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The Jah Cure story

Listen back to the exclusive European in-depth interview with renowned dancehall artist Jah Cure as he speaks to 1Xtra's Robbo Ranx.

The interview took place fresh from Cure's debut performance at Reggae Sundance in Holland in August, the first gig since his release from prison.

In the interview, Jah speaks frankly on:

:: Pressure to live up to the hype around him
"I don't feel pressure - I love what I do. I feel I am a real performer but the world is yet to see that."

:: His sentence
"It was harsh, but at times when you have tough problems you have to be tougher than your problems, and do as much as you can to overcome them ... you are already in a situation, and you have to think to yourself "I don't want to die, I want to survive", so you have to survive by any means and stay on top."

:: Negative attitudes towards him and his situation
"I don't let negativity get to me - when they want to be negative towards me I just write songs ... the more negative they are, the more I write."

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