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Grime hits South Africa

Shyam & Purple outside Mandela's old cell in South Africa

Shyam and Purple of the True Tiger fam made history when they brought the UK's rawest sound to South Africa... for the first time ever!

The pair dropped into DJ Cameo's show to explain exactly what went down. Read the highlights, check the audio and see the pics.

DJ Cameo:
It's a big look for you guys. How'd it all come about?

Basically a promoter from Capetown called Mustafa hollered at man like 'I wanna get you and Shyam out here'. He wanted to us to do a show and hook up with some headz out there, so we made it happen. 

DJ Cameo:
What was the club night like?

The club was called Tonic.

The whole night was about the first two grime artists to come to SA, and promoting grime.

You linked up with a few producers and artists as well as spreading the word?

Standardly. We went out there to work as well, collaborating with a couple artists, Ben Sharpa and Terror MC...

...and D Planet on the beats. It was an exclusive link from the UK to the SA. It's big that we can take music created in London around the world.

Entire inteview with DJ Cameo
UK & SA collabo track - Eyes To The Sky
Pictures from SA

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