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Ny - The First Lady of RnG


"You're seeing it first-hand. This star's gonna make it to the mainstream from the underground." DJ Cameo

Ready to shake up the UK scene, vocalist Ny spoke to DJ Cameo before the release of her mixtape Split Endz Vol 2 (Monday 26 March 2007).

Representin' garage collective True Tiger, hear the First Lady of RnG below.

Interview: Part onetwo | three

Acoustic performance: Who Is She


The difference between Vol 1 and Vol 2:
"The first mixtape was about me testing the waters and seeing where my audience is. Okay, I've given them that, now I have to step up and be ten times better. Otherwise, as JME says 'have a drink!".

The process:
"Sometimes I come with an idea and get played a couple different beats. I’d fit my vocals to the beat. Or I'd hear one and think 'oh my God, I need that right now!' and go crazy writing."

Fire on MySpace:
"Everyone was going crazy about the track Fire on the website. People were coming up to me and saying that they’d seen the video and they were feeling it. So yea, [it helped open boundaries] 100%."

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