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28 October 2014

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UK Cup Clash 2005

Watch: Round 1 & 2 | Mighty Crown Round for Round
Listen Seani B breaks it down | Were you there?
Ninja Man at the UK Cup Clash 2005
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This year's UK Cup Clash took place at London's Stratford Rex and was hosted by Ninja Man and 1Xtra's Robbo Ranx. Make sure you Listen listen to the broadcast.
Robbo Ranx backstage at the clash
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The Cup Clash runs over six rounds and has very strict rules. We caught Robbo brushing up backstage.
Young Hawk, Bass Odyssey, Mighty Crown and One Love gather on stage
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Young Hawk, Mark from Bass Odyssey, Mighty Crown and One Love gather on stage to draw their order of performance.
Young Hawk from USA
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Round one was a non-elimination round. Each sound played for 10 minutes starting with Young Hawk, fresh from the US.
One Love
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The real war begins in round two. This round sees two sounds eliminated. The audience response saw One Love (Italy) and Young Hawk (USA) out of the running. Matterhorn and Immortal dropped some fierce and unusual dubs.... But you'll have to wait until Saturday to hear them!
Squingy of Bass Odyssey
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Round three was all about vocals, DJ tunes were prohibited. Bass Odyssey's Squingy was well recieved and Odyssey were clearly the crowds' favourite...
Pink Panther of Black Kat
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...closely followed by Jamaica's Black Kat, with the charismatic front man Pink Panther whipping the audience into a frenzy.
The Stratford Rex crowd
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The crowd were left to decide who should get knocked out... Sometimes it was so close Robbo and Ninja had to ask the crowd more than once.
Tony Matterhorn
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In round three...Tony Matterhorn repping JA had to go. Did he play the same Dub twice? You'll have to listen to find out.
Mighty Crown
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Mighty Crown were on awesome form. Not tipped from the beginning but looking dangerous now. The energy and arrogance of Sammy and Simon went down a treat.
Birmingham's Immortal
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Birmingham's Immortal put on a wicked show and surprised some of the audience. They showed no fear, reacted quickly to the crowd and they definitely brought their fans along.
Pink Panther of Black Kat
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Each round was tougher to eliminate a sound but after round four the crowd determined that reigning champs Black Kat were out of the clash.
Ninja Man and Squingy
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This left Bass Odyssey, Mighty Crown and Immortal. Squingy, hungry for the trophy grabbed the mic and got himself disqualified for use of profanity which was strictly prohibited in round five.
Squingy and Tony Matterhorn
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The crowd and fellow clashers were vex but hey, rules are rules...
Robbo and Squingy
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...so Robbo had to take back the mic.
Order of appearance
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That left Immortal and Mighty Crown. Each sound played one tune at a time and the Rex crowd had to show love to the sound they thought selected the best tunes. The battle was tight...
Mighty Crown
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...and after more controversy about who had the biggest response, it was sealed - The Far East Rulers, Mighty Crown were the out and out winners.
Were you there?

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