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Where were you born?
Born and bred in South London.

Your favourite hobby and/or present as a kid
A bit of an obvious one really, but I liked playing and collecting my mum's old 7-inch records. I also used to love dismantling old bits of hi-fi equipment and other electrical things to see if I could fix them.

How you got into being a DJ/presenter
I began trying to emulate the scratching I heard coming through the speakers using my mum's midi hi-fi. That led me to get my first (beat-up) pair of turntables and a mixer and I began making mixtapes for friends. This led to being requested at house parties, wine bars and local halls. I played on a few pirate radio stations, one of which was Energy FM. Kemistry & Storm heard me on there and they asked me to become a resident at Metalheadz. From there I started travelling the world DJing.

Your biggest influence(s)
My main influence growing up was Motown music. I loved Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and a lot of other Motown artists. My mum used to play it a lot on Sundays when she cleaned the house. I think that and hip hop led me to be where I am now.

Biggest achievements
Winning the Knowledge Drum and Bass Award for Best Radio Show in 2003. It was also great to have got on to 1Xtra knowing what they were setting out to do. I also did remixes for A Guy Called Gerald and Roni Size, two of my most respected producers and I've had a release on Goldie's label Metalheadz and am now also working alongside him on our new label 'Rufige' which is set up to bring lesser-known artists to the fore.

Key tune that you love or inspired you
Anything - A Guy Called Gerald. That was the one track that encompassed my thoughts and everything I wanted in a record at that time (1992) and was responsible for me making the full switch to Drum and Bass.

Favourite lyric
"Living the life, you're a jetsetter" from the Gladys Knight & The Pips track Bourgie Bourgie. It gives me a great sense of pride for what I do and always reminds of how lucky I am to be doing this. I sometimes play it to myself when I'm taking off on a flight to another country to DJ.

Your dream gig or collaboration
Drum and Bass meets Motown. Unstoppable!!

Interests / hobbies outside music
I like to visit countries I wouldn't get a chance to go to as a DJ.

Three rules you live your life by
1. Honesty
2. Compromise
3. Pride

What would you do if you were a woman for a day?
I'd hang out with other women and see what they're really like.

You get one free slap on somebody in the world to tell them to sort it out, who would get it and why?
Can I extend that to the universe?? Only because the 'powers above' need a slap. As happy as I am here I feel like the planet earth is a project gone wrong that needs fixing. I can't stand the greed of mankind.

If you ran the country what would you change/initiate?
It probably wouldn't be practical but I'd like to go back to bartering. You know, you give me your shoes and I'll give you my pants. That kind of thing. Hahahaha! I'm nuts!

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