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Ras Kwame Interviews...Homegrown artists
Ras Kwame talks to 19 year old  rapper/singer Naila Boss about her new album and growing up in Hackney
Naila Boss

She needs her space
"In the beginning, I didn't really think there'd be any space for a female UK rapper. I didn't believe it at all."
Naila off the wallNaila off the wall
Trust mum
"I was tricked into an audition by my mum. She told me that my auntie was sick and that we had to go see her."

Hackney empire
"I grew up in Hackney. I've seen people that I don't want to turn out like and I've seen people that I do want to turn out like. I'm a lot tougher because of where I was raised."

Naila's record box
Rap vs MC
"I feel that you can fill rapping more. It's more poetic than MCing."
On the plus side
"I'm really here to create a positive vibe because there's so much negativity going round. People's minds just ain't focused. They're thinking about the bad side of  things. I'm just here to sway that vision and make them concentrate on having a good time."

Naila's official website

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