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Ace and Vis Profile

Ace and Vis

Where were you born?
Ace: East Dulwich Hospital, south London. Brap brap!
Vis: Cant say, might get deported...

Your favourite hobby and/or present as a kid
Ace: Chattin' shizzle. It's a science and an artform. Trust me it ain't as easy as it looks.
Vis: Spiderman outfit. It made me the most popular boy at primary school, and helped me get all the girls.

How you got into being a DJ/presenter
Ace: My cousin was in a sound back in the day. During summer holidays I was their box-boy. He influenced me into collecting records and getting into DJing.
Vis: I went to the the BRIT School for Performing Arts, heard about 1Xtra and sent in a demo.

Your biggest influence(s)
Ace:Family (corny but true).
Vis:Coming from a one-parent family.

Biggest achievements
Ace: Sony Gold Award for our show and 100% attendance in Year Eight.
Vis:Landing a show on 1Xtra and getting a Sony Gold Award for it. Getting a football contract. Getting into the BRIT School for Performing Arts. The Ace and Invisible on Radio 1 shows. Ace and Invisible Presents (grime acts performing with a live band), a MOBO nomination and creating the Illout show are the only things I can mention at this point.

Key tune that inspired you and favourite lyric?
Ace: Tune: A Tribe Called Quest's Electric Relaxation. My Favourite tune from my favourite group on my favourite album.
Lyric: "Tryin to be the king but the Ace is back" - Dr Dre's Still Dre. Not the best lyric in the world but it makes me smile.
Vis: Tune: London Posse "How's Life in London" - never heard nothing like it before, then I saw the video on Yo MTV Raps. It inspired me to get involved in the music game.
Lyric: "I really really really wanna ziga zig gar" - the Spice Girls set standards for UK music.

What's your dream gig or collaboration?
Ace: A Jay-Z, Nas and Mary J Blige album. Premo, Pete Rock and Timbaland on production.
Vis: Sizzla, Redman, Busta Rhymes, Sade, Jill Scott and Dennis Brown.

Interests / hobbies outside music
Ace: Telly, making and watching it.
Vis: Everything involves music, mate.

Three rules you live your life by
1. Never underestimate ANYONE.
2. Try and remember to say thanks to everyone, that helps.
3. "I was drunk" is an excuse for nothing!

No rules. You live and you learn, innit.

If you weren't a DJ / Presenter, what would you be?
Ace: A bum.
Vis: Musician, athlete or stuntman.

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