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"DJ Semtex on the road"

Tuesday 4th September 2007

The Mercury Music Awards

We were at the rehersals, and something didn't feel right. So we called in some friends......

The El Rascino's were in town, and we put them on. The normally play for Basement Jaxx, but not tonight.

I couldn't make it to the performance cos' of the tube strike, so I got my Cousin, El Semtexo to cover for me.

El Semtexo did his thing on stage - I doubt we'll ever see him again!

Dizz didnt get it this year, but he's got one of those awards anyway.
We had a wicked night, and it was a privilege to be at the Mercs.

Time to celebrate with Uncle Jack!

Tuesday 10th October

Semtex on set at the Dizzee Rascal 'Flex' video shoot.

El Semtexo at the Mercury Music Awards.
Remember this shot from the Mercury Music Awards? This is nothing compared to what you're about to see.
This is an exclusive behind the scenes look at the video shoot for Flex.

Dizzee Rascal's Flex Factor video set.
Forget X-Factor. Today it’s all about Flex Factor. We've got our own judges, our own talent....

Dizzee Rascal, Mr Hudson & Reggie Yates on set at the 'Flex' video shoot.
Dizzee, Mr Hudson, and Reggie Yates get ready for the first take.

Jammer, D Double E & Footsie being interviewed on the Flex set.
Whilst the film crew set up, MTV Base were in the building. Footsie, D Double, and Jammer put in the work.

Mike Skinner & Semtex on the Flex set.
Everyone is on the grind these days. Mike Skinner passed through the set with his own film crew.
He interviewed me for his new program which starts on Channel 4 in November.

Ladies from Dizzee Rascal's video for Flex.
Some of the Contestants.....

Dynamo the magician does his thing on the Flex set.
Dynamo hits the set for his part. Forget Derrin Brown, this guy is the UK's hottest Magician.

Dizzee Rascal hangs out with the mighty Merkle Man (aka Jammer) at the Flex video shoot.
The mighty Murkle man flew in for his part.

Rachel Ritfeld plays a Flex Factor judge.
Rachel made an excellent judge.
Lets be real Sharon Osbourne isn't exactly an oil painting is she?

The Flex Factor judges from left to right.... Rachel Ritfeld, Dizzee Cowell, & Reggie Yates.
The judges are in place. Rachel Ritfeld, Reggie Yates, and......

Dizzee in full Simon Cowell garms.
......Dizzee Cowell.

Mayhem on the Flex Factor set!
Some of the contestants went on a rampage....

Dizzee, Semtex, Rachel & Reggie after a hard days graft.
This video shoot was CRAZY!!!!!!! We had a lot of fun on the set.
Keep hitting the 1xtra website for the full length video.

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