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17th November

The best in soulful underground music

Artist - Track (Label)

Jay-Z | 30 Something (Def Jam)
Snoop ft. Dr Dre & D'Angelo | Imagine (Universal)
Kid Sublime | Funky Folk Shits (CDR)
Talib Kweli | Funny Money (White)
Pharoahe Monche | Desire (MCA)
Braintax | Anti-Grey (Lowlife)
Ty & Kori | Reap (White)
Black Pocket | The Road (White)
Sa Ra Creative Partners | Beat Number Four (Jazzy Sport)
4Hero | Superwoman (Raw Canvas)
Carlos Garnett | Uncle Ben & Aunt Jemima (Happy Bird Records)
Fanga ft. Tony Allen | Crache La Douleur (Fanga)
Bruk Replacements | Unknown (Dubplate)
Steve & I | You're The One I Want (White)
Hipster Wonkaz | Kids Are Too Small (CDR)
Osunlade | A Monk's Tear (Yoruba)
Omar-S | Foe Show (FXHE)
Hot Chip | Laid Back (Maurice Fulton Remix) (White)
Super-J | Super-J Love Theme Part II (The Hitmakers of America)
Chico Mann | Sound Is Everything (Kindred Spirits)
Peven Everett | Sexy Make Up (Defected)
Outkast | Unknown (Arista)
Kid Sublime | The Soul Ride (CDR)
Flying Lotus | 1983 (Plug Research)
John Robinson | Makings Of You (Shamaan Work)
Maestro | Who You Gonna Blame (CDR)

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