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  • The West Indian Gazette ceases publication, after the death of its editor, Claudia Jones.Claudia Jones (1915-1964) was a Trinidadian who spent most of her life in New York. She was an active Communist and edited the Negro Affairs section of the paper, the Daily Worker. In 1955 during the McCarthy 'witch-hunts' for Communists she was given asylum in London.It was in London she founded the West Indian Gazette ('58) which formed part of her campaign for equal rights. Within two years, it had a circulation of 15,000. Claudia was also one of the team that launched the Notting Hill carnival in 1959.


  • Notting Hill Carnival. Originally held in several halls, it was a showcase for Caribbean talent considering the slogan, 'A people's art is the genesis of their freedom'. During the 60s it got closer to the Trinidadian carnival roots with street processions, costumes and Masqueraders. The Jamaican sound systems joined in and the carnival as we know it today took shape."Notting Hill Carnival took off in 1965, but we cannot forget the effect that the murder of Kelso Cochrane had on the whole community of Notting HillÖafter the race riots in 1958/1959. These events brought a cohesion and understanding amongst the Afro-Caribbeans which was lacking before and eventually brought them all together in the celebration of Carnival.Claudia Jones did much to promote it in the early stages as did Amy Ashwood Garvey, wife of Marcus Garvey." Pearl Connor-Mogotsi.


  • After more than ten peaceful years of Notting Hill Carnival, all hell breaks loose after police tried to arrest a pickpocket. More than 100 police officers had to be taken to hospital and about 60 carnival-goers also needed medical treatment after the clashes, which led to the arrest of at least 66 people. Read more

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