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03 May 09

DJ Footloose
Makes It Funky For We!!!

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Artist - track

0200 - 0230
Unknown - Can’t Make It Through
Unknown - Broken Soul
MJ Cole – Got To Have It
Gracious Nappa Man K – Migraine Skank
Sean D – What
Little Silver – Season
Attacca Pesante ft Shey Soul – Make It Funky For Me

0230 - 0330
Laidback Luke ft Robyn SShow Me Love
Solo - Bop
Fuzzy Logic ft Egypt – In The Morning
Monk & Prof ft Shea Soul - Superman
Apple - Stop Biting Apple
Meleka – Go (Crazy Cousins)
Mouse Mouse ft. Jade– Love Is Love
Doc Daneeka - Shut Up
Euphonix ft Nicole Jackson – Other Girl
ELB - I Feel
Marco Del Horno – Pump Up The Volume
Teedra Mosses – Your Girl (DJ Perempay & Dee Remix)
Lil Silver – Different
Diamond – Burning
DJ Matchstick ft Erica IJI – Its Over
PMft Nade – Leaving Love
D Malice ft Rebecca Knight - Poison
Rebecca Knight vs Kentphonik – Guilty Secret / Sunday Showers

0330 – 0430
Kentphonik – Sunday Showers
Crazy Cousinz – Inflation
Little Bit funky – TribalJiva
Qualified - Higher
Rosko ft Jamie George – Love 2Night
Unknown - Do You Feel The Same Way
Geeneus - Yellow Tail (Remix)
Miss Fire ft Van Cleff - Lost In Your House
Miss Fire ft Barber Bizzle - Take Me Away
Ill Blue vs Gucci - Bossman
Cense ft Sanna Hartfield – Summer Love
Stee ft Tasha – Nothing To Me
Black Coffee ft Bucci - Turn Me On
Monique Bingham - Won't Stop (Faeda Remix)
Omar -Out of Love (Souled vs Reel People)
TJ Cases – Fast Cash
DJ Perempay ft N Dee & Cleo – Time To Let Go (Soul Shine)
Black Russian – Soul Gypsy
Inaya Day Ralph Gum – Reep (Red Soul Remix) (Deep Sugar)
House of Dwongo ft. Ali - x - Talk To Me (Dwongo Recordings)
Daddy Funk – With Flute

0430 - 0530

FootLoose ft Courtney Denny – Soul Dangerous (M Saddler Remix)
TJ Casesft Natalie Brooms – Fragile (Cut House Records)
Unknown - Night Train
Crazy Cousinz ft KimonaI C U
Smasher ft Jane Chloe – Green Light
Sabrina Washington – Get Out Of My House (Donaeo Mix)
Delio D' Cruz ft Kat - Get Off the Wall
Footsteps ft A.L - Tell Me
Seani B ft Lil London - Mr Seduction (Sammy Sanchez)
Jazmine Sullivan – Buss Your Window (Dubplate Wonder Remix)
Unknown - Can’t Make It Through
Ultra Nate - Love's the Only Drug

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