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Wiley is Dev's choice for 2008. Find out more or go back to the index to see more chosen artists.

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bluerizla andabenson
wiley smashes anything he has a go atrolex made my summer loolhe aint passin nuttin down to chipswiley wiley wiley"its wiley agaaaaiinnnnn.............................."showerman for liiiiiffffeeee

His music is just toooo much

Wiley is the Sickest MC since early roll deep days. he made careers-- Dizee,Roll deep, Boy better know(skepta),chipmunk,ghetto,stryder,titch.....ect


his beatz r lyyyk propa! wen I herd his wearing my rolex track we all got up n started dancing...even my nan!! can't wait 2 here wat other songs he brings out!! lovez ya 1xtra Ñ wiley XXX

hi willey your songs are great i love that song called mistake its really good and i like wearing my rolex thats fantastic you should be proud of your self because your famous and rich break a leg from latay xoxoxo

Personally Wiley Bruv ........ Hes The King Of Grime Straight up he always has been an always will be .... hes the one who got grime recognised ...Big up urself Wiley...!!

Adam Flawless
This Wiley guy has done soo well, he always tries to do something experimental, and it always works, his a genious.Theres also a group I heard recentley called MBC - Miscellaneous Beats Crew, which Wiley was impressed about & I think maybe has signed, could be just a rumour but I checked the grop out and was amazed.Wiley keep it up, you very clever business man, great artist as a whole and the Godfather of grime.

i 100% agree with Dev on this, Wiley jus produces banger after banger his playtime is over was outstanding and his workrate is second to none, yer bashy n peeps work very hard too but come on he is the godfather!!!

wiley releases songs on a nearly weekly basis and every record he makes is sick his workrate and mentoring of other younger artist not just in 08 but from 97 as dj maximum mention wiley is the uk don and is the artist for 08 no doubt!!!!!

Chris Browne
Wiley = King Of Grime. He has Proved He Is More Then Just Grime Artist

Lenny G
Wiley is big. His work rate is so high. He's had a very good year on the commerical side yet still makes tracks for the peeps underground. He deserves the success that he is getting. She glows, love pattern, wheres my brother, all the latest freestyles there is soooo many good tracks he has made this year.

dj maximum
wiley has been in the scene since 97,its about time he is getting the recongition he deserves.

So Wiley is in the category because he had a number one, then performed it, then released a poor copy of it with Skepta, both of them betraying the talent they both have? Please

wiley defo

Wiley, artist of the year, artist of the past 10 years, finally gettin the appreciation he deserves after all these years, needs a lifetime achievement award or something, artist of the year aint enough.

Jay Mani
I thinkk Kano shud be on this list ... his album ''101 Grime Street'' has binn sikkk ... and it has to be the Grime album of the year!!! Kano rules!!!

guy in austria
i live in austria (a german country) but i can fully dig Wiley! wearing my rolex wos a really good song but personally i like songs like bow E3 ,Hes too much, and eskiboy a bit better.My favourite rapper is Lethal bizzle, though i love dizzee rascal too.

Wiley = godfarther of grime. all ya need to knw!

andy m
wiley is so lost....... he's totally watered down his sound already.

nah i think that ghetto should be der instead of wiley

Timothy Wright
I Think WILEY Music Is Good I Like His Music & His Videos Are Cool & I Think His Music Will Go On Through Out Next Year

Wiley has GOT to be artist of the year 2008! maybe even the decade? he's someone to look up to, he makes some of the best music i've heard in years! absolutely love the fella. x

yh its close between sway and wiley they r both sickkk

Ed M
Huge year for Wiley!He's released some club bangers, as well as some subtual tunes, in my honest opinion he's passing the baton onto Chipmunk, Tinchy etc...But, fair play to the fella, he knows how to make people bubble right!?e

i went sikkkkk wen i first herd that all ma mates 2 lok on 2 radio 1xtraaaa wen it played an dat..wileys makes pengg traks nt jus grimeeee but for all da manz hu lyk gd musik

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