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Man wounded in Mariupol clash, 16 Apr 14 Deadly clashes at Ukraine port base

Three people are killed in a raid on a base in eastern Ukraine, the country's interior minister says, as the US, Russia, the EU and Ukraine hold crisis talks in Geneva.

In this undated photo provided by the South Dakota Attorney Generals Office, Cheryl Miller"s driver"s license is seen Girls missing since 1971 found dead

The human remains found in a car discovered in a drought-parched South Dakota creek last year were two girls who disappeared in 1971, officials say.


Google shares fall on ad concerns Google logo

Shares in Google fall 5% despite reporting first-quarter profit of $3.45bn in response to worries over future income from advertising.


Bale targets Real Madrid treble Gareth Bale & Luka Modric

Gareth Bale wants to win the treble with Real Madrid after scoring a "really special" winner in the Copa del Rey final.


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Fish Belfast’s bold, booming art scene

Better known for its artistry in shipbuilding, Northern Ireland’s capital is shifting its creative focus - from street art to modern sculptures like Big Fish.

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Methane hydrate 'Fire ice' - an energy game changer?

Enormous deposits of an energy source known as fire ice could be the key to energy independence - but extracting it from the ocean floor is costly and difficult.

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Children in films The greatest movies about children

What do the similarities in kids’ movies reveal about cinema - and us? Director Mark Cousins talks about his latest project, A Story of Children and Film.


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