FAQS - BBC - 1Xtra Live - 2011

BBC 1Xtra

Charlie Sloth

16:00 – 17:45 // In the studio next is Newsbeat

28 Nov - 1 Dec 2011

Coverage FAQs

Where can I watch and listen to coverage of the event?

You will be able to hear 1Xtra Live from 7pm on BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Radio 1. You will also be able to watch the performances on the BBC 1Xtra website and BBC Radio 1 website and mobile sites as well as by pressing the Red Button on your television (from BBC TV channels)

You will also be able to listen back to and watch performances on the 1Xtra Live website after the event.

What performances will be available?

All of the performances will be streamed live on the BBC 1Xtra website, BBC Radio 1 website and mobile sites as well as by pressing the Red Button on your television (from BBC TV channels). We will also endeavour to make all of these performances available to watch online for 30 days after the event.

Why isn't every performance available online?

On occasion an act may not wish to be filmed or recorded. Artists may also agree to be recorded but only allow a limited number of songs to be aired. This could be for a number of reasons for instance: the quality of some parts of the performance, because they do not wish to broadcast new or unreleased material, or they do not want to broadcast their entire live set.

The material an artist plays may not agree with the BBC Taste & Decency guidelines, such as containing excessive swearing. In these instances there is no way for the BBC to air that material.

The BBC is committed to making sure the sound and visual quality of a performance is high. The quality of recordings and performances can vary greatly due to environmental and technical factors and the BBC may decide that the recording of particular songs are not of a high enough quality to air, although we endeavour to provide at least a sample of a band's show if we feel they are central to the event.

I'm from outside of the UK - why can't I watch the live stream or performances after the event?

The nature of our rights agreements with artists and record labels mean that we only have permission to broadcast their music performances within the UK. However, content that does not contain full music performances (such as interviews or highlights packages) will be available outside of the UK on a permanent basis.

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