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mdede frm Manny
evry1 are entitled to their opinion regarding "who the greatest rapper is?". ive read some comments here n it dawned to me that its not about how many sales u get or how much papers u got - it all comes down to one aspect n thats, who appeals more to the vast?i grew up listening to mainstream hip hop n for years ive always said Biggie over Pac but the simple case is, they're both completely different styles n its easy to say Biggie is the greatest bcoz he wasn't the sort to retaliate to the negativity of east vr west. In my opinion, Nas has to be the Greatest n ive come to that conclusion whilst writing this. I could name a list of artist that can easily be considered as the greatest but its was sad to watch Notorious the movie knowing a great talent was taken frm us so young n on top of he's game. I hope hip hop regains the vibe n the rawness it once was in during the 90's altho i cant defent the 80's becoz i didnt grow up listening to that period. Persoanlly the film was good but it wasnt great but im still glad i didnt cop it like i usually do with most films. the highlight of the film was when Biggie's hurst was driven thru his neighbour hood n his mother saw the admiration given to her son - evry mother wud be in awh of that - so my my last thought to evry1 whether black, white, asian or wateva lol - jus keep it real n stay positive n use the chance we have been given. PEACE

Mike Anthony
Notorious B.I.G for me is the greatest rapper that has ever lived and I see no rappers on the horizon that comes close. Jay Z says he's the greatest alive but cannot boast the greatest of all time. Many talk about Tupac who for me was a huge icon of hip hop, the image, the life, the acting and the life he rapped about can never be overlooked which is totally different from spit and flow. Anyone who can say or name a better spitter or rapper with better flow does NOT know HIP HOP!!!

The movie moved me!!!B.I.G the greatest that ever done it!!!

technically the best rapper to ever do it genius, may not of been as raw as some others but hands down an absolute legend bless up B.I.G

Bubba Zork - Reading Town
i always wondered if biggie was still alive what tunes what he of released and what tunes would he have not released.. something to ponder

As a young person, i find tha biggies music till this day represents soo much of todays world.. i have had soo many times wen his music has inspired me 2 do things i neva thought i could.. growing up listeinin to biggie in itself was a privilege.. not knowing what he went threw as a yungn himself. threw listenin 2 his music i grew to understand the world in which he lived.. i would like to thank his mum for bringing such an insprition into to the world.. A master in what he done no one can do it betta.. has he sed The Sky Is The Limit.. There will only ever be one Biggie

never die
2pac`s pyramid of rap

nick 78
no no no tupac was the best rapper no one was ever close to him tupac made B.I.G as big as he was but not bigger than tupac plus biggie was jealous of tupac

for me the best there was his flow noone has and his style is great

Biggie was undeniably a fantastic rapper, his flows were supreme. However his lyrics weren't as thought provoking as 2pac and Nas also has better content. Flow wise undeniably the greatest. As for him being the best ever - no chance, there just wasn't enought of him, you can't call him the best when there were only two albums, 3 or 4 years apart at that.

b.i.g is a legend and shall his legacy live on ....r.i.p x

Listening to B.I.G always inspired me even during his lifetime and even in death. It was the lyrics and delivery that made him the best there ever was. B.I.G was the James Brown of the rap game that inspired his generation and more generations to come.B.I.G for live.

the movie of B.I.G is wack!!!i was hoping diddy and the rest of the people who are played in the move will play a large part in the story plus and proper story writer to make it cinematically appealing!!!but it was far from it and as much as i wldnt want to mention,it brings to mind fiddys poor attempt with "get rich or dye tryin".big up still to juice ,8mile and the ice qube movies represent

laura c
biggie was the best rapper ever and every 1 nos that !!!!!

pac woz da best but biggie is only a lil bit behind follwd bi eminem n den big daddy kane

Ready to die, Gimmie the loot... Ye, the good old days. Love him...

he was slicker than your average!

If u r lookin 4 flow then it is B.I.G all the way but if u listen to the lyrics deeply then gota b Pac

BIG is still relevant coz still no-one has come close in the 12 years since his death. Love Pac,Big L, Rakim, Nas .. but its Big Poppa all the way. Biggie was the only one was able to consistently deliver the tightest flow, lyrical content AND a club banger - all in one song. Favourite line .. " the coroner.. there's gonna be a lotta slow singin and flower bringin if my burglar alarm starts ringin".Favourite tracks - The Warning, Story To Tell, Sky's the Limit, Juicy .. c'mon man you expect me to say just ONE??RIP big poppa XX


jus becoz biggie has a film out evry1 suddenly luvs him, he dosnt hav nuffin on 2pac, biggie had lyk 4-5 big tracks and that was it 2pac had loads and was and still is making more money than him, but biggie is still a legend along side 2pac them 2 made hip hop huge!!!!!

i think he was just as good as 2pac,if i had 2 pick between pac or biggie i couldnt...R.I.P 2pac and biggie....RESPECT to the greatest rappers of all time..

oh please,no way, he's about 5th/6th in my top 10 "what everyone sleeping on the original story tellers" just to name a few, Rakim,Nas,Kool G Rap, Raekwon, as impact on a track 2Pac, dont get me wrong biggy was nice, but naw still R.I.P.1

tupac has been played out, too comercial, biggie still underground.. and if u dont know now u know!!1

tupac lyrics no where near the level that bigs where, best by far

2pac and westcoast all the way

DaN g
Na Pac was theu ltimate greatest but only Biggie can say he was in the same class as him. The film is rubbish anyway and not even true all the way, like he never dealt drugs in real life.Biggie's best tune has to be Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

He was the greates rhymer of all time but I suggest people watch out for The Game I believe he is the next 2Pac who was the greatest rapper.

biggies music is refreshig to hear these dayz cos it was a much simpler time when rap was proper rap unlike so called rappers these dayz! definetly a legend! rip, alwayz have to put Pac at number 1 tho! but have to agree these dayz jigga is the best rapper alive!

biggie smashed it better than 2pacxx

yes he still has major pull over hip hop now

G Doggy dawg
Biggie was definately the best rapper rip big dawg, love biggie. everyone needs to hear some biggie sometime in their life and reminice

i hope they dont destroy biggie`s image.still, biggie is a badman .looking down.

the UK remix of Juicy is sick,wish it was available for download!

Don't believe the hype!
Does anyone round here know what they are talking about? I don't think so! I have been a DJ & radio presenter for seventeen years & heard alot of music over that time, believe me. So we are talking about the best Hip Hop artist/group of all time. There is only one! It is Big Daddy Kane! Simple! Closely followed by Public Enemy & Gangstarr. Biggie was a wicked artist, don't get me wrong but he is know where near as good as Big Daddy Kane, Chuck D from PE & Guru from Gangstarr. I can hear alot of people say who? These artists are true pioneers & don't get enough recognition today. Before you start running your mouths off listen to what I'm saying, educate your minds & check the artists you might not of heard because radio programmers & DJ's don't drop quality music that they think might alienate audiences. Don't believe the hype, which is what the music industry surrounds itself in today to try & flog music & artists that are hear today gone tomorrow! Those who know will agree. And as for 2pac don't make me laugh!!

Biggie was definately in the top 3 dunno where i would put him he is 1 of my favourites but i think Eminem lyrically is at the top and jay z also but there all brilliant looking forward to seeing the film..... RIP

biggie was da man,he had his own style!

Bruce grove representative
i say biggie was one of the best rappers in his time but i wouldnt compare him to 2pac because its like comparing 50 cent to jay-z, the movie tries to tell us that biggi ewas humble during his feud with 2pac but honestly it was so unrealistic wen he jsut started pointing fingers at biggie, but i can understand why he pointed fingers, he did get rushed in biggies area, little cesar or woteva his name holds a makor part to play in both deaths i fink and shug nite but no1 will eva know the story, biggie was one of the best.

No. Run DMC were the BEST rappers period.

Sadie Jade
He Was An Inspiration To His Fans & Upcoming Artists!!His Lyrics Were Heavy & So Real!! "Damn Right, I Like The Life I Live Cos I Went From Negative To Positive"....R.I.P Biggie!! Much Love xx

tom from yate!!
biggie was the best rapper i've every heard no rapper can step up to the level he was on R.I.P Biggie best rapper that ever lived xxxxxx

Nah.. Biggie Was HAAAAAARD..!! He Wud Say Fings No Other Rapper Would.. Like Twisted Fings.. Buh Dat Made Him Diffrent.. He Had A Unique Flow.. N He Had Content.. 2Pac Was Really Any Other Rapper.. x.x.x

Bad Boy
Tupac aint got nothin on Biggie.. Biggie was better lyrically and had much better freestyles.. Pac was good probably 2nd but Biggie was definately 1st.. A true east coast legend, Pac had much better energy but Biggie would have produced much more had he been around longer.. it really shows how great he is when he released 2 albums and is now a legend RIP Biggie, Pac, Big L and Eazy-E.. True legends in the hip hop game.. Nothin like the rubbish these days all Pop music and glamourised.. Couldnt lace the shoes of these legends.. The Game, Gangstarr and Nas are the only three real rappers alive these days.

B.I.G. L
Best ever aapart from jigga. favourite line........'when it comes to sex, i'm similla to tha thrilla in manilla b****** call me bigga the condom filla

he was the best full stop - you young cats need to recognize

richie rich
all i gotta say he is ONE of the greatest rappers ov all time standard the man had sick flow and could tell a story like no other when he rap - (check i gotta story to tell - SIIIIIIIICCCCCCCKKKKKK TUNEEE PEACE

Would you all still think they was the best of all time if they hadn't died? i think some of the newer rappers like lupe dont get enuff credit. ohh and i love soulja boy. jokes

hell yeah mann , biggie was da best ever!

Biggie is BIG in da gamee true talkss!! But he ain't da greatest i don't think..2pac had the edge over himStyl, biggie anyday for me!

Sunny D
He's UNBELIEVEABLE...BIggie Smalls is the illest!! Says it right there

No one can match Biggies flow, but when it comes to what they had to say, Tupac was the best

B.I.G Sadly missed but never forgotten platinum artists today still using his lyrics nuff said a legend......RIP

biggie no1

Hmmm was BIGGIE the best? yes and no, yes becuase at the time he could have trumped any1 wif no bother, but 2pac was just as great, them 2 along with BigL Eminem, and to a certain extint 50

Young Slipz
You rain on the top was short like Lepprcorns

NO he was not the best but he was up there...........2Pac was the best them days.....but if you asked me now I'd say it's got to be H to the Izzo JAY-Z

Biggie is defo one of the best hip hop artist's of all time



Biggie always talked about the bling, money and girls. He aint got nothin on Tupac RIP

There is no other rapper apart from Pac that still has strong presence in the rap game stil til this day, both there names always get mentioned and everyone knows they are and always will be the greatest rappers to ever be born on planet earth, period.

the Greatest Rapper of All Time? NO

yusaf kiani
nah its all about 2pac BRAAAAAAAAP

i have already watched the film and i thought it was great it just makes you think buts you in his shoes he was great and this is a nice way to remeber him xxxBig Film

Alex G
Yes, yes, yes! He is the true definition of legend. He is the greatest to have ever done it as his general style was/is classes above everyone else, a true lost to the musical world. My favorite Biggie track would probably have to be One More Chance. Really looking forward to seeing his amazing life in the movie, straight down there on friday!

luke from lesta
biggie is big he is the 1 and all new rapers like chipmunk skepta jme etc. should all trie to achieve jis greatness!!!

luvd his rebellious nastiness..his music has been highly influential to hip hop artists over the years - he broke music boundaries, speaking his mind and playing on words..definately on parr with tupac - as good as each other in different yet similar ways..

biggie is the siccest spitta eva. he gets all his fans buzzin

Yes biggie was the greatest rapper . He's the **** R.I.P XXXXX

Is Biggie's music still relevant? Was it the delivery or content that made him stand out? Was he the Greatest Rapper of All Time? What's your favourite Biggie line? What's your favourite track?

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