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Dynamo: Street magician

Dynamo has the magic

Question: You're the smallest kid on the block. You live on a notorious Bradford estate. How do you survive?

Answer: Get good at fact develop a unique card-shuffling technique and throw in a few body-popping moves. 

The incredible magician Steven Frayne came in to show Rampage why David Blaine gave him the name of Dynamo, "This kid's a dynamo".

Dynamo's magic video

The story
Dynamo was first inspired by magic by a trip to New Orleans where he watched street hustlers, card sharks and gamblers. He knew then he wanted to be a magician when he grew up (or grew older anyway).

He practised his card tricks, mixed them with a bit of breakdancing, and started showing his skills on the northern club scene.

In 2000 Dynamo made a name on the local 'magic scene' by winning the Bradford Magic Circle Championships. Then in 2002 he won the Northern Magic Circle Vice President's award and became the only UK magician to rank in the top 4 at the International Magic Convention.

Since then he's been wowing many names from Dizzee Rascal and Ms Dynamite to Snoop Dogg and Jazzy Jeff. Party tricks include turning a £5 into a £20, getting a coin through the bottom of a beer bottle and even twisting the label on the bottle before revealing he has twisted the glass underneath. Spooky.  

Dynamo's magic video


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