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Seani B's diary

Sun 11 Jan

Maxwas nice to the celebs with her photo gallery from the Notorious premiere...but here are the real pictures of how the thugs in the hood do on the picture below

Jay Z

More pics

Sun 16 Nov

It’s official, I love the 90’s. You know we always have fun on Sunday’s with the ol skool, but lately I have been DJ’ing at quite a few ol skool gigs.

Last night was the 90’s edition of the West London Link Up. Now I’m born & breed Westside so you know I had to represent the red bricks of my hometown White City. I blazed some serious classic joints from the 90’s & the ravers were aving it large. The Jungle selection went down a treat, but the Garage had the Karaoke sing a long ladies in full song.

Not only did I have a great time, but I saw some ladies that took me back to the early 90’s. I met friends that I went to school with who I haven’t seen in 15 years plus, now that’s ol skool!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun 26 Oct

The only thing that you need to know bout my life this week is the work I put in for the show.

I got the John Legend Green Light on a mammoth record for the UK. The return of Ms Dynamite. What’s so special bout that I hear you say? Well this record is produced by Sticky, the guy who produced her debut smash Boo!! He’s responsible for some big UKG bangers. Tales From The Hood, Hype Hype & Triplets just to name a few.

I’ve actually had this record for 2 weeks & wasn’t allowed to play it which was difficult task. But I got the phone call & got to play it after Semtex’s Friday night show....B*%”^*d!!!!! Truss me Dynamite is back in a big way

Go & check out my show to hear it, as other than Semtex you may not hear it anywhere else.

Also there is the specially extended Black History Month Mash Up plus a Craig David Freestyle getting his Giggs on!!!

I think I spoilt you lot this week, but you deserve it!!!

Sun 19 Oct

My dentist is badman. When I say that I mean bad as in bad, not bad meaning good, cos he caused unnecessary discomfort to me during the week. I had been suffering with an irritable gum & this dude was digging into my gum like he thought gold was hidden in them. Even when I yelped he showed no mercy.

Last night I was out on a Stag night. My girl’s brother Phil is getting married in 2weeks & we had to go & do what guy’s do. We went to a gentleman’s club for light entertainment & a few drinks. I know many are gonna think I’m a liar…. but it was my 1st time in an establishment like that, now I have a new understanding of T Pain’s, “I’m in love with a stripper”…The lad’s will understand when I say Viva Italia!!!!!!!

Sun 12 Oct

This week nothing has been gwarning in my life other that sitting in front of my PC working hard. Kinda grateful for that as the credit crunch is in full effect & I need the doe like everyone else.

Anyway, whilst working hard I have been listening to albums that deserve my full attention. First up was Sways My Signature LP….BAD. The man took it to another level with the production. It kinda reminds me of what Kanye did on Late Registration, very musical. Johnny Waste has got to be the track of the album…Classic Sway!!!

Second Tip from Mr B has got to be TI’s Paper Trail. The king of the south does it again. From the 1st track you won’t be disappointed. I think his trials & tribulations has helped bring a side out that I’m feeling.


Sun 5 Oct

Last nite I was at my favourite place to DJ. Essex University!!!

I know your thinking, "Seani , You've played all around the world & you choose Essex Uni as your favourite spot"…Well, all I can say if you have never raved there you don't know what your missing.

I don't usually turn up late to gigs, but I got there 15mins after my start time, but luckily Rampage & DJ B were on the decks. Once I took control everyone forgot I was late. Imagine Ludacris Move B**** being played & 1,000+ plus people running round the venue. That's what I asked of them & they responded, now you know why I love Essex Uni!!!

Sun 21 Sep

The simple shopping trolley is a guaranteed lady puller!!!!

On Friday I went shopping with my mum & boy did I get some attention. Initially it was from all the older women that I grew up around who haven’t seen me in a while. So I always hear the customary, "look how big he get”…YES I HAVE…The last time you saw me I was probably 16yrs old. Anyway you then get the attention of some of the younger ladies who see you as a great catch as they see you as a well trained young man who loves his mum who knows the difference between a dodgy potato & one that will cook well. Jamie Oliver in da building!!

I learnt on my show today, if a man knows how to treat his mum, then he will know how to treat a woman. NOT NECCESARILY…My mum is my mum & I don’t think that EVERY woman will get the treatment that my mum gets, so ladies don’t be fooled by the shopping basket!!

Sun 14 Sep

Why do people buy wardobes & chests of drawers that are in a thousand bits, especially when they're not erecting them…LIBERTY’S I SAY. My bro had me as bob the builder on Monday erecting bedroom furniture for him, what a headache. But I did it with no mistakes or dodgy shaking wardrobes. At least I’ll have a job after 1Xtra is done with me!!!!!!!

Sun 7 Sep

It was my girls birthday on Thursday so all of the tail end of the week was dedicated to her.

Your boy obtained some serious brownie points as she loved her presents. I forgot about an important meeting at 1Xtra so I had to divert in the middle of the day, but the brownie points came in handy there. In the evening we went to see The Harder They Come play, which I give a solid 10/10. A must see!!!

Then on Saturday after my show she thought we was going for a quiet meal by ourselves, but I had other plans. I had arranged for 20 of her family & friends to meet at a restaurant and boy was she surprised! She was actually more surprised that I was able to keep the secret. I surprised myself actually.

For all those who wanna check out the gladiator battle I saw on Friday which I mentioned on my Sunday show, here is the link to my channel to watch my videos. I’ll upload the battle by Monday morn.

Sun 31 Aug

After the carnival weeked that I had, I longed for this weekend, BUT then I remembered I had a gig in
Gloucester alongside Ronnie Herel. Kano also touched down there for the 1st time as well. Well the night was very heavy & Kano, Ronnie & myself all smacked it.

My highlight of the week was something I saw on Friday whilst dropping off my son to nursery. It was the last day for one of his friends at the nursery but the poor little boy was dressed up for the occasion in A SUIT… yes a suit with a tie, with black shoes. The kid is nothing more than 4 years old. That is straight up child cruelty!!!!!!!

I thought my mum dressed me bad as a youth.

Sun 24 Aug

If I be honest I ain’t got nothing tasty to tell you guys right now, cos I’m only at chapter 2.0 of my carnival weekend.
Tonight I’m DJing wid the Rampage boys until 6am. From there I’m going straight to Notting Hill to jump into my costume & jump on the 1Xtra float @ 9am. That equals NO SLEEP.  After I do my rounds at Notting Hill, I go home to shower & change, then head for the 1Xtra Carnival After Party….. with no sleep.

After that I still have one more party to go and DJ at.

So the BIG question is will I make it to the end? Find out next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun 17 Aug

Shout out to everyone that was at Club KO in Wood Green, North London as it closed its doors for the last time… all I have to say is what a nite… biggest tune had to be Movado 'I’m So Special' with the xtra special intro bigging up the new Olympic 100 metre champ Usain Bolt.

Before the show today I went down to support my DJ collegues for a match they were playing with the 1Xtra staff. BUT… the lazy fools didn’t show up except for Ras Kwame & DJ Edu (40mins late) They requested the greatest hands God ever made to hold down goalkeeping duty until Edu turned up… 40 mins later.

If I say so myself I held it down pretty well, even though I let in one goal. But I did display some impressive skills that have had premiership managers hollering before the transfer window closes.

Tonite I’m off to Stratford Rex for the Beenie Man & Tony Matterhorn show… I’ll tell you bout it next week.

Sat 16 Aug

So I'm gonna be at Carnival this year with the 1Xtra Crew on the float, and this is what they've got for me to wear.

Hell nooo!!! You know it's gonna get a Seani B remix...

Watch this space.

Sun 03 Aug

What a hot week it’s been!!!! Straight FIIIIIRRRRRREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

When it’s hot like that it’s not the time to be in a studio, but I was requested to remix Estelle’s next single that features Ceelo, “Pretty Please”. I added an extra person to the line up, who is the current Icon of the dancehall CHI CHI CHINGGGGGG!!! U Know I gave it that Caribbean feel but you to wait a hear what country in the West Indies I repped.

Sun 27 July

What a weekend of sun it’s been!!! I’ve been in my shorts showing the best part of my body …Mi Legs!!!

On Friday I was in Peterborough at The Park. As always the ravers there never failed, even though it wasn’t as ram as usual it was still an entertaining night. Especially near the end of my set as there was a young lady that really knew how to dance to dancehall & I ain’t talking the way Young Lion does it. Let’s put it this way she took me by surprise as I wasn’t expecting her to do it the way she was doings. Now I know Blondes know how to have fun. Roll on the next booking down there.

Sun 13 July

On Friday I did probably one of my best reggae dancehall Ol Skool sets. I was doing my thing alongside Rampage & Masterstepz so you know the standard had to be high. The ravers were doing everything thing from the Bogle to the World Dance. They were singing like a choir to every Bob Marley classic I dropped. When I dropped Jimmy Cliff Harder they come… GAME OVER. I have to say big up to the Rampage boys for hosting such a big nite. The next one is carnival Sunday… I’m already worried about that weekend. I got 3 bookings back 2 back Sat, Sun & Monday, plus the radio shows & carnival itself… WOAH. I feel hurt just writing bout it. I know I ain’t got no voice come Tuesday.

Next week I’m not about as it’s my boy's 3rd Birthday so I had to toss up between 1xtra & son. He won!!!!! I’ll be leaving you in the capable hands of Dev - see you in 2 weeks time.

Sun 6 July

Imagine being in a room with the stars from Gavin & Stacey, Radio 4’s John Humphries, Radio 1’s Colin Murray & Clive Anderson (who you would know from Whose Line Is It Anyway?).

Well I was with them & more (I’m terrible with faces & names) on Thursday at the BBC annual report. Yes… it’s as official as it sounds. It was a round up of what the Beeb has been up to in the last 12 months & what’s gonna be happening in the near future. Even more frightening was it was hosted by the boss of all bosses Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC. It was a very pleasant evening with some of my collegues. To find out who else was there check out Jenna’s diary to see if she’s named more faces than me - she's the one who does Lights, Camera , Action so she should do a lot better than me. Plus she was itching to take photos but I told her that would look kinda bait… lol.

Friday night was Twin B’s ol skool birthday bash. Last year I smacked the spit outta its mouth with my ol skool selection and this year was no different. I was only ment to play for 45mins but I ended up doing 2hrs. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get the picture I took looking like I’m straight outta NYC circa 1988.

Sun 29 June

This week has been rammer jammer.

Mon/Tues: 15 Hr days in front of the computer for you lot!!! Yeah dats right.

Weds: Power meeting at VP Records/Greensleeves. Also I went to Dub Vendor records shop farewell party. I saw some ol faces that I haven’t seen in donkeys.

Thurs: My godson’s 18th Birthday… yep the age is right. His dad & mum were an early starters!! Not something that I would recommend, but my godson has come good so I’m very proud of him & his parents for raising him so well as young parents. Obviously I’ve been a great godfather!!!!!!!

Fri: My son took out his Tonsils & adinodes, so at present he’s being nursed with everything that I’ve tried to avoid him loving… Crisps, chocolates, biscuits etc. That is Dr’s orders as the roughness of certain foods actually help the healing process. In my day it was ice cream which I’ve now learnt could infect the wound.

I'm heading off home to watch the footie - 3-1 to Spain is my prediction and Alex Jordan's is 2-1 to Germany - let's wait and see!

Sun 22 June

This weekend a record shop that I spent a lot of hours in closed it doors for the last time. Dub Vendor in Ladbroke Grove, West London was the no1 spot for when I used to buy 7” Singles. I 1st started shopping there was I was 14yrs old. I remember the manager for the shop Redman chasing me out during lunch time & sending me back to school.

Over the years I grew into a respected customer & started to get the top customer treatments like getting to buy the records that were hid under the counter(Exclusive ones). The 1st time I met Robbo Ranx was in there. They was also my number 1 outlet for my remix 12” when I used to release them & it felt good when I saw my label on the 7” wall.

Big up to Redman, Papa Face, Robert Allen, Ox & Cliff all of whom who made sure my weekly Thursday fix of new dancehall was on point.

Sun 15 June

My Fathers' Day has been a pretty good one after my rant yesterday. My son got me a 4GB USB key, which is a very useful prezzie as I keep breaking the bit that hangs on to my keys, which in my eye renders them useless as you never have it when you need it most.

Seani & Son

Big up goes out to my scheming team who got my son to record a Fathers' Day message which they duped me into playing without me even catching on to what they’ve done. I was very touched & surprised if you don’t believe me check out the show.

I’m off home to go at get my feet rubbed by wifey!!!!!! It’s Fathers' Day after all... I’m meant to be pampered.

Sat 14 June

Tomorrow is Fathers' Day. A day that I think is forgotten about in the UK diary.

Where are all the high street signs to buy something for daddy? Do I sound like I’m having a moan? Well I am. I’ll be watching very closely the activities in my house tomorrow. They had better not slip up or the summer holiday, birthdays, Halloween, fireworks & Xmas are all cancelled.

Sun 8 June

After a week off the boy is back!!!

This week it was my grans 80th birthday plus it was the funeral for UK Dancehall Star Tubby T, so it’s been hills & valleys for me.

Lately I’ve been to a lot of funerals but none like this. Tubby T had the send off that everyone wishes for. There was close to 1000 mourners that congregated on the streets of NW London. This showed the mark of a loved person. The day was a celebration of his life so the dress code was white & majority complied to that. The whole day was just magical, I saw so many old faces & old school friends. There was also generations of UK dancehall acts that came and paid their respects. Even the get together after the cemetery was something to remember. It was a sombre occasion it was more like an off the chain rave, just the way Tubby would have liked it.

Now for all my old skool crew that checked out the show on Sunday, we had a lot of txts about Click suits. I promised to stick a picture up of me and my boys getting ready for Nottinghill Carnival in 91’ Well here it is!!! Can you tell where I am? Everyone gets me & my younger bro Foots mixed up.

Sun 18 May

I feel like my son has grown up with you guys that love 1Xtra as I always talk about him & I even get approached in clubs people asking how old is he now. Well here’s another chapter in the growing pains of Marcel. Today was his 1st haircut & I was the barber. Not because I’m cheap but because I didn’t wanna put my barber thru the pain of a bawling toddler. He actually wasn’t that bad, I think he was intrigued with his hair disappearing. Now I have the headache of taking him to the barbers & his mum is free of the plaiting duties.

Today I also played a new track from Usher who myself & Max interviewed last week at Radio 1's Big Weekend. The track is called Trading Places & is about men & women swapping the traditional roles in a relationship. In a word…BIG!!!!!! For more tracks from his album Here I Stand make sure you listen to the 1Xtra Breakfast Show all next week with Trevor & Zena who caught up with him & nicked his personal copy of his own album, damn theifs…….JOKES!!!! But they do have tracks from the album to play all next week, plus they spoke to the man himself. I wonder if they got more outta him than Max cos she is the Jeremey Paxman of 1Xtra.

Sun 4 May

This week I was done like a kipper, or least they tried to set me up in preparation for Radio1’s Big Weekend in Kent. As I‘m doing my show from there next weekend on the Sunday, my team thought it would be great dress me up as an indie kid. They recruited Jenna G as the style icon - check out the results here.

Last night I was at club KO with Dr Psycho celebrating his birthday. When you get me & him in a club together you're guaranteed a good nite as we're both nutters. I had a group of girls in the DJ box playing tunes & MCing for their friend celebrating her birthday… name a DJ that’s done that before!!!!!!! The tune of the night had to be Elephant Man’s Pon Di River V Cameo’s Candy. The ravers didn’t know what dance to do!!!! To hear what that refix sounds like check out Saturday's show.

Sun 27 April

This week has been look after Seani B week. You wouldn’t be able to tell on air but I haven’t been 100%... but because I love you guys so much I come and give it my all. So to help relieve the stress, I went for an hour in a flotation tank. If you don’t know what that is, you’re basically lying in a box room filled with water and a lot of salt in the dark. If you’ve never done it before, believe me, it’s the one. That’s why you had a weekend of blinding shows!

On Saturday’s show, we were asking you to tell us who you’ve gone out and seen whilst raving. Big up to V Bee in Sheffield for sending us in this picture of her and Ross Kemp. Even though in the text she said he wasn’t that nice, she’s got a pretty big smile being next to him!

Sun 20 April

Friday night I watched a film that changed my life or atleast my attitude towards the main part of my life. It was the 1st time I had watched a film based on a true story called “It’s all gone Pete Tong” which is about a DJ “Frankie Wilde” that was at the peak of his career when he lost his hearing. He was in denial until it was too late & eventually he went 100% deaf. There was a happy ending if you can call it that as he learnt to appreciate music through the vibrations & he did a club set with his own inventive way of monitoring, but I won’t give away anything as It’s a film I would advice ANY DJ to watch.

The film was very uncomfortable for me to watch as I love my music LOUD, anyone that has worked with me in a studio of any kind can stand testament to that. My headphones also have to blast for me to really feel what I’m doing, but as of Friday night I’m a changed man, cos I was left asking myself this question, Could I live my life if I couldn’t hear? If I answer that honestly…I doubt it!

Seani B

Sun 13 April

Apologies for not updating my diary last week but a boy was beat up like Tony Matterhorn in the UK cup clash. The cup clash is the reason for me not updating my diary as it was a late one & after the Sunday radio show I just wanted my bed.

By now you would know who won that clash, but I have the drama from backstage. Ricky Trooper from Killamanjaro who was knocked out in the 4th round wasn’t happy in the slightest with that decision that allowed Mighty Crown round to the next round. BUT I think the Japanese had wished that they had not got thru to that round as it was probably the worst BOO I have heard a sound get in a long time. You know Trooper was rubbing it in like coco butter.

Seani B and Mighty Crown

Matterhorn had all the excuses in the world for his poor performance & Panther from blackat was in no mood to talk to me after his early exit. But it was nice to see him watching the clash hard like a real fan.

Sentinel gets a special big up for the most inventive dub plate from Cecile. The dub was a remake of Erup’s clicks my finger. All gotta say is ouch!!!!!!

My respect goes out to David Rodigan who I personally thought won the dub fi dub against Bass Odyssey especially after the Tenor Saw dubplate, but the crowd gave it to Squingy & Mark from Bass Odyssey who overall was the better sound throughout each round on the night.

Overall a real good nite & probably one of the most entertaining clashes’ I’ve been to in a long time. Pity it ain’t happening next year, but you never know the promoter’s might do a Jay Z on us.

For the highlights & my backstage interviews from the clash you know what to do CLICK HERE!!!!

Seani B
The Official Sound Clash Reporter

Sun 30 March

What A Week!!!!

On bank holiday Monday I did what I haven’t done for a LOOOOONNNG time! I played Stig In the Dump & lounged around my yard ALLDAY! I ate, slept, watched a movie, slept, ate, slept ate & slept again. Reason being the weekend was a long one with 1xtra Live then shutting down Liquid club in Basingstoke.

On Tuesday I felt real guilty on my Monday laziness, so I hit the gym. I did my cardio stuff, but then decided to tackle some weights. I hate them & I remember why now….THE PAIN. But I will continue in my aim to look built like Timbaland or Dre….You’ll be lucky


I love being a dad & Friday reconfirmed that. I took my boy Marcel to a Thomas the Tank engine show. The look on his face when he saw the big Thomas train is indescribable. The amount of money I spent aswell was indescribable. He’s still young but tried to join in with all the songs & activities, so it was worth it….just about. Roll on the Bob the builder show!!!!!

Sun 23 March

It’s been a second since I’ve updated my diary, not that my life hasn’t had anything exciting….Actually quite the opposite, too much gwanning.

Last week though was more busy than usual as it was all about the countdown to 1Xtra Live. I have to say that was the biggest production that I have been involved in, in my career. If I was to start telling you about my highlights I’d have a book to publish. But seeing everyone drool over Tami Chin was very funny! Check Ace & Vis’s video diary to see what I’m talking bout. But probably the funniest video online is Westwood trying to find Chris Brown. It’s just too funny!!!!!

Seani B at 1Xtra Live

Also this week I blessed my Radio 1 colleague Annie Mac a mini mix for her weekly feature. I was told that Peeps like the Nextmen, Utah Saints & DJ Zinc have come with some serious mixes so there was no pressure for the Remix Kid!! I locked myself away in my lab for 11hrs with 48 tracks to see what I could come up with. My mum always told me self praise in no recommendation, so I’m not gonna say that it was the most Incredible, amazing, death defying, bag of tricks ever created by 2 magical hands on a computer. I’ll let you say that.

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