task sees the Apprentices taking over a pub to turn it into a restaurant.

Who was fired : Shazia
Who should have been fired : Jenny


Tues 18th March 2008

People my legs are still aching from my running on Friday for Zena and Chris Moyles' Sport Relief efforts. I didnt feel too much pain as I ran around my beloved Stamford Bridge, home of the mighty Chelsea.

I did laugh myself stupid at the Young Gods of Comedy event on Sunday. Hosted by Harvey and attended by loads of urban stars it was a riot with my favourite comedian on the night being asian comic Paul Choudray.

Mondays 1Xtra Breakfast Show was mad as it was St Patricks Day and we embraced an Irish theme with Zena doing an Irish jig quite badly for her dare, dressed in the wrong outfit (she just doesn't get it). See the video. We also spoke to the Irish eurovision entrant Dustin the Turkey, what a joker please listen again to that show.

Tuesday we had former Eastender Sean Maguire in the studio, he is starring in the No 1 US box office movie 'Meet The Spartans'.

Sean Maguire at 1Xtra

For a Hollywood star he was mad cool and quite funny. He's a former Irish Dancing champion and gave Zena 9 out of 10 on her jig.

Sean Maguire with Trevor and Zena

Do you remember when he used to look like this?

Sean Maguire in Grange Hill

Mon 25th Feb 2008

I hope you guys appreciate the effort I put in to re create that magic movie moment from independence day as my Friday Dare (LOL). These dares aren't easy.

On wednesday night myself and Zena attended The Brit Awards and although I threatened to wear jeans I am glad I didnt as her dress was kinda spectacular. Leona Lewis was vocally amazing and its a shame she didnt bag an award especially as I threatened to eat my foot  live on TV if she didnt win. Anyway after the show we went with Alesha Dixon and a mad crew of celebs to a west end afterparty til 4am, not a good  idea when you have a Breakfast Show at 8am.

I had a massive dilema at the weekend as a massive chelsea fan. Go to the Carling Cup final against rival Spurs or be on a panel with the gorgeous Emma Griffith and Alesha to choose the next MTV newsreader. I had to be professional and do my MTV duty (glad I did as my team lost).

Fri 22 Feb

Jack Black & Mos Def’s new movie ‘Be Kind Rewind’ features their budget remakes of movies like ‘Ghostbusters’, ‘Rush Hour 2, ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Driving Miss Daisy’. They’re called ‘sweded’ versions and my dare this week was to make a ‘sweded’ version of one of my favourite movies. I chose ‘Independence Day’ and seen as there are so many similarities between myself and Mr Will Smith I decided to play the lead role….

Watch my Oscar winning performance here

Thurs 14th Feb

Happy Valentines Day Friends!

What a big show, we had king of ballads and of stealing ladies hearts, Joe stop by the studio. He's playing a UK gig tonight, and was a treat for the ladies in the studio. Zena would have loved it!

Then, just when I thought I had game, 'pick up artist' Kezia dropped by the studio and put me in my place! Look out for this one boys!  Shes on a show on Current TV tonight so you can see her in action.

Trevor Nelson

Wed 13th Feb

Look who came to visit me today... Its Little Miss Jocelyn!  Helped me stop missing Zena for one little moment.  We actually did a series together called 'Holiday You Call The Shots' for BBC 1 a few years ago.  She was as crazy then as she is now.  She cracks me up everytime I meet her!

Happy Valentines for tomorrow people.

Fri 8 Feb

Friday is all about Friday Dares.... Zena dared me to embrace my inner geek and go Trainspotting (the shame!)
Check the video evidence here

Monday 4th Feb

I've had an exhausting weekend! Straight after my Sat night show on Radio 1/1Xtra, I was up th A12 to Essex Uni for a sold out party…I DJ'd with 'Nimble Fingers! Lol …but I'm sure his girlfriend's happy!! : )
All the big tunes went down and my surprise hit for the night was Fabulous and Jermaine Dupri 'Baby Don't Go'.

Sunday night I hosted the Superbowl SuperBash Party in Battersea Park, for the second year running. Four thousand grid iron fans were in attendance, they were performances from the Cuban Brothers, Reverend and the Makers and The New Orleans Cheerleaders The Saintsations flew in to perform as pictured!!.. Unfortunately I had to share a dressing room with them (Poor me!)

It was a great game and the biggest upset possibly in histort as the New York Giants defeated the undefeated New England Patriots. Problem is the party finished at 4am and the Breakfast show started at 8am! You do the math!

Tues 28th Jan 2008

Well today was my first day back and I have to admit I had the best holiday ever, two weeks in St Lucia at my new holiday home. It's where my family are from and just about all my relatives including my parents live there so week one was spent visiting, saying hi and dropping presents.

Week 2 was my time spent on the golf course {i am still no good}. I hired a car and just cruised round the island taking in all the sights, listening to the local radio station the wave. One of the biggest tunes in the carribean right now is Taurus Riley 'She's Royal' which just became my holiday anthem. After 3 months of getting up early to do the Breakfast Show i needed to recharge the batteries its been quite demanding on my mental. I also had the chance to read an amazing autobiography of the best stand up comedian of all time Richard Pryor.The book is sick, funny yet tragic. Now I actually moved my holiday back a week so that I could see chris rock at the Hammersmith Apollo [he was truly hilarious] and I will be getting tickets to him again at the 02 in May.... But that meant that i missed out on Mary J Blige at Maida Vale! (gutted!) though Zena did admirable job! (good one Zena, you've got a bright future ahead of you!)

Thu 17 Jan

You can hear my interview on the 1Xtra Breakfast Show show tomorrow with the man who changed my life : Neil Strauss, author of The Game.

So today Zena's told me her list of To 10 Celebrities who look like they have no game.
10. Andi Peters
9. Lupe Fiasco
8. Lennox Lewis
7. Lemar
6. The old Craig David
5. Skinnyman
4. The little mohican guy in Black Eyed Peas
3. Ryan Leslie
2. Fonsworth Bentley - Diddys former butler

and Number One.....

1. Ian Beale.


Tuesday 15 January

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I've have managed to hack Trevor's diary page and I'm giving it some Dev treatment.... so.... erm.....look out?! We had the lovely Davina McCall pass through the show to tell us about 'Sport relief' which is a campaign to encourage people to take up a challenge in order to raise money for charity. I have some how been charmed in to running 6 miles in the not so distant future. Training officially begins today... after my full English breakfast which I'm off to go and wolf down now....Be sure to be locked on nice and early tomorrow as our very special guest is super-producer Mark Ronson. See if I can achieve the impossible and make him smile even if it's only for a second.


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