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17 May 09

After the party, its 'The After Party'.
Pure Funky House with DJ Footloose on 1Xtra!

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Artist - track


Bizzi’s- Bizzi’s Party
Smasher ft Mighty Moe- Ride Again
Unknown-Broken Soul
Marco Del Horno ft Katie Leone- - Never Gonna Let You Go
Crazy Cousinz- Inflation
Puppet Master- Inflation Master Remix
Art Of Fresh- Out Of This World
Geeneus- Crackless
Meleka- Go (Crazy Cousins Mix)
Sean D- what
Donae’o- Watching Her Move
Sia- Little Man (DJ Q Remix)
Brassstooth- Celebrate Life (DJ Footloose Remix)
Geeneus- Yellow Tail (Remix)
Mercurial Myrmidon- Adjusted Funk
Fuzzy Logic Ft Egypt- In The Morning
Jedset- Rockin With Attitude (Bigga Samson Mix) Soulheat Records
Attacca Peasante ft Shea Soul- Make It Funky For Me
2winz Of Sin Present Devotion- 187 (Your Love)


Jada- Love Is (Love Breeze)
Delerious ft Sweetness- Truthful
Footsteps ft Al- Tell Me
Invasions- Horns
Monsta Boy ft Dwaine Hayden- Sorry (Illmana remix)
Hard House Banton- Sirens (DJ Sami Sanchez Remix)
Illmana vs Gucci- Bossman
ENZ- Minimal
Plauge - Don’t Be Shy
Akatriel- On On
Dem Lot Family- Still Here
Miss Fire Ft Van Cleef - Lost In Your House
Barber Bizzle ft Miss Fire- Do You Feel The Same
ELB- I Feel
Crazy Cousins ft Kimona- I C U
Black Coffee ft Bucci- Turn Me On
K Cat- Get Off The Wall (Delio D’Cruz Mix)


Timmy Vegas ft Universe band- Can’t Make It
ST ft Kasha- Nothing New
Attacca Pesante ft Jaychai- I Ain’t Gonna
Soul Tonic Sound System- Never Enough
Soul vs. Reel People- Omar- I’m Out Of Love
TJ Cases ft J Key- I Got Love (Cut House Records)
Monique Bingham- Kissing Strangers
Ultra Nate- Love’s The Only Drug
Rebecca Knight vs Kentophonik- Guilty Secret/ Sunday Showers
Teedra Moses- Be Your Girl (DJ Perempay Remix)
Perempay & Dee- Time To Let Go


Soul Gypsy- Black Russian
Reeni- Addicted (Blackhouse Project)
Jam & Tonic- Come Dancing
This Is Blackhouse- Blackhouse Project
NB Funky- Rhythm Box- (DJ Sami Sanchez Remix)
Footloose ft Courtney Dennie- So Dangerous (M Sadler Remix)
Nick Holder ft The S/M- Erotic Illusions (PokerFlat)
Monique Bingham- Won’t Stop (Faeda Remix)
Stan-Ley – Dele Sosimi- 2 Atide
Akatriel- Fly Away
Doc Deneeka- Shut Up
Teeq Flows Ft Jaide Green& Guga DZL- Night Train
Geeneus ft Katy B- As I
Leo The Lion- Call My Lions
D Malice ft Rebecca Knight- Poison
Chris Bayer- Heartbreaker
House Of Dwongo ft Ali X- Talk To Me
DJ Naughty- Darken Days
Mr V- Feel (The Trackheadz Remix)

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