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Semtex with Kanye West

Listen again to interviews and freestyles by some of the biggest artists from both sides of the Atlantic.


Kanye West
| Kanye Day on 1Xtra (2007)
"I'm a grown man and I partake in porn. I don't have anything to hide and people can relate to me more for that".
Kanye West opens up to Semtex
video iconSemtex interviews Kanye on MySpace

Talib Kweli (2007)
"People say I'm a deep lyricist, but they wouldn't listen if the music didn't sound good."
Sem talks to Talib

Common (2007)
"I love the fact that women appreciate a brother. I just love women, man!"
Chicago's conscience speaks out

Chamillionaire (2007)
"It's always about going against the grain and doing something different. Like I took out my grill when everybody else was wearing a grill."
Semtex speaks to Houston's finest

Jazzy Jeff (2007)
"I love Roots Manuva and Dizzee Rascal. I really love Ty. The UK hip hop scene makes me mad cos it exposes a bigger problem in the US."
Jazzy Jeff talks to Blakey

50 Cent (2007)
"There's nobody in hip hop bigger then me, other then Eminem."
Semtex grills Fiddy

The Game (2006)
"I tried to warn Prodigy, but Mobb Deep have tarnished their name and killed their legacy by joining G Unit!"
The Game opens up to Semtex

DJ Shadow (2006)
""Two years ago, nobody knew what Hyphy was. After 'Tell Me When To Go' came out, everyone was on it!"
Blakey meets DJ Shadow

Jay-Z (2006)
"Hip hop is lacking creativity. That's why I think people say it's dead. Before Tribe was hot, Ice Cube was hot, Rakim was hot. You know? Different types of music."
Jay breaks down hip hop's new school

Nas (2006)
"Jay and myself aren't rappers who need diss records to make us who we are, like so many other rappers who have to talk about people. That's how they got in the business, that's how they're gonna go out the business."
Nas speaks on his beef with Jay-Z and more

Mobb Deep (2006)
"50 Cent stepped to us. He wanted to do a deal with us and, from there, the Piggy Bank joint was water under the bridge."
Mobb Deep as G-Unit soldiers holla at Semtex

T.I. (2006)
"I released an album in 2001 but it didn't get the attention I felt it deserved, so we took matters into our own hands and formed Grand Hustle."
Hear T.I speak about how his career started

Busta Rhymes (2005)
"We're just trying to finish the album. We're pretty much trying to bus' everyone's ass in this rap game."
Busta on his new Dr Dre-produced album
Discuss Busta's album

Juelz Santana (2005)
"I realise what it takes to win. This time around I just put in that extra work. I did over 160 songs." 
Juelz carries the baton for the Dipset crew


Terrafirma - Friday Night Mixtape (2006)
"Seeking to find the deepest meaning on earth..."
Terrafirma freestyle

Scorcher & Wretch 32 - Hip Hop Weekend (2006)
"I don't drive, I don't cruise / but I'll buy you a buss pass!"
Scorcher & Wretch 32 freestyle
Peep the photos

Snoop - Original Fever (2005)
"People understand Doggy Dogg is like a beaver / kicking real game on Original Fever..."
Snoop freestyle

Kano - Dedications Show (2005)
"I'm busy but I still pop up on road / roll with my boys that plot for the dough..." 
Kano's freestyle

Klashnekoff - Dedications Show (2005)
"Two double O 5, genocide's the new cancer / so I move like a lion with the mind of a panther..." 
Klashnekoff's freestyle

Professor Green - Homegrown Weekend (2005)
"Talk my name and I'll slay you / me and rap go together like Kate Moss on tables..." 
Professor Green's freestyle

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