Tinchy Stryder 1xtra Live

Charlie Sloth


16:00 - 17:45 // Next up: Newsbeat

Sat 25 September
Wembley Arena

Tinchy Stryder

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The Star In The Hood hits Wembley

At the age of 24, Tinchy Stryder is already a decade deep in the game, having started out on pirate radio as a teenager. He perfected his craft with the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Wiley and his Ruff Sqwad crew and made an early appearance on Radio 1Xtra in 2004.

Tunes such as Take Me Back, Number 1 and Never Leave You have solidified his status as one of the UK’s biggest artists and last year this was made official as he was named the best selling male solo artist of 2009. Not only has he had 2 number ones in the national charts and a Gold-certified album, Tinchy also has a clothing line, several mix tapes, 2 albums and has joined forces with hip hop giant Jay-Z, to launch a new project aimed at breaking new talent.

This is going to be one big set from the unstoppable Star in the Hood.



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      Main Stage

      Saturday 25th September


      On the night we had a live webchat with Tinchy Stryder - read the transcript of our chat below.

      • So, Tinchy Stryder will be joining me for a Tinchy chat in a couple of mins, so standby with your questions. Host 5:38
      • i love tinchy stryder! sian. 5:42
      • Hope you've all got loads of questions for Tinchy! 2 mins til he's here!! Host 5:42
      • Love tinchy big time! NicoleinCyprus! 5:43
      • Tinchy is sat right next to me - release your questions!! Host 5:46
      • i love tinchy!!!! Jon from Colchester 5:46
      • your siiiiick nielson 5:47
      • which song does he love the most from his new album third strike ? Sukyin 5:47
      • The song I like the most is a track called Take The World, which is the first track on the album. Host 5:48
      • Tinchy Stryder: It's got TMS on it and it happened so naturally and I loved everything about it! Host 5:49
      • tinchy when are you coming back to sheffield Guest 5:49
      • Tinchy: Not sure of the exact date but it will be soon - I'm touring next year and wil be coming to Sheffield! Host 5:49
      • Taio Cruz Or Dappy ? lol Sukyin 5:50
      • Tinchy: I like them both! Host 5:50
      • Tinchy, is there a possibility that in the future your be doing a track with Dizzie Rascal?? Jamin 5:50
      • Tinchy: Hopefully, I'd love to make a track with Dizzee Rascal - we're cool. Host 5:51
      • Have you got a girlfriend? Kez 5:51
      • Tinchy: No, girlfriend, I'm alright! Host 5:51
      • will uou be singing number one with ndubz ? Guest 5:51
      • Tinchy: Yes, I'll be performing Number 1 with Dappy, cos he's the only one on the track. Host 5:51
      • That would be an awesome track and i think take the music world by storm - imagine it :) Jamin 5:52
      • Tinchy: thanks Host 5:52
      • Do you still get nervous performing? If so, how do you deal with the nerves? CaptainGrammar 5:53
      • Tinchy: I don't get nervous, it's like an adrenaline rush, but as soon as you get on stage I feel at home. Host 5:53
      • also, i think you have amazing style, where do you get your inspiration from? jess 5:53
      • Tinchy: Musically I listen to a lot of Jay-Z. Clothing-wise, I've never looked up to one person. Pharrell has got good clothing style but there's not one person,no. Host 5:55
      • whose gna be the main act in your eyes this year? grant 5:55
      • Tinchy: Apart from myself, I'm looking forward to seeing B.o.B Host 5:55
      • when did you first want to get into the music industry ? Big love to you !! x Jodie 5:55
      • Tinchy: I've been writing lyrics from when I was 13, like a hobby. Host 5:56
      • (Tinchy is checking out the ladies as I type!) Host 5:56
      • hiyaa :) whats it like being as big as you are :) xx lauren 5:57
      • Tinchy: Life odes change, but at the same time I try to live a day-to-day life, but it does change. I'm enjoying most parts! Host 5:57
      • Tinchy: I can't always go to certain places without getting recognised. I love the support but sometimes you want privacy. Host 5:58
      • Hey, Do You Think You Will Ever Work With David Guetta? Think Yous 2 Together Would Make A Great Tune Olwen 5:58
      • Tinchy: I couldn't tell you that, I like what he does though. Host 5:58
      • When's the new album released? patrice 5:58
      • Tinchy: November 29th - I'm real excited, I feel I've really focussed on this album, can't wait for people to hear it! Host 5:59
      • oh my gosh you should work with mark ronson. jess 5:59
      • Tinchy: I like his tune Bang Bang Bang, was listening to it today funnily enough. Host 6:00
      • have u got any big calaborations coming up?? Steph 6:00
      • Tinchy: Yeah, I got a track on my album which has got a few people on there - but you're gonna have to wait although you will hear it before the album comes out!! Host 6:01
      • how long does it take you to write a song ? xxx Jodie&Lauren 6:01
      • Tinchy: Depends, sometimes it comes quick, sometimes it takes long. Number 1 was written in an hour! Host 6:01
      • Have you ever thought of teaming up with Pendulum? Would be shweet! Guest 6:01
      • Tinchy: Nah - it's never crossed my mind! Host 6:02
      • what celebs do you look up to? Caitlin Harte 6:02
      • Tinchy: I don't really look up, I respect what Jay-Z does, who I would say Jay-Z for music and business. Host 6:02
      • Who would u like to work with dead or alive?? xx charlie 6:03
      • Tinchy: Michael Jackson - he inspired my growing up - when I was young I didn't even think he was human, he was that good. Host 6:03
      • what's your fave song ever? jess 6:03
      • Tinchy: That's hard man - couldn't choose one right now! Host 6:03
      • Hey Tinchy (: Have You Been Watching The X Factor At The Moment? Kielan 6:04
      • Tinchy: I ain't really watched it, you like Cher that was in it! Host 6:04
      • Vickey_Host: Tinchy has to go now... Host 6:05
      • Tinchy: Thanks for the questions and the love - keep supporting - I won't disappoint! Host 6:05
      • Vickey_Host: That was brilliant - Tinchy was great to meet - hope you're all looking forward to seeing him LIVE! Host 6:06

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