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Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner

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Guidance: Some tracks below contain language which may offend

  1. Sittin' Here
  2. Stop Dat
  3. I Luv U
  4. Brand New Day
  5. 2 Far (feat. Wiley)
  6. Fix Up, Look Sharp
  7. Cut 'em Off
  8. Hold Ya Mouf (feat. God's Gift)
  9. Round We Go (Ain't No Love)
  10. Jus' a Rascal
  11. Wot U On?
  12. Jezebel
  13. Seems 2 Be
  14. Live O
  15. Do It

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    • 1. At 9:56pm on 26 Oct 2010, sangwa machine wrote:

      yeah this being called the best grime album ever made is a fair statment because this did pioneer the genre and made it professional and worth buying rather than illegal downloading

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