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1Xtra in Japn
1Xtra in Japan
Pain or gain: Your results are in!
Ace and Invisible thought they had a chilled trip to Japan. Little did they know, we set them up. Peep what happened when they did the 3 challenges you voted for.

Challenge 1 - The capsule hotel
Someone had to spend their nights sleeping in a legendary capsule hotel.
Ace: 63% | Vis: 37% listen Ace's reaction

1) Ace explains that he's tired and this challenge isn't so bad right now.
2) But then, the capsule is only slightly bigger than his washing machine.
3) That's one tough bed!
4) I guess when you wanna catch some zzz's you'll find a way to sleep.

Challenge 2 - Sumo training
It was time to face off against a professional sumo wrestler at a traditional stable.
Vis: 52% | Ace: 48% listen Vis' reaction

1) The sumo sign. This is for real.
2) Always thinking ahead, Vis (right) brings Ace as back-up.
3) Vis is probably the first person in Japan to do sumo in his shorts and Air Forces. You'll have to lose the t-shirt though.
4) It was difficult but the Troublemaker of Radio put up a good fight.

Challenge 3 - The communal Japanese baths
Have you ever had a public bath? One of these guys had to.
Vis: 58% | Ace: 42% listen Vis' reaction

1) Vis puts his creps in the locker.
2) He looks worried as pays for the towel...
3) But then he realises that there is a ladies section.
4) Vis waits for the coast to clear before dipping his toe into the spa. This is as far as the camera could go.


1Xtra in Japan

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