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Sunday 30th November - Goldie

Drum and bass icon and pioneer, national icon, artist and conductor Goldie brings 1Xtra Loves HomeGrown to a fitting climax with a massive day of his programs all day on 1Xtra. Check out what's in store.

Sunday Roast

The Sunday Roast
Goldie treated Treble T and fellow D&B star Bailey to a roast dinner round his house.
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Al Gee
Fundamental. Full Stop.

.... and I am a lover of the music and what Bailey already has achieved is admirable... I love Goldie's humor and it will sparkle all over IXta

Indeed... the head of the most iconic dnb movement deserves respect. As for the importance of black music, we have always had it, but being an OJ colour or creed means nothing, its the music that matters

Goldie i`ve been into d&b music since 92 hardcore manix 4-hero reinforced days and that sunday takeover was the best all day radio i`ve heard in a long time kind of hit a cord with what i grew up on music wise your choices where spot on uk music at it`s best and a groove set from blue note and finish well back to 97 in effect all prototype and headz classics respects sir you fab groove bailey legends my musical legends no question peace all music lovers

That Rai tune is sick... Big show 1xtra nuff classics

Bling 'Goldteeth' Crosby
WOW.Here's a guy who came from nothing, who had nothing, who no one probably, really gave a ish about in his youth. In that situation you either can go one of two ways really. Bounce in and out of prison for the rest of your life. Or make something of yourself. He choose that latter, and WHAT a legacy he's left so far in music, painting etc.. but don't take my word for it- look its right there in front of you - 9 glorious hours of it! If you don't find that inspiring, you must be dead.

Black Country Bomba
Me n the dog bin listening ta Guldie with a string o black puddin, bottle o bathams n bag of scratchins this afternoon. Absolutely boston smoshin great! Owa kid dun us proud

what happened to the burial minimix?

Jack mk
loving it, wana know who that tainted love remix was by???

the man is a legend! big fan of the metalheads. will be locked throughout the day

Lewis J Star
Goldie, Mint! ere for the day wivout a doubt. Like the way he has a vast understanding of music, even on dat program on D tele forgot wot it was called now sorry! The Backbone of D&B A true British treasure! Big up fella! Lewis

oi oiiiiiiiiiiii
im sick tired of dis restectins dat u can watch if ain in uk allowed daat one extra please do so inn about u got bare fans in helsnki stockholm come on

In charge of 1Xtra ! that would be awsome !!Listening DnB since early 90's, I think of Goldie as someone who took this music to an other level alike 4hero. He brought the some of best DnB beats along with great composition. Both "Timeless" and "Saturn Return" are Must have albums. Cheers from Paris..

dj d'bray
goldie is a legend. the terminator ep; timeless lp being grounbreaking masterpeices, influencing metalheadz the label, the club, the hole headz with soul, the ruff with the smoove ! our music would not be the same. love him !


Yes, Big up Goldie each and every, Metalheadz, one of the seminal dnb labels putting out the best jungle music to date!

Are you looking forward to Goldie's in charge of 1Xtra? How important do you think he has been to the development of UK black music? Holla at us!

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