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3 October 2014
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1Xtra in Japn
1Xtra in Japan
Seani B in Yokohama
Seani B on Japan's Dancehall scene

Video: Seani in Yokohama
with Mighty Crown.
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Seani B travelled to the Land of the Rising Sun to find out what's poppin' on the Dancehall scene. Is it as big as they say it is? Do the Japanese really get down like we do in the UK? Read what Seani had to say when we put the questions to him.

1) What were your first impressions of the Dancehall scene in Japan?
Dancehall is alive and kicking. The record shops have all the latest riddims like anywhere else but for a record collector like myself, there's a lot of oldies that I would buy... more so than the new stuff. You got to know and have your foundation.

2) Who are the main players to look out for?
Mighty Crown are definitely the big dawgs and are in a different class. I've been told to look out for a sound called Sunset, whose dubplate box is deep. Pushim is a female artist with melodies and harmonies as good as anyone I've heard. There's Fireball who have been compared to TOK. They work closely with Mighty Crown which helps.

3) Why do you think Dancehall has become so popular?
Looking around Tokyo, it seems that Japanese people love to adopt different cultures. Hip Hop is absolutely huge out here. You see it and hear it on a daily basis. Everyone has their own flava so, it's like, Dancehall and the Jamaican culture wouldn't struggle to find it's place either.

4) How would you compare the music scene to the UK or Jamaica?
Japan is obviously different to the UK and JA as they are who they are! You know, people with deep traditions that the rest of the world could learn from. Still, I'd say that the Japanese passion for good music is just like any British or Jamaican Dancehall fan.

5) What do you think it'll be like DJing out here for the first time? I'm not sure what to expect. People react differently around the world. I just hope that they're ready for the Seani B madness!

Video: Seani in Yokohama
with Mighty Crown.
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1Xtra in Japan

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